Ways in which responsive website designing can benefit your SEO

We are residing in the mobile-first times. And with every online strategy we are making a shift to the mobile-first index. Users today are cyber savvy and make extensive use of tablets and mobiles. It is a trend that is here to stay. Hence, in such an environment, a responsive web design isn’t considered as a milestone. In fact, it is a basic necessity of having a strong SEO plan, irrespective of the industry vertical.

Google today has been developers for its users. It is essentially for those who keep searching and browsing the web. And since most of these users are also browsing making use of mobile equipment, Google is playing its part well. Google will certainly count on the sites that get optimized for the audience who makes use of Smartphone devices. These sites are usually the ones with the responsive web design.

Are you reaping the best benefits of SEO simply by updating to the mobile website design? Today, there are a couple of reasons as to why you need to leap into this move and here’s why.

  1. Enhanced site usability

When a user is not able to navigate the website, they might leave! Google gives immense significance to the time on the web page as it is one of the basic indicators of the website’s value. When you have a responsive website design, your online visitors can find you easily. The outcome of this is improved customer experience as well as increased time spent by your users on the website.

The favourable usability score results to maximized conversions and repeat visitors. A mobile web design is essential for a favourable user experience. Also, Google favours those sites that cater to users this favourable experience. You can’t over-emphasize site usability as well as customer experience. The online marketing agencies and businesses need to stay aware when conversion takes place to understand the customer experience.

The favourable reviews, website traffic and an increase in the branded searches are all part of the customer experience and influence ranking as well. The customer journey and experience help online businesses to succeed. To know more on this, you can browse through https://adelseo.com.au/gold-coast/ and other important sources.

  1. Increased page speed

The time take for a page to load is an important aspect when it comes to search engine ranking. The entire website must get optimized in a way that it loads at the earliest to assist the odds. It will help to rank better in the search engine page results.

Google’s consistent message over several years was concerning quick-loading sites. These sites have a tendency to rank high in search results. It is few of the multiple reasons for opting in for a mobile web design. Mobile responsive websites load quicker. It results in a favourable user experience that will enhance the ranking.

  1. Minimizes the bounce rate

It is important be aware of bounce rates. Are you aware just how fast your website visitors leave from your site? You need to know that. Google pays close attention to customer behaviour and they exit-entry points in the website.

Google has a chance to interpret a lesser dwelling time as an alert sign that either the content is not up to the mark or the website lacks something relevant. The obvious result for the site is negative management in ranking the Google search outcome for the query. However, there’s more users are interested in than merely the content. There are times when a website design is more impressive than the content. And it can have a chance in outweighing the content. Also, your content might be excellent, but when the design averts easy comprehension, the online users might leave the site soon.

When your website is mobile responsive, you have the chance to post relevant content. You can also showcase your content in certain way that it becomes mobile friendly as well. It offers an unhindered, clean and crisp ambience for the users and enables them to browse freely.

  1. Reduced duplicate content

Google’s algorithms are very intelligent. But still you will have to ensure that your content is original and informative. The ones, who want to opt-in for an individual mobile site, can encounter challenging issues related to content. Hence, to use a different website for the mobile client means using a different URL altogether.

The problem is regarding content on mobile URL and desktop URL stays same, despite the URL’s being the same. And this copied content has a chance to affect your rankings in a huge way. If you aren’t making it absolutely certain to Google about the relevant content of the two, then the system might have to take the decision.

And the outcome in most of the time reduced ranks in the search engine outcomes. Hence, a mobile web design always deals with issues related to duplicate content.

  1. Increased social sharing

The responsive website design gets designed in a way to ensure that social sharing becomes simple and easy! It needs to be simple for the major demographics present online, that is the mobile users. Even though social media has its benefits on SEO, the social shares will not have any straight influence on the social rankings. However, it will ensure that your online audience expands.

When you have an increased audience, you can expect better engagement and traffic. Your brand can also experience maximized search demand and that will certainly allow Google to take note. However, on the other hand, when a website isn’t mobile optimized, the Smartphone users will find it challenging to convince the users for browsing through a not-so-well structured social sharing options which get designed only for the desktop use.

These are the five best advantages of SEO concerning web designing. Hence, when you are planning to design your website, you need to plan and make it mobile responsive. It enables the business to organize the SEO strategy better. It can envision the purpose even before you have started designing the website. Hence, planning beforehand is essential. When you opt-in for an ace SEO agency to come with the best SEO plan, you can execute it better.

Author Bio :

Olivia is a content manager responsible for the editorial section at ADEL SEO, a website devoted to provide the best SEO services.