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How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue 2021 Updated

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How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue 2021 Updated

How to Increase Google Adsense Revenue. If you are worried about how to increase the CPC  and Revenue  of your Google Adsense, then you will not find a better article than this. Here we will tell you some ways and tips to increase Adsense CPC, which will solve your problem to a great extent. The question of many Bloggers is that I get very little CPC, what should I do? How to increase your Adsense CPC? Because CPC is the most important factor that decides whether your earning will be less or more in a certain pageviews.

One, getting Adsense Approval has become a very difficult task nowadays. After that, even if a Hindi And English blogger is successful in doing this, then the problem of getting very low CPC arises in front of him.

This is the reason that in Hindi blogging, people’s attention is more towards CPC than on their work. Because they get such a low CPC that it seems that according to this, they will never be able to generate good income. They are just confused that how to increase their Adsense CPC, what to do for it.

Many bloggers become so demotivated that they even leave blogging. Because they realize that with a CPC of 0.01 or 0.02, they will not be able to achieve anything in this field. Because one is very difficult to get organic traffic, from above this CPC is spoiling all the hard work.

Here such people need to exercise some restraint. To earn money from blogging, it is very important to understand it closely. You also have to understand the way Google Adsense works. We will cover all these things in this post, but first of all know what is this CPC.

What is CPC – What Is Google Adsense CPC 

CPC means Full Form means “Cost Per Click”. Meaning the money you get on one click is called CPC. Suppose you have a blog and there are 100 pageviews on your blog every day. You get 5 Clicks in these 100 Pageviews.

So if you are getting CPC of $ 0.03 then your earning from these 100 pageviews will be Total Clicks multiplied by CPC. Means 5* 0.03 = 0.15$. Yes, this is what CPC is. In how many Pageviews and Clicks your earning will be less or more it depends on CPC itself, that is why it is very important.

Tips and tricks to increase Adsense CPC

Suppose in these 5 Clicks, if you get a CPC of 0.10 $ instead of 0.03 $, then your earnings would have been 0.50 $ instead of 0.15 $, which means more than 3 times. That is why CPC matters a lot to earn good earning from Google Adsense.

If your CPC is good enough then you can earn good income in less traffic. On the other hand, if the CPC is very low (like 0.01 or 0.02), then even a lot of traffic does not earn as much as we expect.

If you always keep thinking about how to increase Google Adsense CPC, then first you have to understand the whole thing. You have to try to know what are the reasons behind getting such a low CPC. There are some things due to which Adsense gives very low CPC to many people, let’s look at them.

Causes Of Getting Low CPC

(A) First of all, understand that if your blog is brand new then you get very less CPC than old blogs. Because Google works on the basis of Trust and it does not have that much trust on new blogs. This is the first reason for getting low CPC.

(B) After that you also have to understand that CPC is much less in Hindi blogging than in English blogging.

(C) Your CPC will be more or less, it depends very much on which topic you are blogging. Suppose you have a poetry blog or you are working on Hindi Stories, then you will get less CPC.

If your blog is similar, don’t waste your time thinking about how to increase your Adsense CPC. Because these are very low CPC topics. The reason for this is that Google does not have ads related to these topics and when the ads are not Content Relevant, then very little CPC is available.

(D) It is also a fact that nowadays Google Adsense does not give good CPC until you complete $ 100 in your account and you do not take your first payment. Because till then the trust level of Google remains low on you, so keep working honestly with restraint.

(E) There are some people who try to increase their income through Invalid Clicks. Those people either get Clicks from their friends or clicks themselves using VPN etc. When Google doubts this thing, then it lowers the CPC very much. So never do this.

(F) Keyword Stuffing is a very big reason for Adsense CPC being low. Suppose one of your posts is ranked on 1st page and is getting good traffic from it. Suddenly it comes to your mind that by editing this post, you add some more such keywords which are High CPC Keywords.

You think that that post will also be ranked with those keywords and you will also get good CPC. This is a very big mistake. Remember, once a post is ranked on any of your main keywords, then do not tamper with its keywords while editing it.

(G) Some people put a lot of posts on their blogs and they also start getting good traffic. But even after having traffic, when you are not able to earn, then you keep asking what to do to increase your Adsense CPC. Do you know why they are not getting good CPC?

Because he has published posts on his blog mostly on such keywords, which have no CPC at all. Although many of his posts are ranked on the 1st page, he forgets to pay attention to this one thing.

And they are that no such post of his is ranked on the first page which is on High CPC Keyword, then how will he get more CPC. To get good CPC, you have to rank some such posts which are on such keywords whose CPC is very high.

(H) Lastly comes the matter of Content Quality. It also matters a lot in determining your CPC. If your Topic is of High CPC but if your blog is full of Unuseful Content then you will get Low CPC only.

Make your content such that the visitor feels connected with it and feels that he has got his answer. Remember, while preparing any post, use the same keywords which are exactly related to it. Do not try to forcefully enter High CPC Keywords in the post.

So those who wanted to know why we get such a low CPC, they must have got the answer. Consider the reasons for getting the low CPC mentioned above and start implementing them. Let us now know that even if working properly, if you are getting less CPC, then how to increase it.

Ways and Tips to Increase CPC – How to Increase CPC of Google Adsense

(1) Ads Quantity And Placement – ​​Yes, when a blogger gets a new Adsense, he jumps with joy. He just wants to show ads on his website as soon as possible. In this affair, he puts too many ads on his blog, which affects the CPC.

One, the new Adsense account gets the same low CPC, the ads placed wherever you want from above, reduce your CPC completely. If you want high CPC, then at least put ads, but put them in the right place. You can also do Experiments for Ad Placement.

Our advice is that if you do not put ads on the homepage of your blog, then it is good. Talking about placing ads inside the posts, then there should not be more than 5 ads in one post. For good CPC and Clicks, place ads here in your post – Best Positions For Placing Ads –

Place an ad before the start of the post (Before Post)
Place Ad just below the Post Title (Before Content)
Apply Ad after 5th Paragraph ( After Paragraph 5)
Place Ad Before 12th Paragraph (Before Paragraph 12)
Place an Ad at the end of the post (After Content)
So in this way you will get these 5 Ads in one post which will probably be the best for you. By the way, you can see by making changes in Ad Placement according to you. If you want, you can choose Paragraphs according to you to place Ads. By the way, the strategy mentioned above performs quite well.

(2) Increase Organic Traffic – If you are wondering what to do to increase Adsense CPC, what methods to try, then first of all focus on increasing Organic Traffic. The reason for this is that Google shows its High CPC Ads mostly on those blogs which have good organic traffic.

If more Social Traffic comes to your blog than Organic, then you will get only low CPC. Because Social Traffic is not Targeted Traffic in the eyes of Google, so it shows low CPC ads on such blogs, due to which you get very little CPC.

How to increase CPC of Google Adsense

If more than 70% of the total traffic coming to your blog is organic, then you start getting very good CPC. That’s why you have to try to increase Organic Traffic on your blog keeping in mind Search Engine Optimization.

(3) Pay attention to keywords – When new bloggers start working on their blog, their focus is just to bring traffic to their blog in some way. In this affair, he keeps posting whatever comes to his mind on his blog. Their aim is to put more and more posts on their blog in less time.

So that traffic starts coming to their blog as soon as possible. While doing this, they start getting good traffic to them, but soon they also get frustrated. Because they are getting very low CPC and despite having Organic Traffic 500 per day, they are not able to earn even 1 dollar in a day.

This is because there are no such organic keywords on their blog on which Google should show ads with good CPC. That’s why if you want on your blog, put only 3 posts in a week instead of 5.

But first do Keyword Research well, so that you can know whether you will get good CPC on these keywords or not. Think that there have been 100 posts on your blog, but only 4-5 of them are such posts which are written on good keywords. So will you get good CPC? No.

Google monitors the overall quality and performance of your blog. He knows how many Quality Organic Keywords have been used on this blog. So do not fill your blog only with posts, but start working on selected keywords.

(4) Quality Content – ​​If you really want to know how to increase Google Adsense CPC, then start paying attention to your content from today itself. If you have already written 50-60 unuseful and useless posts, then edit them and make the content good.

Google does not tolerate that you write the post on High CPC Keywords, but your content may not be according to it. It may be that any such post of yours will be ranked with the help of backlinks but you will not get good CPC on it.

The better the quality of content on your blog, the better CPC you will get. Explain the main keyword on which you are writing the post, in easy language. In this era of competition, every post of yours must be of at least 1000 words. Better content will get you better CPC.

(5) Block Low CPC Ads – Do you know that by logging into your Adsense Account, you can block such ads which are very low CPC ads. Or there are also some such boring ads on which people do not click at all. There is no benefit in increasing the number of ads by placing such ads.
More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information

To block such ads, you have to login to your Adsense account and use the option with “Blocking Controls”. If you do not have complete information about it, then you can simply search it on Google. This is the best way to increase Adsense CPC.

(6) Work according to Adsense Policies – As we told you above that if you work honestly by following the rules of Adsense then you will get very good CPC. But some people carry out Adsense Invalid Activities like –

Putting too many ads in a single post.
Using images that are Adult.
Place Ads Right Near Your Images
Get Invalid Clicks From Your Friends Or Do It Yourself
Flirting with Adsense Ad Codes
Copying someone’s content and putting it on your blog.
If you also do something like this then you do not have the right to think how to increase Adsense CPC. Because believe me by doing this your CPC will remain low. And Adsense may not disable your account with immediate effect, but it definitely does penalize you in a way.

(7) Do not use the same type of Ads – Adsense gives us the opportunity to show many types of Ads like Display, In Article, In Feeds and Link Ads etc. So many bloggers repeat the same type of ad many times in their post.

If someone feels that there are more clicks on my Link Ads, they earn good money, then they put only Link Ads in 4-5 places in the post. By doing this the CPC gets reduced completely. You have to use a Perfect Mixture of Ads and use almost every type of Ads so that the balance is maintained.

(8) Use Main Keyword in Hinglish – If Hindi bloggers write their Main Keyword in Hindi, then they get less CPC. Suppose your Main Keyword is “Adsense CPC Increase Karne Ke Tips” and this is a High CPC Keyword.

But if you use it in this way in the title and post in Hindi “Tips to increase Adsense CPC” then you will not get that much CPC. So if CPC is high, then use your keywords in Hinglish only. However, this can definitely reduce the CTR of your post.

Because people in India nowadays like those posts which are completely in Hindi, whose entire title is in Hindi. Apart from this, you have to write such words in your post in English only, which we speak in common colloquial English only. Like Important, Best or Perfect etc.

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