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How to Increase Website Visits 2021 Updated

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How to Increase Website Visits 2021 Updated

Increasing website visits is one of the strategies that can help you find new customers and thus increase the visibility of your company online In the digital era, having a website is the main business card. In fact, those interested in buying or using a certain product or service will tend to look for it on the internet and will go to find the fundamental information by visiting the website of the company that provides them.

The problem is that it is not enough to put the Site online to receive visits and most of the time the platform remains unexplored, without the possibility of having the desired economic return.

Making improvements to the site can be the right way not only to increase its visibility but above all to obtain the much-desired conversions. Which? We explain it to you below.

1 Responsive Website

Having a Mobile-Friendly site, that is, one that adapts to the screen of the device you are using, whether it is a smartphone or tablet, has now become a fundamental step. In recent years, both visits and purchases from smartphones have increased exponentially.

Today almost 80% of internet users have a smartphone, and 1.2 billion people access the network from mobile devices, which is why it is essential that all the elements of the Site are arranged in order to facilitate users’ navigation, filling in the form. contacts and information retrieval.

The Google algorithm forwards penalizes websites that are not responsive in the search results, as they do not give an optimal browsing experience to users. Furthermore, it can be very useful for companies that have decided to implement a strategy that combines Site and Social Network, so it is very easy for users to arrive on the site through Facebook.

2. Simple and intuitive structure

Having a site with a simple structure can significantly improve the browsing experience of users, facilitating the retrieval of information and the purchasing process.

The menu must therefore be simple and have items that immediately help the user to understand and identify what he is looking for. Then check the ease of navigation of your menu and make the links less cryptic

3. Evaluate a blog to increase website visits

Having an interesting and constantly updated blog encourages users to return to visit the site and at the same time allows you to improve your position on search engines and consequently its visibility. The various articles on the site, in fact, allow search engines to “index the site” thanks to “spiders”, software that catalog sites thanks to the keywords used in the text of the articles, allowing users who are looking for information on a certain topic to find the site.

The important thing is that the contents are of value to users, that is, they answer their questions and solve their problems.

4. Use the right keywords

To better position yourself within the search engines, it is essential to insert effective keywords within the content that is published (for example “sports shoes”) that characterize our business or the product we are selling. Users search by typing in certain words or questions and, if you have chosen the right keywords, they will see the relevant pages of your website appear in the search results.

When choosing keywords to focus on, their competitiveness must be taken into account. In fact, in the case of very competitive sectors, it will take a lot of work and a lot of time to obtain positive results and be able to position themselves where other companies are already working, therefore, initially it is better to focus on more specific and niche keywords (sports shoes for the mountains ) to attract users who are looking for a specific article. You could also hire a digital marketing company that could do these tasks for your website.

5. Use a contact form

Instead of sending the user an email, prepare a form to fill out to leave the contact. Often, clicking on emails on Websites can happen that Outlook or another mail service opens, but it is not necessarily the one used by the user, so to send the email you should copy the address and paste it on your server of mail.

A good Web Marketing strategy always aims to facilitate user actions and using a contact form is the easiest way to leave a contact. Filling out the form can also be tracked by Analytics and this allows you to have an overview of the success of your site.

6. Social proof

Sharing your success on the site is a way to increase user confidence and have the opportunity to turn them into new customers. In fact, one of the means we use to decide whether or not to buy a product is to see what others think through reviews. So, posting testimonials from satisfied customers on your site can increase the possibility of emulation and make new users decide to rely on you.

7. Facebook and AdWords to increase visits to the Website

To increase visits to your site, you can use paid advertising provided by Facebook Ads and Google AdWords which provide a great opportunity in terms of visibility.

Google AdWords is an advertising platform that allows you to sponsor your business on the search engine through ads that appear in the first positions on the first page of the SERP (the Google results page).

The Facebook Ads are one tool available from Facebook that allows us to create listings of products or services, addressed to users in a specific target audience. Through Facebook Ads, we can also promote a website, inviting users to visit the page of a blog, the one relating to our services or the product sheets of our e-commerce.

What we have presented to you are just a few strategies that, applied consistently, can be very effective in increasing visits to the Website.

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Name- Raunak Pandey

Bio- Raunak is a Mechanical Engineer by qualification & Marketer by passion. He is the founder of Maiden Stride, a leading digital marketing company that provides world-class search engine marketing services and website & application development.


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