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According to Vastu Shastra You know all information about how to adjust things in offices houses and in life like entrepreneurs should sit facing the north, east or north-east direction as it is considered auspicious. If you want to do vastu for your office and home then have a look below listed Top vastu consultants of Noida area-

Astrologer in Noida

  1. Chandresh Sharma

His passion about numerology, vastu & other such sciences was such that he decided to quit his IT Job & started practicing astro-Numerology & Vastu for good. He followed, studied, practiced, experienced and is now bringing smiles on the faces of people through his amazing techniques.

During Numerology & Vastu Consultation He got an opportunity to serve many individuals, Brands, Corporates, Public Figures & visited apartments, residential houses, corporate offices, factories, Showrooms, Shops etc.

Services- Business Name Numerology, Personal Name Numerology, Onsite Vastu Consultation, Offsite Vastu Consultation, Baby Name Numerology

Address: Tower B, B746, 7th Floor, Ithum, A-40, Block A, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201309

Phone: 093115 52231


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  1. Rashmi Jain

Dr. Rashmi Jain is one of the most professional and highly qualified prominent Vastu consultant based in Delhi, Noida. She is among the very few consultants in the country who are professionally qualified with a Ph.D. and PGDVSM (Vastu), VV (Advance Vastu). Dr. Rashmi Jain is well recognized & awarded including “Best Vastu Experts of the Year 2018-19” in India. She is highly expert to predict the present situation of different aspects of your surrounding after analyzing your existing house or office plan.

Services-Plot – House – Office – Factory – Industries

Address: Noida, B-76, Sector 30, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 099716 10440


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  1. Vaishali Gupta

Dr. Vaishali Gupta is a Vedic scholar with more than 8 years of experience and expertise in the science of vastu shastra. She is a qualified interior designer which gives her immense understanding of dealing with buildings and she gives simple yet effective vastu solutions, in sync with the natal chart of the owner. for homes, offices restaurants, factories etc.

Services-Vastu for plot, Vastu for House, Vastu for office, Vastu for shop / showroom

Address: C-26, Sector 3, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 098100 34395


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  1. Achary Kalki Krishnan

‘’® a venture of ‘Astro Vāstu’® is not only an organization, but a mission, committed to uphold Vedic Values, to preserve as well as develop Vedic Sciences e. g. Vedic Jyotish (Astrology), Vedic Sthapatya/ Vastu Shastra (Science of Edifice), Vedic Yagya/ Yagna, Vedic Yoga, Vedic Mantra Vigyan, Vedic Varna Chikitsa (Color Therapy), Vedic Yantras, Vedic Ratnas (Astrological Gemstones), Ayurveda (Indian Medicine System), Prakritika Chikitsa (Naturopathy), Vedic Aahar Vigyan (Dietetics), Palmistry, Numerology and all the other allied Sciences.

Services-Subh Muhurt, Vastu Shastra, Neomerlogy, Name change, Match making, Vedic Knowledge

Address: AstroDevam, Ansal Fortune Arcade, Sector-18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 096504 11118


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  1. Jiten authorized

Mirackles has been established as a Vaastu & Astrology Solution based Company in 2004. Our traditional work model is based on Vaastu Shastra, Pyra Vaastu, Lal Kitab, Healings & Alternative Therapy. Mirackles started “Mirackles Institute of Vaastu Science & Research” in 2006 Under “Acharya Vaastu Rishi Manish Khurana”. Vaastu Rishi is having more than 13 years of Experience in Vaastu & Astrology’s Training, Services & Consulting. The Institute is Registered under “All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies”.

Services-Vastu, Astrology, Numerology

Address: Mirackles A 42/6 Pinnacle Tower, Suite 109, First Floor Sector 62 Noida, Development Area, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 0120 410 0115


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  1. Anand Bhardwaj

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is ahead of a common Vastu Shastra consultants of the world. Not only in India & Asian continent & Indian sub-continent, he is known to be one of the seniors most Vaastu adviser because he is not dependent upon only traditional approach, but also, he uses many advanced energy detectors, Vastu Urja sensors and Vaastu tools, instruments and equipment etc.

Services-Residential, commercial vastu

Address: C-28, Aayustro, Sector-65, Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


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“A building or structure which is built according to Vastu principle enhance good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.” is not only name, it’s a complete solution to your problem, where you can get all kind of Astro, Vastu, Numero help on this single platform.

We not only heal your house or work place, but also, we heal you and all your family members as well through our specific Astro-Vastu methodology.

Services-Residential, commercial vastu Numero and astro cosultancy

Address: Block D, Sector 40, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 088008 39401


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  1. Vaibhava Nath Sharma

Pt. Vaibhava Nath Sharma is by profession a Celebrity Astrologer and Vastu Consultant who has been conferred with the rich legacy of his forefathers- “The Royal Astrologers” or “Raj Jyotishi” of 365 Royal Sates of India. He hales from the holy city – Varanasi – which is known for its rich cultural and spiritual background.  As a great grandson of MahamohoPadhya Pt. Aayodhya Nath Sharma, he is determined to deliver his best for the betterment, advancement and progress of humanity as a whole.

Services-Astrology, Vastu and others

Address: Sector 46, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 099907 24131


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  1. Aryan Arora

Houses are an important part of our life. We put our entire savings to have one small home. Top of that, people do Vaastu to make their home a happy place, therefore, often we get queries from our readers like the right direction for their houses, suggestions for constructing buildings, Vaastu tips for a peaceful and more fulfilling life…. In order to get A-rated answers to all your queries at one place as well as to make you understand this directional science better, we have come up with Professional, which is a one-stop shop solution or encyclopedia, on this subject.

Services-Numerology and vastu

Address: G 10, Buddh Vihar, sector 9, Sector 11, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 098994 68636


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  1. Jiten Pyramids

Jiten Pyramid with its supreme power can easily make your life stress-free and prosperous. Pyra means fire, life Energy or the Universal cosmic force, and mid stands for middle or centre. The accurate meaning of the word pyramid is ‘fire at the centre’. Pyramids are essential part of all the ancient cultures; Egyptian, Mayan, the Indian etc.

Dr. Jiten Bhatt, a renowned bio-energy scientist invented Pyramid and found a stress-free and practical method for using the supreme power of PyraVastu Pyramid. Jiten pyramid harnesses the cosmic energy and conserves it in its bosom, keeping it energized.
Services-Yagya, Vedic mantra, subh muhurt, Safety & protection and health vastu

Address: Ansal Fortune Arcade, FF 109, K Block, Pocket K, Sector 18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone: 0120 416 2566


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