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Top 10 Tea brands in India List Ranking 2023 Updated

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Top 10 Tea brands in India List Ranking 2023 Updated

A cup of tea in the morning is the best way to feel refresh and awake. Tea is one of the best beverages which is consumed in every house. People loves to drink tea, and they are habitual of the delightful taste of tea leaves. They drink tea according to their taste, and there are various types of tea that is available in India.

Drinking tea also has several health benefits. Some people love to drink tea without milk and sugar. This type of tea is calorie-free and useful for keeping you fit and healthy. But milk tea is the preferable tea in India. We feel energetic and refresh after drinking tea.

There is the various brand in India that produces numerous variations of tea differs in flavors, ingredients and taste. People are different in nature so their taste also differs that is why every tea brand produces different types of tea.

What are the types of tea?

There are various types of tea available in India, people consumes tea according to their taste. The tea types in India are mentioned below:

  • Black tea –black tea is obviously black in colour, it is created by fermenting process that converts green leaves into black leaves. It is one of the strongest tea that prevents from lung diseases and heart attacks.
  • Oolong tea – This is another type of tea which has more strongflavour than green tea. It is prepared by the process of oxidation. Also it helps in maintaining cholesterol.
  • Green tea – it is the best tea variety that has various health benefits as it contains EGCG which is the most strong antioxidant. The green tea is created by steaming the Camellia sinesisleaves.
  • White tea – white tea is one of the mildest flavor tea among all in the list. It is the best tea for protesting cancer. It contains high antioxidant level which is good for health.

What are the benefits of drinking tea? 

Undoubtedly tea is consumed by many people because of its wonderful taste. But do you know that there are several amazing health benefits of drinking tea.

According to the research it is shown that if you consume tea daily that this will lower the chances of heart attack and prevents from heart disease. Also it prevents from many types of cancer and neurological diseases. Drinking tea reduces stress and headache.

There are many other advantages of drinking tea, these are:

Reduce weight – Yes, it true that drinking tea helps in reducing weight, it helps in burning fat faster and also improves metabolism that enhances weight reducing. If you are desiring to lose weight, then you must involve tea in your diet chart.

Keeps you hydrated – drinking tea keeps you hydrated, a cup of tea without sugar would be the best option of beverages after work out.

Stronger bones – A research states that drinking tea regularly makes you bones stronger and you will not get any bones related problems further in your life.

Enhance immunity – Tea also enhances immunity and there are various types of tea variants are available in the market that can help you a lot in increasing immunity with its special ingredients.

Improve concentration – Like coffee tea also contains caffeine but in low amount. It is increasing concentration that makes a person perform his work more efficiently and effectively.

How to purchase tea brands in India 

Demand of tea is very high in India and the production of tea is also high in India. After China, India is the second populated country and that is why it is the largest manufacturer of tea also.

There is no shortage of tea and tea brands. People can easily purchase various tea brands for any of the local store, super markets and grocery stores. Also various online shopping sites offers great ranges of tea at lower cost than market so you can order from there.

What are some best tea brands in India? 

It is not easy to consider a particular tea brand to be the best as all tea brands offers great ranges of tea differs in flavors and taste. But still you will find some of the best tea brands in this article.

The top 10 tea brands in India are:

#1. Tata tea

Tata tea brand leads on the first position of best tea brands in India. It is the most favorite tea brands of Indian. People starts their day with a cup of Tata tea that makes them refresh and energetic.

The Tata tea brand is acquired by Tata Group. It is the second highest producer and distributor of tea in the world. The tea brand is widely spread and owned five brands; Kanan Davan, Chakra Gold, Gemini, Tetley and Tata tea.

It is available in various varieties like tetley, Tata tea gold, Tata tea premium, etc. The packet of 1 kg costs you 420rs. It the best tea brand as it is created by the long leaves of Assam garden. Its taste is wonderful and makes you refresh by every drink.

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#2. Brook bond red label

The manufacturing process of Brook Bond is occupied by Hindustan Lever Limited in India. The brand was founded in 1869 and the brook bond red label was initiated in 1903. Currently, Brook bond is leading at the second largest tea brand in India.

Red label contains various Ayurveda ingredients that protects us from many diseases. It contains cardamom, tulsi, ginger, mulethi and ashwagandha. These all has their speciality and makes us healthy. It tastes is amazing and the smell is also incredible.

Most of the Indian families love Red label tea make start their day with a cup of tea that makes them energetic full day. It is easily available in India and the packet of 1 Kg red label tea costs you 390rs.

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#3. Taj Mahal

Tan Mahal tea brand is the most luxurious tea brand in India. It is endorsed by many famous celebrities like Saif Ali Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Ayan Ali Khan and Zakir Hussain. It is produced by one of the best quality leaves and has incredible aroma.

Tan Mahal is marketed by Unilever. The brand was initiated by Brook bond in 1966, its tagline is Waah Taj!. It is the most successful tea brand India. The Taj Mahal tea consists premium leaves of Assam, Darjeeling and Neelgiri garden.

The tea brand is available in various amazing variants like Taj Mahal Gold, Taj Mahal Classic, Taj Mahal Nilgiris and TJ Mahal Darjeeling.

It is the tastiest tea brand that gives you instant energy with its magnificent smell and taste. The brand is preferred very people belongs to either high class or middle class. You can easily find Taj Mahal tea brand in any local store, grocery store and super market and can also order online. The packet of 500g of Taj Mahal tea costs you 225rs.

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#4. Duncan Darjeeling tea

Duncans Darjeeling tea brand is manufactured by Duncans tea Limited situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. The company is offering its services of tea for 150 years. The taste of Duncans tea is marvelous and offers a supreme taste of tea leaves from Darjeeling garden. You can purchase Duncans Darjeeling tea for online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. This is the affordable bad most popular tea brand in India.

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#5. Tulsi green tea

Tulsi green tea brand is also a leading tea brand in India. It was established in 1990 and acquired by Organic Private India Limited that is situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It contains tulsi leaves which is good for heath and has antibacterial properties which cleanses our body and keeps us healthy. This is the best brand for health conscious people.

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#6. Wagh Bakri tea

Wagh Bakri tea is the most favorite tea brand of many people. The brand is marketed by Gujarat Tea Processors and Packers Ltd. The brand was initiated in 1892 from the tea house of Ahmedabad. The company start producing Wagh Bakri tea brand all over India in 1998.It is also exported in more than 40 countries in the world.

This is one of the strongest tea brand, it offer best quality tea and comprises premium tea leaves from the garden of India. A cup of Wagh Bakri tea makes your day full of energy and enthusiastic.

It is the third highest seller and producer of tea in India that is why it is easily available in any local store and grocery store in India.Also you can purchase from online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. The packet of 1 kg of Wagh Bakri Tea costs you 410rs.

Wagh Bakri comes in various variants like Wagh Bakri CTC tea, Wagh Bakri Green tea and Wagh Bakri tea bags pure darjeeling tea.

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#7. Tetley tea

Tetley tea brand is the favorite of many households in India. People start their day with a cup of Tetley Tea. It is considered to be the second-highest producer and seller of tea in the world. The Tata group occupies the brand. It is a subsidiary of Tata Global beverages since 1993.

The business of Tetley tea is spread worldwide and exports tea in more than 40 countries. It produces more than 60 branded tea bags across the world. Tetley tea is the first brand that initiated drawstring tea bags in the Indian market. The company provides some popular products, such as green tea, flavored tea, and black tea.

Tetley tea is created by consisting of long leaves that give a surprising and delightful taste. The tea is full of antioxidants that make your body healthy and makes you relax. It is the best option for tea brands for those people who are calorie and health-conscious.

The tea brand is readily available in India, and you can also purchase from online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. A packet of 500g of Tetley tea costs you 300rs.

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#8. Lipton tea

Lipton tea is the best tea brand of green tea. People have become more health-conscious and prefer green tea rather than regular tea. So Lipton tea would be the best option for a green tea brand that helps in reducing weight and increase metabolism.

Initially Lipton tea brand is a British brand that was initiated in 1890, one of the oldest tea brands which were established by Thomas Lipton. Now, it is acquired by Hindustan Lever Limited in India.

Lipton tea is available in various flavors like half and half iced tea and lemonade, Lipton terrific turmeric, berry hibiscus, lemon ginseng green tea, and many more. It is readily available in the supermarket and grocery stores, and you can also purchase from online sites. A packet of 1kg Lipton tea costs you 278rs.

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#9. Brooke bond taaza

Brook bond taaza is the most popular and lovable tea brand in India. Like its name, it gives it instant refreshment. It is one of the most potent tea that makes you feel energetic for an extended day. The taste of Brook Bond Taaza is incredible, and this is the tea brand consumed by most Indian household families. It is readily available in Indian grocery markets and supermarkets. The packet of 1Kg brook bond taaza costs you 265rs.

#10. Organic Indiatulsigreen tea lemon ginger

Organic India Tulsi green tea is one of the best teas for people who are very health conscious. It consists of rich antioxidants that make you healthy and fit. The brand is quite expensive than other tea brands on the list.

The lemon flavor gives you instant refreshment, and tulsi and ginger are the best for boosting immunity. It also enhances stamina and makes your digestive system healthy. The organic India tulsi green tea helps in increasing metabolism that helps in burning fat.

This is one of the best tea brands available at online stores, and you can easily purchase it.

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#11. Pataka Tea

Pataka Tea is manufactured by Pataka Group, which was established in 1952. Pataka Group is a famous company that produces various beverages and tobacco in India. It has started making Pataka tea in 200, and within a short period, it got huge success and became the most favorable tea brand in India.

Pataka tea is a preferable tea brand in rural areas. It is available in two different variations; Pataka Premium Dust Tea and Pataka premium leaf tea.

Due to the demand for Pataka tea in India, it is readily available in your area in any local store. Otherwise, you can also purchase from online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Some of its best selling tea ranges are:

  • Pataka special 1 kg tea – 285rs.
  • Pataka Premium 5 kg Tea – 1350rs.

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Marvel Tea

Marvel tea is one of the most popular tea brands in India, and it is manufactured by one of the well-known companies, Marvel Tea Estate Limited. The company was inaugurated in 1994. The brand has almost 3000 distributors throughout the country.

It is a high-quality tea brand that tastes incredible, and it also helps in losing weight. The tea leaves from Darjeeling and Assam garden create Marvel Tea that gives a strong flavor. The price ranges differ according to the quality and variations of Marvel tea, but a packet of 1 kg marvel tea costs you rs.340.

Marvel Tea is available in various varieties like Red Tea, Marvel premium dust tea, Marvel yellow tea, and marvel gold pattian. It is readily available in the Indian grocery store. You can also order from online sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and offer you excellent quality products at a lower rate.

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#12. Society Tea

Society tea is also in the list of top 15 tea brands in India. It provides good quality, but it is quite expensive than another tea brand in India. The brand is owned by Amar Tea Private Limited, which is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company was inaugurated in 1990.

The tea brand is manufactured using some most beautiful quality tea leaves and comprises the latest technology to produce robust, powerful, and tasty tea. You can make a different type of delicious tea either with lemon or milk.

The specialty of Society Tea is that an ISO 22000:2005 owned certificate company produces it. The taste of society tea is impressive, and it gives instant relaxation. It is available in various varieties like Assam CTC tea, Teabags, Dust Tea, leaf tea, and Darjeeling Tea.

#13. Vedaka Gold Tea

Vedaka Gold tea is one of the best tea brands, which is presented by Amazon. It is very budget-friendly and full of flavors. Amazon is a highly trusted, online shopping site that always offers the best quality product.

Vedaka Gold Tea comprises the most delicate quality tea leaves from the garden of Assam and Darjeeling. The tea brand is made up of ling tea leaves that give a more vibrant and stronger taste. A cup of Vedaka Gold Tea makes your day stress free and refresh.

The tea packet is readily available on Amazon. You can easily purchase from the site and make varieties of delicious tea of your choice like masala tea and ginger tea.

#14. Typhoo pure natural Green Tea Bags

Typhoo pure natural green tea is one of the best tea options for those people who prefer to drink green tea. There are very few variants of green tea available in the market, and one of the best choices id Typhoo pure natural green tea.

The tea is full of taste and pleasant tea leaves smell, it leaves an incredible green color. The tea brand doesn’t consist of any preservatives and sugar and helps in enhancing your immunity. It also doesn’t comprise any calories.

It is one of the beverages which gives you instant refreshment and also hydrates your body. You can easily carry this tea packet with yourself anywhere to enjoy the fantastic cup of tea.

These are some of the best tea brands in India that are rich in flavors and taste.


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