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Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India List 2023 With Prices

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Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India List 2023 With Prices

In India, most people prefer motorcycles, bikes, scooters, and other two-wheelers to reach their destination. It is the most affordable and usable vehicle in India. And when we ride two-wheelers, whether it is a male or female, it is necessary to wear a helmet for their safety. The Helmet is like a safety gear while riding bikes.

Because the accident is uncertain, you don’t know when you met an accident, and it can harm you, and if you are not wearing any safety gadget, you might lose your life. Your Helmet prevents you from severe damage. Wearing a branded helmet is very necessary because the brand offers high-quality products. The article is about helmets where you get to know about the best brands, benefits, and types of helmets.

Why do people wear Hemet

The Helmet is the essential accessory to wear when we drive a bike or scooter. It ensures safety and prevents severe damage during an accident. Everyone should wear a helmet when they ride a bike for a long trip or a short trip. If you wear an excellent Helmet quality, then there will be no harm to your head when you have an accident. So you need to invest your money in purchasing branded helmets as it comes with exceptional quality.

What are the aspects of purchasing helmets

People consider various things while purchasing helmets such as:

Certification – While purchasing helmets, people should check the certification. They should buy a helmet with an ISI certificate. The helmets also come with various certifications like SNELL, DOT and ECE.

Padding –Padding allows your head to feel comfortable. Helmets should have spongy and soft pads so that it can fit smoothly.

Durability – Person should choose the best helmet brand so it can run for long life. You need to invest your money in purchasing branded helmets.

Fitting – Fitting is the main element that has to be considered while purchasing the helmets. Helmets are available in all the sizes, and a person should wear a helmet to check the correct size as correct fitting is necessary to prevent the misfortune.

Weight–Helmets can be light weighted and heavily weighted. The pressure is dependent upon the material used in the Helmet while manufacturing. A light-weighted mask is the best Helmet to choose as it is easy to handle, and it fits well.

Type –There are various types of Helmet presents in the market, like off-road, modular, flip off, full face, half face, etc. You need to choose the best one according to your preference, but you should not wear off-road Helmet while riding it.

Visor–The visit is also the main element. It should scratch resistance. It allows us to look ahead and protect the eyes. It should enable us to proper vision.

Ventilation –The Helmet should have a ventilation spot so that you don’t feel awkward and breathless.

Types of Helmet

Due to the rise in demand for helmets, people prefer Helmet according to their needs. Several brands offer different kinds of masks. Some of the models are mentioned below:

  • Dual Sport
  • Open face helmet
  • Half face helmet
  • Off-road
  • Full face helmet

What are the best helmet brands in India 

However, there are numerous helmet brands in India, and every brand claims to be the best brand, so it becomes complicated to find the best helmet brands in India. This article would be beneficial for you as all the best helmet brands in India are mentioned in it that offers a wide range of helmet models.

Here is the list of top 15 helmet brands in India

#1. Steelbird

Steel bird is the most reliable and popular helmet brands in India. It was established in 1964, and it is one of the oldest brands of Helmet. As it is the oldest brand, its quality is superior to any other brand.

It offers a high-quality helmet at reasonable prices. The products are durable and long-lasting. People can easily purchase these helmets as the brand sells in a massive amount. There is never a shortage of these helmets in the market.

The brand produces one of the stylish helmets. It is the highly trusted brand of helmets that offers different helmets such as modular, flips up, motocross, and many other helmets.

The brand not only manufactures exclusive helmets but also offers bike accessories like gloves, jackets, knee guards, shoe covers, leg guards, etc.

The helmets are available on online shopping sites in the budget of Indians. The starting price of Steelbird helmets is 600rs.

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#2. VEGA

Vega is the leading helmet brands in India. It is quite popular among Indians that over half the population of India prefers to use VEGA helmets. The headquarter of Vega is situated in Belgaum city, Karnataka.

The brand produces not only the best helmets but also helmet accessories like head wraps, bungee nets, shields, and many more things. VEGA offers one of the stylish helmets with superior quality. These are very affordable and durable helmets.

It produces different types of helmets according to the needs of bike riders. Some of the types of helmets are off-road, full face, open face, and modular helmets in Indian. The helmets are readily available on online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart at a lower cost. The starting price of the Vega helmet is 1000rs.

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#3. Royal Enfield Helmets

Royal Enfield is one of the best bike brands in India. The person who has Royal Enfield and loves riding on it prefers the Royal Enfield Helmets. It gives them a classy look.

Like Royal Enfield bikes, royal Enfield helmets are also the best product. It is the most lovable helmets in India. It offers an excellent range of helmets.

Royal Enfield manufactures varieties of color and design helmets like the design of royal Enfield bike.

The helmets are available in various sizes. The Royal Enfield helmets are very comfortable to wear. The brand is durable and long-lasting due to the superior quality of the material. Also, the latest designs make them fashionable helmets in India.

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#4. Autofy

Autofy brand of helmets is one of India’s most popular brands that offers supreme quality of helmets. The helmets are the favorite helmets of Indians. The helmets’ design is so good that it makes them attractive and makes them the most selling helmet brand in India. The Autofy uses the excellent quality of polycarbonate as the outer portion that makes the helmets long-lasting.

Autofy helmets have a retractable vision, which allows the rider to customize it according to the weather conditions and other reasons. The brand is easily available on online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. at a cheaper cost. Autofy produces different types of helmets. The starting price of Autofy helmets is 650rs.

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#5. Fastrack

Fastrack is one of the best brands of watch in India. Fastrack is a subsidiary of the Titan brand, which is the leading name in the Indian market. The brand offers an excellent range of helmets for both males and females. It is well known for its great curves, which makes them look bold. Fastrack helmets come in great colors, making them impressive, and people prefer to buy these helmets.

It is one of India’s best helmet brands that offer different types of helmets with exceptional quality. The safety of the rider is the priority of the Fastrack helmets. The price of this brand helmets starts from 2500rs.

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#6. ShoeiHelmets

Shoei is a Japenese brand that produces a premium quality of helmets, which was initiated in 1959. The brand is one of the most popular helmet brands in India. It is one of the oldest helmets brands in the world.The brand produces one of the classy looking helmet designs for the bike riders. These are affordable, and due to its superior quality, the brand is durable.

For a long time, Shoei is offering the most comprehensive range of helmets to the riders. Shoei takes care of the safety of its customers by providing them the best material product.

Shoei was the first brand in mid-1970 who is offering carbon fiber helmets. If produce helmet for both men and women. The brand offers different types of helmets such as the full face, open face helmet. The price ranges of Shoei helmets depend on the model, but the initiating price is 4500rs.

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#7. Wrangler

Wrangler is the best brand in India, which is known for the best quality apparel and accessories. And it also offers the best of the best helmets in India. It is an American brand that initially started as a manufacturer of clothing, but now it is also known for its premium quality helmets.

The brand is well known worldwide, and it has numerous satisfied customers. Due to its fantastic quality, the brand is the most selling helmets in India.

The helmets are very affordable, and Wrangler is a brand that offers one of the best quality helmets at a very reasonable cost. The price of Wrangler helmets starts from 600rs and the price changes for every model of the Wrangler helmet.

Wrangler offers different helmets such as the open face, bulletproof, protection, riding, safety, and Zach helmets.

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#8. LS2 Helmets

LS2 Helmets was initiated in India in the year 1990, and since 20 years of manufacturing the Helmet, the brand is one of the best brands in the country. LS2 helmets production takes place in three different ways; polycarbonate, carbon, fiber, and composite bar. The brand is known for its premium quality helmets.

The main aim of the LS2 Helmet is to provide great helmets at modest prices. The brand takes care of the rider’s safety, so it uses the best quality pads in their helmets. The helmets are unbreakable and also durable.

You can easily purchase LS2 helmets from online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart at a cheaper rate. The price of LS2 helmets starts at 4,600rs, and the price is different for every model.

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#9. Aerostar Helmet

Aerostar is one of the highly trusted helmet brands in India. It is situated in a Bhiwadi Industrial Area. It is considered one of the best helmet brands in India. People prefer to purchase the Aerostar helmet due to its high quality. The Aerostar is a brand of the Helmet which is running successfully for 25 years in India. The quality of the Helmet makes it the most popular brand. It offers an enormous variety of models.

Aerostar is one of the affordable helmets with the high-quality material of the Helmet. It is one of the cheapest helmet brands in India that offers the Helmet at starting rs400. The amount increases according to the models. Aerostar is a helmet brand on which you can blindly trust.

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#10. Studds

Studds is the most reliable and trusted helmet brand in India. It is well known for its supreme quality helmets. The helmets of Studds are popular in India, but they are also exported to other nations.

Studds work under two flagships by the name SMK helmets and Studds helmet. The quality of the Helmet makes them the most lovable masks by the bike riders. Studds ensure the durability and comfortability of the helmets.

The Studds offers one of the most attractive helmets’ latest designs, which is liked by every rider. The ranges of the Studds helmets depend on the Helmet’s varieties, but the initial price starts from 870rs.

Studds produces various types of helmets such as industrial helmets, flip-up full-face helmets, flip-up helmets, off-road, open face, flip off full-face helmets.

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#11. THH Helmets

THH is a well-known helmet brand in India. Basically, it is a company of Taiwan, and its complete form is Ton Ho Hasing. THH helmets are known for their high durability. The helmets are made up of supreme quality of material, and due to its best quality, the helmets are most selling helmet brands in India. The company uses Carbon Fibre Kevlar and other best apparatus as a high technology level.

The THH helmets design consists of 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis. The helmets are safer than other brands and very affordable as the Helmet’s initiating price is 1099rs. The helmets of THH are available on online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon.

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#12. Gliders

Gliders are one of India’s best helmet brands, which keeps the security and safety of the riders ahead. It produces various types of helmets for every variety of bikers’ demand, such as the full face, open face, motocross, sporting helmets, etc. It is not only known for best helmets but also known for the other bike accessories.

A team of skilled people manufactures Gliders’ Helmet—the focus on the comfort of the riders and durability of the masks.

The brand ensures the high quality of the product. The supreme quality of helmets is unbreakable and keeps the head of the bike rider safe if he met an accident. The helmets of Gliders are also affordable and readily available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other shopping sites.

The starting price of the Glider helmets is Rs.670.

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#13. Bell Helmets

Bell motors manufacture Bell helmets in India. They beautifully design the helmets that look exceptionally fashionable. The helmets of Bell are very valuable. Bell motors highly keep the motorcyclists’ security ahead of and produce helmets that give safety to the riders. The helmets are very comfortable because these are light-weighted helmets. It is easy to wear. Also, the bell motors offer helmets with an excellent ventilation system.

The helmets are affordable and durable. Bell motors manufacture every type of helmets for the necessity of every rider. Some of the kinds of bell helmets are full face, snowmobile, ¾, half-face helmets. The price ranges of Bell helmets start at rs2000.

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#14. Shark Helmets

Shark is the helmet brand that is quite popular among bike riders. The brand is known for its impressive innovation. The helmets are produced through the latest technology, and the designs are marvelous.

The quality of the Helmet is remarkable, and it is not easily breakable. Shark helmets more emphasis on the security of the bike riders and uses high-quality material in the helmets. If the rider met an accident, he would not get any severe damage.

Shark helmets are the company of France, which was established in 1986. It offers all the types of helmets according to the condition of the bike riders. Skilled riders launch it. So it focuses more on durability and safety. From its look, the Helmet looks so unusual and eye-catching. Shark Helmets are the most stylish helmets in India. The price range of Shark helmets starts from 900rs onwards.

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#15. Aaron Helmets

Aaron Helmets is one of the well-known helmet brands in India. Aaron Helmets Pvt. Ltd. produces Aaron helmets. It is one of the reliable helmet brands. The headquarters of the company is situated in New Delhi. The brand offers the best quality helmets to its customers. It has all the ranges of helmets for all types of riders. The company produces Bluetooth Helmet, Moto-X helmet, etc.

The helmets’ designs are so attractive and eye-catching that most of the bike riders prefer it. The vibrant color and patterns make the Helmet attractive. The company always experiments with the design and model of the helmets and belief in innovation.

All types of Aaron helmets are readily available on online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. at low prices.

These are some of India’s best helmet brands that offer an extensive collection of the Helmet at affordable prices and good quality.

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