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Top 10 Shoes Brands in India List 2023 Updated with Prices

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Top 10 Shoes Brands in India List 2023 Updated with Prices

In this modern era, being in fashion is very important. Everyone wants to look useful and stylish. So people pair themselves with the right quality clothes and accessories. Along with clothes and accessories, shoes have also become an essential part of completing the look. If you wear the best quality of shoes, you feel comfortable, and it also adds beauty to your look.

Like women, men are also very fashion-conscious and want to look good and stand out among all other people. They also have a craze of shoes. They love to wear branded shoes. Every man has two types of shoes, one is formal, and the other is sports shoes. 

Men always like branded shoes as the quality of a shoe is a must because of the shoe’s quality and design shows your personality and status. 

In past years the popularity of shoe brands has increased. In India, there are a lot of shoe industries that have grown up rapidly. People always want to get updated about the trends and the latest brands of shoes. There are many international brands of shoes that are trending in India, which the men prefer the most. That is why many of the foreign brands have also invested in India. 

The best brand reflects the quality, comfort of the shoe. India stands on the 2nd, positioning the production of shoes. That is why there are many brands available in the country that produce casual, formal, and sports shoes. The quality depends on the brand you choose. Every brand is unique, so the design and comfort are also different.

It is challenging to select one brand among all the brands which are available in the market. For your help in choosing the right brand, some of the brands have mentioned here so that you can buy the best pair of shoes that not only give you comfort but also enhances your personality.

People choose branded things; whether it is a cloth or a shoe, because as they are branded, they are a little expensive, and to keep their brand best, they do not compromise with the quality of the product. They use the best quality product for manufacturing shoes. All the sizes are readily available for every foot. 

They offer the latest collections of shoes and make you feel stylish and trendy. The excellent quality shoes never give pain and trouble to your feet. These are more comfortable. You will get various kinds of shoe varieties and colors in branded footwear. In this article, you will know about one of the best brands of shoes, both international and national. 

The listing below is the top ten brands of shoes in India:

T0p 10 Shoes Brands in India

#1. Reebok:

When talking about the best brands of shoes, Reebok is in the first position. For several decades, Reebok is a global brand.

Since 1950, Reebok is the most trustable shoe brand believed by athletes. With the best quality and comfort is not much expensive shoe brand. 

Reebok is one of the famous shoe brands in India. You find a pair of Reebok shoes easily in any house. It is not expensive, like other brands. Everyone can easily afford it. No brand can beat Reebok in terms of quality at a price. Reebok holds about 46% of the market share in India. It is the largest shoe selling brand in India. 

Taking about the history of Reebok, it was established in 1895 in England, and since 2005, it has become the part of another best shoe brand Adidas. In terms of sports shoes, Reebok has its name and dignity. It is very flexible and comfortable. While running and workout, people prefer to wear it as it is very soft, breathable, and flexible. 

Reebok offers shoes in various categories, such as men’s, women’s, girls, boys, classics, and sports.

The Varieties of Reebok shoes and prices.

  • Cross fit nano8.0 Reebok shoe- 3700 -21000rs.
  • Classic leather Reebok shoes –3500 –11650rs.
  • Club C 85 sneaker –1300 –11500rs.
  • Floatroad running shoes –3600 –13700rs.

Why Reebok is best:

It is the most trustable brand of shoes. It offers various designs and sizes. These are very comfortable shoes and provide a lot of varieties.

#2. Nike:

Undoubtedly Nike is the best and most trustable shoe brand in the world. It is well known for its best quality and designs.

Nike was founded in 1964; it was initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). Bill Bowerman established it. It was renamed as Nike in 1978 but disclose in front of the public after two years. The shoe brand is unbeatable and stands out for several decades. And it is recognized as one of the best brands of shoes. Initially, it has started producing sports shoes, but now they are offering the best varieties of shoes which are trendy and fashionable.

Nike offers one of the best shoe sports and services to its customers. It is also a topmost sports international brand that produces every kind of sports accessories, including shoes.

Nike offers a wide variety of shoe collection, and you will get shoes in all sizes, incredible colors, and best designs. In the enormous types, you can choose the perfect one for you. It is not very costly; hence it is budget-friendly. 

They offer canvas shoes for a casual look that goes best with a shirt and blue denim. Nike provides shoes in several categories like soccer, running, golf, snowboarding, tennis, football, basketball, and skating boards. 

It fits best, yet very comfortable. It comes in the best quality. It makes you feel you look useful and stylish. 

Varieties of Nike shoes and prices

  • Nike Air max- starts from 7500rs
  • Nike Classic Cortez- starts from 4800rs.
  • Nike walking shoes- 2400rs 
  • Nike sneakers- 3000rs.
  • Nike running shoes- 2200rs.

Why Nike is best:

Nike is the best sports company as it uses the best quality material in their shoes and even great technology and equipment to enhance performance.

#3. Woodland:

Aero Group company is the parent company of Woodland, was established in Quebec, Canada, in the 1950s, but it arrived in the Indian market in 1992. It has made its significant presence in the Indian market for 25 years.

Before entering India, the Aero Group Company exports it’s leather shoes to Russia. Still, when Russia was divided into several states, the company decides to commence some of its stocks in India.  

They initially launched their first shoe in India, which was first hand-stitched leather shoe. The product became very famous, and they got huge success in the market. The name Woodland has made by that shoe. The industry usually makes rough and tough shoes and boots which are useful for the adventures. 

The person who loves to go to the outdoor adventures chooses the Woodland shoes as they are severe and don’t break easily. And help in the experience very much. It is very durable and wooden shoes.

Woodland provides high qualities of shoes and boots to men fashion. The designs are unique, which makes a man stylish. It is not like other shoe brands. Woodland boots enhance the man’s personality, so every man should have at least one pair of woodland boots in his closet. 

Varieties of Woodland shoes with prices

· Woodland High top lace shoes- 3500rs

· Woodland Casual shoes – 3600rs

· Woodland Derby’s – 3100rs

· Woodland Leather Trekking shoes – 3900rs

Why Woodland is best 

Woodland is the best footwear company which offers a great range of footwear’s. It is one of the oldest brands which is running successfully. Before they were best known as the school shoe brand, but now they are offering an enormous range of stylish shoes. It adds beauty to your look. 

#4. Adidas:

Adidas is one of the famous brands in terms of sports accessories, clothes, and shoes. The designs are unique, and the quality of products is unbeatable. 

They produce sneakers and sports shoes for both males and females. It offers products classified into various categories, such as running, trekking, outdoor adventure, and outdoor activities. The shoes are very comfortable and long-lasting. It doesn’t cost you so much.

Adidas stands in the second position as the largest sportswear company. The company was established by two German brothers, Rudi and Adi Dazzlers. But unfortunately, they fought during world war two, which resulted in the breaking of the company. Rudy Dazzler has commenced his company named Puma, and with the three letters of the name, Adi Dazzlers have named his company Adidas. 

He gives more emphasis on technological innovations, and in the end, he succeeds in designing one of the best designs of sports shoes. Presently, the company is producing more than 900 million of sports and lifestyle products.

Adidas not only produces sports shoes, but it also makes sneakers that also of unique designs. The sneakers can enhance your look. 

Adidas has placed its position, and no other brand can destroy it. It is one of India’s most iconic brands of shoes, which offers a great range of sports shoes.

Varieties of Adidas shoes with prices

  • Adidas Ultra Boost – ranges starts from 10000.
  • Adidas Gazelle – ranges starts from rs5000.
  • Adidas Samba – starts from 4500rs.
  • Adidas Superstar – starts from 5000rs.
  • Adidas Stan Smith – starts from 3500rs.
  • Adidas NMD – starts from 7000rs.

Why Adidas is best:

Adidas sports shoes are not beatable by any company. The shoes are very comfortable and durable. It provides the best varieties of sports shoes in the world.

#5. PUMA:

PUMA is a brand of shoe that offers varieties of range. They offer the best collection of shoes. PUMA is a well-known shoe brand that offers the best sports shoes. The boots are very durable and very comfortable. 

Taking about the history of PUMA, the company was started by two German brothers Adolf and Rudolf dazzle. They established the shoe factory in 1924. But due to some circumstances, they had fought and decided to separate their ways in 1948. As a result, both started their brands, named it PUMA, and the other has called it Adidas. Both the brands are unbeatable and running successfully for a more extended period. Headquarter of both companies is in Germany.

PUMA introduced its Cat logo in 1967, and it was the first-ever version of PUMA. Now the brand has reached the heights. They produced various kinds of sports shoes such as bowling shoes, high jumper, javelin thrower, and wrestler. PUMA is a well-known brand of shoes that offers the best, or you can say that it is a prominent brand that generates the best ice skates. 

Along with all the shoes, they also produce roller skates and surf shoes. PUMA shoes are the first choice of the person who engaged in some sports activities. 

It is offering its shoes in almost 120 countries throughout the world. The classic shoes of PUMA are one of the best shoes which enhance your personality. 

PUMA shoes have a wide range of sneakers that goes perfectly with all your attire. It has launched in India in 2005 and one of the top leading shoe brand which delivers an excellent range of shoe through online platforms.

PUMA is not only famous for providing shoes, but it also produces clothes. And it also comes in the top 5 positions in sport’s shoes and apparel brands.

Varieties of PUMA and prices

  • PUMA men walking shoes –1600rs
  • PUMA men sneakers – 1600rs
  • PUMA running shoes – 2700rs

Why PUMA is best

PUMA is a well-known brand worldwide which provides a massive range of running shoes. They are very comfortable and durable. They provide wide varieties of footwear at affordable ranges.

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#6. RedTape:

It is the best quality of leather shoes, which is unbeatable. They offer a great range of leather shoes worldwide. The company was launched in 1996 and authorized by Mirza International Limited. 

Salman khan is the promoter of the RedTape brand. It not only presents shoe collection but also offers an excellent range of clothing and accessories. It is the most prominent lifestyle brand in India. They provide man shoes which comes in three categories like casuals, sleeper and sandals and formal as well. 

It uses high-quality material while producing shoes. These are durable as the material is the best quality, and they offer a great range of shoes, which are generally the latest designs that makes you stylish. 

It doesn’t compromise with your safety, and your feet will not face any kind of problem and trouble; they are comfortable wearing shoes. 

Varieties of RedTape and prices

  • RedTape casual shoes- start from 1509rs.
  • RedTapeDerby shoes- 900rs
  • RedTape loafers- 1700rs
  • RedTape sneakers-1250rs
  • RedTape boots- 2790rs. 

Why RedTape is best

RedTape offers the best leather quality shoes. It provides a great range of footwear, and they are comfortable, durable and best quality footwear.

#7. Bata:

Bata is a brand that is the most lovable shoe brand in India. Before they produce school and formal shoes but now Bata offers 20000+ stylish footwear. Among all the top shoe brands, Bata is the oldest one, but the company is very profitable for a more extended period. The shoes are very durable and comfortable. They are not very costly, readily available in shoe stores.

Taking about the history of Bata, it was established on 24 August 1984 in Moravian. Initially, Bata produces leather shoes, but due to some financial crisis, the owner has to use canvas for making shoes. But it proved the best for Bata, and the company became very successful in no time. 

In today’s time, no company can reach the heights of data; it is the largest retailer of shoes in India and also a significant manufacturer of footwear in India. 

Initially, Bata is known for the best school shoe brand, but now they offer a great range of stylish shoe collection for men, women, and children. They provide an impressive array of shoes that have unique designs and great style. 

If you choose Bata, then there will be wide varieties of shoes in front of you, and you can select them. Bata also offers a great range of boots for women that also very affordable range. Generally, boots are expensive, but Bata made it easy to buy boots. 

Varieties of Bata with prices

  • Bata casual shoes for men –1250rs
  • Bata sandals for men –1190rs
  • Bata chappals for men –950rs
  • Bata boots – 3500rs
  • Bata floaters for men – 630rs

Why Bata is best

Bata is one of the oldest brands, and they provide quality of the product. All the ranges of footwear are available for men and women. They offer the best prices.

#8. FILA:

FILA is the another best shoe brand in India. They offer unique designs and are not less than designer shoes. The brand is producing shoes for 100 years, and they made a massive improvement in the last several decades.

FILA is an Italian shoe brand and created its name in the sports shoe industry in 1970. They offer a great design of shoes for athletics, along with it also provides a wide range of sneakers and slides.

FILA has established in Biella, Italy, in 1911. It initially produces shoes in their local area, but this is their success that they have made their shoes recognizable all over the world. 

Fila shoes look like designer shoes and look expensive from their actual cost. If you desire to buy shoes which look designer and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you must try Fila. A unique shoe brand will satisfy your needs and offers you a wide range of shoes at a low cost. 

The Fila sports clothing and shoes are a mostly online available brand in India. Initially, South Korean company brought Fila in 2007 and has become the largest sports brand of South Korea.

Varieties of FILA shoes and prices 

  • FILA men running shoes – 3100rs
  • FILA men training and gym shoes –1500rs
  • FILA men stripped sneakers –7300rs

Why FILA is best

FILA offers a great range of footwear you will get all type of footwear from sports shoes to flip flops. They are affordable and comfortable.

#9. Lee Cooper:

Lee Cooper is the best shoe brand, which also offers an excellent quality of clothes in the world. It is a foreign brand that provides a great range of men’s formal shoe collection. All the shoe and clothing collections are readily available on online fashion sites.

It is considered as the best choice of youth for formal shoes. They offer the latest designs at an affordable price. The boots are comfortable and durable as well.

Headquarter of Lee Cooper is in London, England. The brand was established in 1908 by Morris Cooper and Louise Maister. It was initially started as a workwear production company. It has set its roots in many countries and providing services in 100 countries all over the world. 

Lee Cooper is a well-known brand for clothes and jeans collections. M&B footwear PVT has introduced Lee Cooper as a footwear brand in India.

They provide the best collection of leather shoes in comparison to sports shoes. But it is a good brand in all the available show brands in India.

Varieties of Lee Cooper with prices

  • Lee Cooper men boots- 1350rs
  • Lee Cooper casuals- 1790rs.
  • Lee Cooper Flip flops – 1230rs
  • Lee Cooper Derby for the man –1350rs

Why Lee Cooper is best

Lee Cooper produces one of the best leather shoes. In a comparison of sports shoes, leather shoes are higher in quality. In has a massive spread in the world.

#10. Lancer:

Lancer is also the best shoe brand in India, which offers a great range of shoes at a very affordable price. It was established in 1989 by Subhash Chandra Gupta. 

Lance deals with varieties of footwear, such as sandals, slippers, and sports shoes. 

They do not cheat on quality. The brand offers excellent quality, which has made it the best selling shoe brand in India. They use good shoe material while manufacturing it; hence the shoes are very lightweight, comfortable, and breathable and don’t break faster. 

You will get various colours and designs of the shoe brand. Every size is available according to your feet, so there is no problem with size. They offer you the latest techniques, which also gives you stylish looks. 

Overall it is one of the best brands of shoes in India in which you can purchase your shoe. 

Varieties of Lancer with price

  • Lancer casual shoes- ranges starts from 500rs.
  • Lancer sports shoes- starts from 500rs.
  • Lancer Cuba 220 running shoes –1300rs.
  • Lancer QBA 903 running shoes –1000rs.

Why Lancer is best:

Lancer shoes are very affordable. It comes in various ranges.

In this article, all the best brands of the shoe in India have mentioned. These are the top ten shoe brand in India which offers an excellent range of footwear at affordable prices and latest designs. You must pick up one from them according to your choice. I hope the article would help you a lot. 

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