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Top 10 Bike brands in India List Ranking 2023 Updated

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Top 10 Bike brands in India List Ranking 2023 Updated

Bikes are the boys; they feel comfortable, stylish, and stud while riding the bike. People use bikes for different purposes like racing, adventure, touring, and frequently traveling purposes. It is one of the cheapest means of transportation and doesn’t require so much effort to maintain it.

Bikes are available in various models, designs, and engines, depending on the need of bikers. Many companies acquired the Indian market and producing A1 bikes for the people.

What are the types of bikes

Scooters and Mopeds – These types of bikes were trendy in the 90s era. Mopeds are a cheaper mode of transportation with small engine bikes with a high speed of 28mph. Whereas Scooters have a larger engine in comparison to motorbikes initially 125cc-15cc. Scooters are very affordable than bigger bikes.

Cruisers – Cruisers are the type of bikes with low seats, more massive wheelbases, and laid-back attitude. There are many companies which manufacture Cruisers.

Sports bike – Sports bike consist of high power and speed and has a robust engine, beautiful designs, and aerodynamic designs. Many vehicle manufacturer companies, including Suzuki, Yamaha, Ducati, develop sports bikes.

Touring motorcycles – The touring bikes are different from other bikes. It is basically used for visiting purposes. These are designed for traveling for long-distance. The bikes are very comfortable and have a larger luggage compartment. It is one of the heaviest bikes among all.

Adventure bikes – Adventure bikes are usable for multiple purposes like touring, sporty riding, and commuting. It consists of a larger petrol tank and luggage compartments for covering long distances quickly.

Dirt bikes and Motocross bikes – This is one of the types of bikes used for off-roading purposes. Enduro bikes are used for covering a long distance, Trials bikes are light weighted and don’t have a seat.

Monkey bikes – Honda was the first company who launched monkey bike in the 1960s.

Quad bikes – quad bikes are used for multi-purposes like agriculture, sports, and traveling.

Apart from these bikes, there are many more types of bikes in India that differ in size, designs, and purposes.

What are the best bike brands in India 

Bikes are very much in demand by Indian, and it is the most affordable means of transportation and easy to handle. There are various brands in India, some are national, and others are international, but due to its popularity and best-featured models, people prefer to purchase bikes from them.

It is challenging to consider a particular brand the best brand as every brand offers excellent ranges of bikes with a stylish body, powerful engines, and low consumption of petrol. But some of the brands have earned a high reputation with impressive designs and features.This article is all about the best bike brands in India that have created its unique presence on Indian’s heart.

How to purchase bikes in India

The demand for every bike brand is high in India, and that is why they have captured the Indian market and have showrooms in your city and state. You can easily purchase the desired model of the desired brand from the bike showroom.

The top 10 bike brands in India

#1. Hero 

The hero is the leading manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world. It has occupied the leading position for 18 years. With its remarkable quality, the company got an expansion in 37 different countries across the globe.

The company had acquired 36.0% of market share and earned a total revenue of 3,678 crores.

Initially, Hero Honda Motors Ltd. Owns Hero MotoCorp, the largest manufacturer of bikes in India. Its bike model Splendor has earned a good market position and considered to be the most loved and selling bikes in India. And in today’s time, most people prefer to purchase Splendor due to its remarkable performance.

Every bike model is incredible, and no other brand can beat the quality and features of Honda bikes. It is the most trustable brand and always leads at the top of the list of best bike brands. The bikes are affordable and easy to maintain, and the bikes also provide high mileage.

Some of Hero popular bikes with price ranges are:

  • Hero Splendor Plus – 60,500rs
  • HF Deluxe – 47,800rs
  • Passion Pro – 65,740rs.

The most expensive bike of Hero is XPlus 200 that ranges 1.11 Lac. In 2020-21 Hero is going to launch some new models, these are:

  • Xtreme 200R – rs.93,400
  • Xtreme 200S – rs.1 Lac.
  • XPlus 200T – rs.95,500

All its models are very much in demand and provide various exclusive features and consist of the latest technology in manufacturing its bikes.

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#2. Yamaha


Originally, Yamaha is one of the leading companies in Japan, which started operating in India as a joint venture in 1985. Later on, in 2001, it became a dominant subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. And in 2008, an agreement occurred between Mitsui & Co. and YMC to become a joining investor in India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.

Yamaha has also earned an excellent reputation for is cycle ranges, and its motorbikes range is also doing well in the Indian market. The bikes are very durable and made up of a powerful engine and have a considerable metallic body.

Some of the best models of Yamaha with prices are:

  • YZF R15 V3 – rs.1.46 Lac
  • MT-15 – rs.1.38 Lac
  • FZS-FI V3 – rs.1.01 Lac
  • Fascino 125 – rs.67,230
  • FZS 25 – rs.1.57 Lac

Yamaha is going to launch some new bike models in 2020-21, these are:

  • MT 09 – 10.55 Lac
  • YZF R1 – rs.20.39 Lac
  • XSR155 – rs.1.4 Lac

The Yamaha bikes are highly in demand in India, and you can easily purchase the best bike of your requirement from Yamaha showroom to flaunt your style.

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#3. Honda

Honda is one of the best company that manufactures two-wheelers, and most of the Indian prefers to purchase bikes from Honda brand. It is considered the leading brand in India, which was entered in the Indian market in 1999. Initially, it is a Japanese brand, and the Indian Honda Company is a subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd. It is one of India’s newest bike brands but has occupied the second position among the largest two-wheeler companies in India.

Honda manufactures different types of vehicles, like scooters, bikes, sports bikes. From a budget bike to expensive ones, Honda has a range of bikes for everyone. Honda manufactures about 5.65 million units every year. It is one of the bike brands which use high-quality products and eco-friendly technology to produce its bike ranges.

It is one of the stylish bikes in India which flaunts with masculine looks, and these are easy to maintain. Honda acquired about 26.1% market share, and its total revenue is up to 26,728crore.

Some of the best bike models of Honda are mentioned below with the prices.

  • Activa 6G – 65,419rs.
  • Dio – 61,497rs.
  • Shine – 68,812rs.
  • Gold Wing – 27,76 Lac

Honda is going to launch its new models in the year 2020-21, these are:

  • Forza 300 – 2.5 Lac
  • CB300R – 2.41 Lac
  • CBR650R – 7.7 Lac

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Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is one of the Luxurious bikes in India, and its powerful engine, stylish body drives the boys crazy. Initially, the company was known as Enfield Cycle company, and in 1980 it got the license of Royal by the crown.

It is one of the best and largest selling bikes in India. It is one of the stylish and expensive bikes in India and mostly the youth’s first choice. Everyone has a desire to purchase Royal Enfield in their life.

Having Royal Enfiled bikes is the remark of your status, and it is one of the expensive bikes and also requires prompt service to run efficiently. Boys demand Royal Enfield bikes to flaunt their style in front of their friends. People get attracted to you if you are riding on a Royal Enfield.

Some of the best bike models of Royal Enfield are:

  • Bullet 350 – 1.3 Lac
  • Classic 350 – 1.57 Lac
  • Himalayan – 1.89 Lac
  • Continental GT 650 – 3.01 Lac

Royal Enfield is going to launch some of the new models, these are:

  • 2020 Classic 350 – 1.7 Lac
  • Meteor 350 – 1.75 Lac
  • Roadster – 1.7 Lac

The company has launched its brand stores in many cities due to an increase in the demand for these bikes, so it became convenient to purchase Royal Enfield bikes.

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#5. Bajaj

Bajaj is a highly trusted brand in India for its high ranges of vehicles. It manufactures premium quality vehicles that are affordable and durable also. Bajaj is considered to be the oldest and reliable brand in India.

Bajaj is the oldest brand established when there is no bike brand for the general public, and the bajaj was manufacturing home appliances and scooters.

Bajaj has occupied the third position among all brands in the list of world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers. It has earned a reputation because of its comfortability, affordability, and precise quality.

Some of the best bike models of Bajaj are:

  • Pulsar 150 – rs91.002
  • Pulsar NS200 – 1.29 Lac
  • Pulsar 220F – rs.1.2 Lac
  • CT 100 – rs.43,994
  • Dominar 400 – 1.94 Lac

Bajaj is expecting to launch some new bike models in 2020-21, these are

  • Pulsar RS400 – 1.7 Lac
  • Avenger Street 220 – 1.17 Lac
  • Avenger 400 – 1.5 Lac

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#6. Suzuki

Suzuki is one of the leading motor vehicle manufacturers in India. Most people have a preference to purchase bikes from the Suzuki brand. The brand has created a specific presence in the Indian market. Suzuki motorcycle India private limited is a subordinate of Suzuki motor corporation. Initially, it is a Japanese brand that has acquired a unique position in the Indian market. Suzuki is also a well-known company for manufacturing the latest technology and featured four vehicles.

Talking about the two-wheelers by Suzuki, it has a sporty and classy look, so boys who prefer to flaunt their style with sporty looks have the presence of Suzuki bikes. Suzuki deals in manufacturing high performance innovating race-bikes for bike lovers. It also produces standard scooters and bikes that are also high in demand in India.

Some of the best bike models of Suzuki are:

  • Gixxer – 1.13 Lac
  • Gixxer SF – 1.23 Lac
  • Gixer SF 250 – 1.76 Lac

Suzuki is going to launch some new models in 2020-21, these are

  • GSX S750 – rs.7.46 Lac
  • Hayabusa – 13.74 Lac
  • V-Strom 650 XT – 7.66 Lac

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#7. TVS

Taking about TVs, it is the most trustable brand in India and also occupied the third position in manufacturing two-wheelers in India. It manufactures about 3.2 million units of two-wheelers every year.

The brand produces the latest and modern designs of bikes according to the need of modern people. This is one of the affordable brands that provides every type of bikes according to the needs of people. It manufactures sports bike of Apache at affordable rates and regular bikes like Victor. The bikes are very comfortable and consist of great shockers for a pleasant drive.

Some of the best models manufactured by TVS are:

  • Apache RTR 160 – 97,000rs.
  • Apache RTR 160 4V – 1.02 Lac
  • Apache RR 310 – 2.4 Lac

Suzuki is launching its new bike models in 2020-21, these are:

  • Apache RTR 310 – 1.99 Lac
  • Zeppelin – 1.2 Lac
  • Victor – 56,622rs.

All models of TVS live up to people’s expectations and one of the preferable bike brands in India.

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#8. Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Inc, USA occupies Harley Davidson India. It was established in 1903 and considered one of the oldest bike brands. It is one of the luxurious and classy looking bikes; also, it has awarded many times for its remarkable models. Harley Davidson bike models have won many hearts with its high performance and sturdy designs.

It is the classiest looking bikes in India, and the people who focus more on the looks of bikes loved the ranges of Harley Davidson bikes.

Some of the best bike models of Harley Davidson are:

  • Street 750 – 5.34 Lac
  • Iron 883 – 9.38 Lac
  • Forty Eight – 10.61 Lac
  • Fat Boy – 18.25 Lac

Harley Davidson is going to launch some new bike in 2020-21, these are

  • CVO Limited – 50.83 Lac
  • 350 – 2.25 Lac
  • Live Wire – 50 Lac

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#9. KTM

The company has a tagline ‘Ready to use,’ and KTM is quite famous for its fantastic range of Sports bikes. The brand has created a remarkable presence on youth with its robust and high-performance engine of Sports bikes.

The bikes are beneficial and used for adventure purposes, its high speed and powerful performance let it reach the steep path. It is one of India’s best brands, which is well known for offering a sports bike.

KTM satisfies the Indian buyers with its high-performance engine bikes. Some of the best models presented by KTM are:

  • 200 Duke – 1.76 Lac
  • 125 Duke – 1.42 Lac
  • 390 Duke – 2.57 Lac
  • 390 Adventure – 3.04 Lac

KTM is launching some new models in 2020-21, these are

  • 250 Adventure – 2.5 Lac
  • 790 Duke – 8.63 Lac
  • Super Duke R – 12.5 Lac

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#10. Mahindra

Mahindra is another famous bike brand in India which is widely known for its high performance and sturdy designs of bikes. Initially, Mahindra has acquired a remarkable presence I manufacturing high utility turbo heavy vehicles. It offers stability and high-performance vehicles. The vehicles are durable and also affordable.

Mahindra is a new company in manufacturing two-wheelers. Despite being new to bikes, it assures you with its powerful engine and substantial body that is durable. It is the first-ever company that took part in FIM Moto3TM motorcycle championship racing.

Though Mahindra is a new brand of bikes, it is reliable as it has achieved various awards for offering the best ranges and quality vehicles.

Some of the best models of Mahindra are:

  • Mahindra Mojo – 2.11 Lac
  • Mahindra Rodeo – 47.46 Lac
  • Mahindra Gusto – 47.32 Lac

Mahindra is expecting to launch new bike model in 2020-21

  • Mahindra Gusto Electric – 80000rs.

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#11. Piaggio India

Piaggio is one of the prominent motor vehicle manufacturers in the world. The company Piaggio and C.SpAwas established in1884, which is one of the oldest vehicle brands. Because of its promising vehicle models, the company has acquired the eighth position among the most significant Indian bike companies in India.

Piaggio is the market-dominant in Europe, but its excellent services have spread in over 100 countries with a distinctive presence in India.

Apart from bikes, the company also manufactures various other vehicles like scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds. Some of the best bike models produced by Piaggio are:

  • Elegante 125 – 1.22 Lac
  • LX 125 – 96.615rs.
  • VXL 150 – 1.22 Lac

Piaggio is going to launch some new bike models are:

  • Piaggio Vespa GTS 300 – 4-5 Lac
  • Piagio Vespa Elettrica – 90000- 1Lac

The bikes are affordable and readily available in India.

#12. Kawasaki

Originally, Kawasaki is a Japenese brand that manufactures great models of bikes. It was established in 1953. It has set its position in India with its remarkable designs. Its initial plan was D148cc, that was named as Meihatsu.

Its well known off-road and street bikes are Big 4. The bike models usually light weighted, so these are easy to handle and comfortable. It consists of a robust engine that is very powerful and offers excellent performance.

Some of its best models are:

  • Ninja 1000 – 10.79 Lac
  • Ninja 650 – 6.24 Lac
  • Z900 – 7.99 Lac

Kawasaki is going to launch its new models in 2020-21, these are:

  • Ninja H2 – 34.99 Lac
  • Ninja ZX – 10R – 13.99 Lac
  • Ninja 300 – 2.98 Lac

#13. Ducati

Ducati is one of the prominent bike brands in India, which is initially a company in Italy. The bikes are quite expensive, but its looks are marvelous and give excellent performance. It was established in 1935, and since then, it is dealing with great models of bikes.

One of the best models of Ducati is Monster or Super sport bike. It also manufactures the best adventure bike that is Ducati Vietnam, which looks fantastic and classy. It provides high speed with exceptional performance.

Some of its best bike models are:

  • Diavel 1260 BS4 – 17.7 Lac
  • MultiStrada 950 BS4 – 12.84 Lac
  • Scrambler 1100 BS4 – 10.91 Lac

Ducati is going to launch some of the bike models, these are:

  • Ducati Panigale V4 – 26.5 Lac
  • Scrambler – 7.2 Lac
  • Monster 821 – 10.99 Lac

#14. BMW

BMW is the oldest and most trustable brand which has started manufacturing its bike models in 1923. The BMW bikes are designed and produced by Bavarian Motor Group.

BMW bikes consist of high-quality parts and give a significant performance. It is considered the best bike brand in India, which has been running so successfully for a long time. It is one of the expensive and luxurious bike brands.

Some of the best bike models of BMW are:

  • F 900 R – 9.9 Lac
  • R 1250 GS – 20.05 Lac
  • S 1000 RR – 18.5 Lac

BMW is going to launch its new bike models in 2020-21, these are:

  • R nine T – 17.8 Lac
  • G 310 GS – 3.49 Lac
  • G 310 R – 2.99 Lac

#15. SYM Motors

SYM Motors is also a well-known bike brand in the Asian market place. It has established in 1953 and selling about 16 million motorcycles. It is one of the budget-friendly bikes that quickly falls under your budget and offers you excellent quality and designs.

Some of the best models of SYM motors are:

  • SYM T2 2501
  • SYM wolf classic 150

These are some of the best bike brands that offer wide ranges of affordable models with exclusive features and high-speed performance.


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