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Top 10 Best Bicycle Brands in India List August 2023 Updated

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Top 10 Best Bicycle Brands in India List August 2023 Updated

Cycles are one of the cheapest modes of transportation. In this modern era, where means of transport have increased, there are various luxurious bikes, and cars are available, most people prefer to ride on the cycle.   There are various types of cycles according to the need of people. Some want to use it for trekking and outings, whereas some want to use it to perform stunts. Some use cycles for racing while some want it for average traveling purposes. The uses of cycles differ as people change. 

Moreover, riding cycling is one of the best options for those who don’t have time to work out. Cycling helps in keeping fat away and keeps you fit and fine. It helps in losing weight. It also keeps you healthy by keeping disease away from you. There are various benefits of cycling.

  • It reduces stress
  • It strengthened your bones
  • It makes your muscles stronger
  • Improve your body posture
  • Keeps you fit
  • Lower risk of heart diseases
  • Keeps your blood pressure in control
  • Makes you look attractive
  • Gives you a good figure

There are many more advantages of cycling. In India, most people have cycles for any reason, whether for fitness or traveling purposes. It is one of the cheapest ways of keeping yourself fit. 

The demand for cycles is very high in India as people love cycling for many reasons. So due to the demand is rising, many national and international cycle brands have emerged in India and offer varieties of cycles based on different colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and many other factors. All the brands claim to be the best brand, but it depends on us what type of cycle we want and which model and color everything depends on our needs.

It is indispensable to purchase the right cycle for yourself. Some factors should keep in mind before buying a cycle. 

  • Consider the necessity of purchasing cycle
  • Buy cycle according to your convenience
  • Choose according to your body size and shape
  • What is your style of riding
  • Comfortability when riding 

These factors should be kept mind while purchasing the right cycle. And if it is possible you must take a ride on the cycle to make sure that you are comfortable or not, your legs are reaching the paddle, is your bodysuits the cycle, etc. 

This article is all about cycles, best brands of cycles, different types of cycles, and other things related to cycle. 

What are the types of cycle

There are numerous types of cycle manufacturers by these brands for several purposes. Some of the types of cycles are

  • Time trial cycle
  • Road cycle
  • Mountain bikes
  • Flat bar road bikes
  • Cyclocross
  • Urban cycles
  • Gravel cycle
  • Folding cycles
  • Hybrid cycles
  • Touring cycles 
  • BMX cycles
  • Track bikes
  • Single Speed cycle
  • Cruiser cycle
  • Track cycle
  • Classic and vintage cycle
  • Kids cycle
  • Electric and power-assisted 

How to purchase these branded cycles

You have a variety of options to buy a good cycle for you. The first and best option is to go to cycle store there; you will find a vast range of cycles; you can personally check all the features and models of the cycle. You can also take a test ride to check the comfortability and quality of the cycle. 

Moreover, you can also shop these cycles from online shopping sites. They will also offer you a massive variety of cycles and mention the features and quality of cycles. You can also purchase from the official websites of every brand in some situations where you are not finding these cycles in stores and online stores. 

What are the best cycle brands in India 

Several brands in India offer a wide range of cycles in India. Some are national, and some are international brands that have created a significant presence in the Indian market. In this article, we will know about some best brands of cycles in India.  Here is the list of top 15 best cycle brand that is most preferred cycles by Indians. 

Top 10 cycle Brands in India

#1. Atlas 

Atlas is the top leading cycle brand in India that uses innovation and technology in its latest models. The cycle brand provides you the best quality products and clears all safety standards.

Talking about the Atlas brand’s history, it was initiated in 1950 and became one of the most selling cycle brands. Shri Jhanki Das Kapur has originated the Atlas brand for making the life of ordinary man easy. The primary purpose of producing the Atlas cycle is to provide the best way of transportation at cheaper rates with exclusive features.

In 1965, Atlas has acquired the Indian market and established a good reputation among Indian buyers. In 1978, Atlas initiated its first sports cycle. The brand offers varieties of cycles for kids also. The brand earned a considerable name in 1960, even though some of its models are ranking in the market, the two most selling models of Atlas are Atlas Ultimate City and Atlas Motion.

You must purchase an Atlas cycle if you want to buy a cycle with excellent features, extra comfort, and long-lasting at affordable prices.

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#2. Hero cycles

Hero Cycles is the most selling and largest producer of cycles in India, and it offers varieties of ranges of cycles. The brand is based in Ludhiana, Punjab. It is a part of one of the well-known company Hero Motors Company. 

A hero has various brands under its company like Miss India, Mountain bike, Firefox, and Sprint. It is the largest manufacturer of the cycle that exports its products in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

It is considered to be the best brand in India that offers exciting ranges of cycles for different needs and different types of people. Some of the best varieties offered by Hero are Hero Ranger, which was launched 20 years back, and Hero Urban. Recently Hero has launched its latest series with advanced features and excellent quality that is Hero Sprint.

 It is one of the affordable cycles in India that is extremely comfortable and suitable for all cyclists. If you desire to purchase the best cycle at reasonable rates, you should go for Hero cycles. It offers you various options for cycles.

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#3. Avon Cycles

After Hero Cycles, Avon has risen as the most significant selling cycle brand in India. It is quite popular among youngsters and offers more than 200 varieties of models of cycles. It has a vast range of cycles for everyone. It is one of the oldest cycle brands that have earned a great name in cycle industries. 

Initially, the company was started in 1948 as produces cycle saddle and brake, and later on, in 1951, it originated its first cycle. Pahwa Brothers established the brand in Punjab. The main aim of creating the company is to offer excellent ranges of cycles with superior quality at reasonable prices.

Previously they do not focus on designs and patterns. The brand manufactures simple cycle models to fulfill the needs of the ordinary man. But as time changed, the company started producing stylish and modern looking cycles. You can purchase the Avon cycles from the market or else can also buy from online shopping sites. These are budget-friendly and also durable.

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#4. Hercules Cycle

Hercules Cycle brand is another best selling cycle brand in India. It is quite popular among Indians as it offers one of the best latest models of cycles. Talking about the history of Hercules cycles, it was originated in 1951.

The specialty of this brand is that it was the first brand that has launched mountain cycles in India, and now also its cycles are one of the top-ranking cycles. 

Hercules offers its sub-brand, Hercules Roadeo, which is quite popular among teenagers for its latest and attractive designs. The cycles are very comfortable and also long-lasting. 

Hercules produces various ranges of cycles, and you can purchase from local cycle shops in your area, or else you can find an exclusive range of Hercules cycles in online shopping sites. If you want to buy a delicate cycle at reasonable prices, you must surely go for the Hercules cycle.

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#5. La Sovereign Cycles

La Sovereign Cycles is also considered to be the best cycle brand in India for various reasons. The famous cycle brand is producing the best ranges of cycles for 40 years. It is one of the most successful brands which is running smoothly for many years.

La Sovereign Cycles is a Ludhiana-based company that deals with manufacturing toys and cycles in India. Also, it is a joint venture between Thailand and based company.

It offers a vast range of cycles like Mountain, Geared, high end, MTB, BMX, kids, and Road cycles. It provides one of the best quality products with exclusive designs at affordable prices. 

You can easily purchase the best range of cycles from the various options and can enjoy your riding. Numerous online shopping sites like Flipkart and Amazon offer you a vast array of La Sovereign cycles in India.

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#6. BSA Ladybird 

BSA Ladybird is one of the best brands of the cycle that produces cycles for girls; it is the first brand that thinks about girls and women’s priority and manufactures attractive and beautiful designed cycles. These cycles are appealing because these have vibrant colors and trendy looks. 

BSA Ladybird cycles are very comfortable and stylish and are also very budget-friendly. It offers varieties of models for girls and women. And if you are a girl and want to purchase a cycle that shows your style, then you must try BSA Ladybird, undoubtedly it will live up to your expectations. 

You have various options to purchase BSA Ladybird cycles; you can choose cycle stores or try online shopping sites to buy these cycles. It will also assure you of the quality and offers you premium cycle ranges.

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#7. Firefox Cycles

Firefox is also one of India’s best cycle brands that have rapidly grown and created its unique presence on Indians. It is one of the successful cycle brands that offer premium ranges of the cycle in India. In 2015, Hero cycles occupied the Firefox Cycle brand.

Firefox Cycles has a huge range of cycles for kids, ladies, off-road, city, performance, MTB’s, and BMX. The cycles are very comfortable and durable at reasonable prices. Due to its exciting ranges, Firefox Cycles are loved by people. 

If you want to purchase cycle and search for premium options, you must try for Firefox Cycles. Though the cycle models are readily available in the markets or local stores of the cycle, you can also purchase from its official website.

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#8. Dahon cycles

Dahon cycles is another brand in India that manufactures the best cycle ranges at affordable prices. The company was originated in 1982 by the Han brothers. The Dahon cycle specialty is that it is the first brand in the world that produces folding cycles. And they are the leader of manufacturing high ranges of folding cycles in the world. 

The cycles are foldable so it can be carried easily during traveling. The cycles can be folded and unfold quickly. It has become the best selling folding cycle in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. 

The cycles are comfortable as well as affordable. You can purchase Dahon cycles from cycle stores or online shopping sites. And another option of buying these cycles is from their official website.

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#9. Ghost bikes

Another brand in the list of top 15 best cycle brand is Ghost Bikes, and these are some of the best cycles in India. The brand was originated in 1993 in North Bavaria.  Ghost bikes offer varieties of the cycle, such as mountain bikes, trekking bikes, e-bikes, road bikes, and urban models. Apart from producing cycles, the brand also sponsors some riders and best mountain biking team.

The brand is quite popular in India due to its excellent quality cycles, but these are not readily available in online shopping sites. But you can find some of the Ghost bikes ranges in Flipkart.

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#10. Bianchi cycles

Bianchi is one of the famous cycle brands in India, and virtually, it is an Italian cycle brand that is manufacturing cycles all over the world for 130 years. It is considered to be the best international cycle brand. Eventually, the brand is noticed for its performance models. 

Bianchi offers various ranges of cycles that are road cycles, E-cycles, fitness bikes, and mountain cycles, but it is well known for developing cycles for racing.  The brand is exciting and offers exclusive designs and colors of cycles. And you can purchase these cycles from online stores.

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#11. BSA cycle

BSA cycles are one of India’s most famous cycle brands that were formed with the joint venture of Murugappa Group and Tube Investments from the UK. 

BSA cycle acquired various other well-recognized brands that are Ladybird, Montra, and Hercules. It is a brand that has launched some of the very first cycles in India, like geared cycles, ladies cycles, kids cycles, and MTB. They offer exclusive ranges of kids cycle. It is one of those brands which offers comfortable cycles at a reasonable price. 

The cycles are readily available on any local stores in your area or can also be purchased from online sites.

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#12. Btwin cycles

Btwin is considered to be one of the best cycle brands in India. A French company Decathlon, occupies the brand. In 1976, the Decathlon cycle sector was established. It was renamed as Btwin cycles in 2006.  The main aim of establishing a Decathlon company is to provide the best quality sports equipment and accessories at reasonable prices. So its cycle brand also has the same intention. And it also offers excellent ranges of cycles at affordable prices. 

You can purchase the Btwin cycle model from online shopping stores, or it’s the official website.

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#13. Cannondale cycles

Cannondale is a trendy cycle brand in the world. Originally the brand is acquired by the Canadian Dorel Industries, and their cycles are handcrafted in the USA. The brand is famous for its ingenious designs and attractive colors. The bestselling and best models of Cannondale cycles are its performance cycles, which have created a great name in the world. 

The cycles are very durable and generally made from aluminum and carbon fiber frames. Cannondale brand is recognized widely for inventing the cutting edge bottom bracket technology. Many other cycle brands accept this technology as it helps in the pedaling efficiency of the rider. 

You can purchase these cycles easily from online shopping stores.

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#14. Kross cycles

Kross cycle is one of the best brands in India that offers affordable models of cycles. It is a subsidiary of Hero cycles. It is one of the brands that offer varieties of models.  The main aim of the Kross cycle is to manufacture the best quality cycles for casual riders and beginners. It offers you various designs and attractive colored cycles. 

As it is a subsidiary of Hero cycles, so these cycles are readily available in cycle stores of your local area. You can purchase the best cycle at an affordable range from online stores as well.

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#15. Mongoose Cycles

The cycle brand is trendy among youngsters as it offers a wide range of BMX cycles. The cycles are affordable, and everyone can purchase it. Mongoose produces varieties of BMX cycles that differ in colors and designs.  Mongoose company uses high and premium quality products in manufacturing these cycles, so these are also long-lasting. Also, the cycles are extreme; it gives you an excellent grip. You can perform various stunts on BMX cycles. 

So if you are fond of BMX cycles, Mongoose will be the best option for you to purchase a BMX cycle as it is a reliable brand. You can buy Mongoose cycles from online stores there. You will find vast ranges of latest models of BMX cycles.

These are some of the best cycle brands in India that are affordable and offer various cycles for different purposes. All the brands are readily available and provide you a great riding. 

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