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Top Beer brands in India List August 2023 Updated

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Top Beer brands in India List August 2023 Updated

Beer is one of the oldest and most extensively consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. It is the most complimentary drink after tea and water. Beer is prepared from the cereal grains like malted barley, wheat, maize, rice, etc. It also has yeast to start the fermentation process that produces ethanol and carbonation, which results in beer. Beer has a significantly less amount of alcohol in comparison to wine and whiskey.

Talking about India, the traditional beer was made up of rice or millet for thousands of years. British people gave European beer to India in the 18th century. The most popular alcoholic beverages in India is whiskey; beer is not preferred as that. Strong beers are wildly popular beer in India.

Beer is one of the best alcoholic beverages which is opted by many drinkers as it is not harmful to health. It is one of the alternatives to alcohol. People like to have chilled beer to get refreshments in front of the summers’ hot and scorchy days. It is one of the best refreshment drinks among all alcoholic beverages.

Beer is the favorite and lovable drink which can be consumed by every group of ages. It is good drinks which add more fun to any party or occasion.

India is the largest consumer of beer in the world. There is a vast number of brands of beer which is running successfully as there are numerous drinkers, so there is a requirement of several brands and company in India. The British were the ones who introduce beer to Indians. They have initiated asia’s first beer, A Pale Ale, which is recognized as Lion.

The preferable beer is Lager beer, which is liked by most of the people. It is pre leading type of beer which is available in the nation. It generally comes in two strengths one is mild, which has 5% of alcohol quantity, and the other one is generous strong that comprises 6-8% of alcohol.

In India, the largest manufacturer of beer is Banglore based united breweries that produce kingfishers and Kalyani black label. Mysore breweries are the second-largest beer producer in India, which has a market share of about 25%.

There are a lot of health benefits of beer. Like it reduces the risk of heart disease when consumes in limits. These are perfect for skin and hair as well. But extra consumption can cause death. A person should not drink more than two glasses of beer in a day; otherwise, it will harm their health.

In previous years the trend of beer has increased. People like to have been in their celebrations, occasions, and parties. Drinking beer makes them feel happy, and they enjoy their time with their dear ones. With the increasing demand for beer, the number of companies and brands has also increased. There is a lot of competition in the beer brands. There are various beer brands available in the market. Some of them are newly established, and some of them are serving for many years. Enormous brands of beer are selling in India. Some of the best brands are listing below:

Top 10 Beer brands in India

#1. Kingfisher:

Kingfisher is a well-known brand in India for selling the best quality beer. It is the largest beer brand in India. The best brand of beer that is widely available is the “king of good times.” The beer of this brand is manufactured by the United Breweries Group, Bangalore, founded in 1978. The notorious Vijay Mallya operates it. It holds 36% of the market share in India. This brand is also available in 52 other countries. According to the Brand Trust Report 2012, kingfisher ranked 74th among all India’s trusted brands. The study is supervised Trust Research Advisory.

In 2013 this brand ranked 102nd  in all the most trusted brands of India, while in 2014, the rank was 198th among all the trusted beer brands of India. The Heineken Group holds almost 42.4% of equity shares in United Breweries limited.

The company attains 40% of market share, but according to the study, it has specified that it has decreased by 4.3% in current years.

When you drink it first, the taste which comes to your taste bud is slightly bitter. It compliments malty sweetness in the end. This is the taste that makes the kingfisher the most preferred alcoholic beverages among all the other brands.

Beers of kingfishers have classified into various terms according to the alcohol percentage.

•    Kingfisher strong – 8% alcohol

•    Kingfisher premium – 4.8% alcohol

•    Kingfisher blue – 8% alcohol

•    Kingfisher ultra – it is the newest edition, which comprises 5% alcohol.

Kingfisher Draught beer 500ml can is 100rs, and kingfisher premium Lager beer of 650ml is rs125.

#2. Tuborg:

Tuborg is another well known and popular brand of beer in India that provides high quality of beer. It is like a cherry on the top in any occasion or party. It was launched in 1873. Tuborg is a Danish brewing company established on a Harbour in Hellerup. It is a northern area of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a part of the Carlsberg Group since 1970.

Tuborg sells a vast number of varieties of beer. It is providing the taste of its beer in almost 31 countries. The categories are

•    Tuborg Green

•    Tuborg lemon

•    Tuborg Christmas beer

•    Tuborg red

•    Tuborg gold

•    Tuborg twist

•    Tuborg black

•    Tuborg Fine Festival ( it is the type of beer which comprises a high amount of alcohol)

 Tuborg gold is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Denmark and southern Sweden because it is handily available in all the stores of beers. Tuborg Green has become the most selling beer brand in eastern Europe, especially in Russia, in a brief period. In India, it has set its place as the vastest premium international beer in the nation.

In 1895, Tuborg Red was the very first beer manufactured by the company. It is not manufactured regularly, but on the occasion of its birthday, it is produced on each may. Along with the beer, the company also has various soft- drinks such as orange-flavored Tuborg squash.

Tuborg is the first choice of those people who doesn’t like to drink the strong beers as the strong beers make them feel woozy in no time. It consists of a significantly less amount of alcohol percent that is only 4.8%. It is a bottom-fermented beer. It tastes heavenly as it has a very mild and fresh taste, which has the aroma of flowers. It could taste a little bitter at the end of the sip. It is suitable for any occasion. People prefer to have Tuborg despite all other brands. It tastes good and adds more flavor when taken with the salads and spicy Asian dishes. You can have this excellent drink while enjoying any party, concerts, or other places with your dear ones.

Tuborg is the 2nd largest beer brand in India, but it stands at the 1st position in India when it comes to international brands.

Price of Tuborg Green beer, 590ml can is rs95, and the Tuborg strong premium beer of 650ml is Rs.120.

#3. Carlsberg:

The Carlsberg brewery was set up by the imaginative Danish brewer J.C Jacobson. It was established in 1847. In today’s time, the Carlsberg has ranked the 4th largest brewery in the world.

Carlsberg Pilsner is the chief in the Carlsberg Group’s portfolio of beers representing more than 400+ brands all over the world.

Various brands in Carlsberg beer are:

•    Carlsberg lager – It has been importing into the United States since 1902. It is the international lager that has to renew itself as a prominent premium beer among American consumers.

•    Elephant – the beer has a very bizarre and unusual taste. It was launched in 1959.

Carlsberg is another light tasting beer brand in India. You can assume that this is the best beer in the world. The beer is made up of superior quality of Europe barely, which enhances the taste by giving it the rich taste. It is mostly preferred by those drinkers who enjoy the unique flavor and premium beer.

The price of 500ml can of Carlsberg elephant  strong super-premium beer is rs.100

Carlsberg All malt premium beer of 500ml can is rs.120.

#4. Budweiser:

Budweiser is best known for its light and fresh taste. It is one of the best selling brands in the United States. Not only the US, but Budweiser has also become the dominant brand of India, which sells a massive amount of beer.  This beer brand has an enlightened lot of beer brands to come into presence.

Budweiser tastes best with the burger and fries. The taste is mixed as it has both the flavors of sweetness and bitterness. It has the sweetness of rice flavor and taste of bitter from the hops. You can enjoy this drink anytime whenever you want to enjoy your day. This pale yellow colored drink will never fail to satisfy the drinkers.

It comes into two varieties according to the alcohol percentage.

•    Budweiser premium- It has only 5% of alcohol.

•    Budweiser Magnum – the beer brand comprises almost 6.5% of alcohol in the drinks.

The price of Budweiser Premium kings of beer of 330ml can is rs.100.

The price of Budweiser magnum strong beers- 650ml can is rs.185

#5. Haywards:

Taking about Haywards, it is the largest beer selling brand in India. No doubt, it is one of the best strong beer brands in the nation. It is recognized for the beer iconic Hayward 5000.

This robust beer comprises about 7% of alcohol, which is enough to make a strong beer. It is one of the intense lagers which has set its incredible existence by its classic advertisement.

Hayward’s beer is most preferable in the northern area of India. The brand has launched its Haywards 2000 mild beer in 1974. However, the Haywards liquor brand was founded in 1900.

Haywards is manufacturing rarer super-strong Haywards 10000. SABMiller launched Haywards 5000 bold beer in 2015; it has a full-bodied taste and lasts for 48 hours. It consumes about 11%of market shares in India.

Haywards mostly consumes in States like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

The price of the original Hayward 5000 super strong beer- 500ml cans is rs.95.

And the price of original Hayward 5000 super strong beer- 330ml is Rs.70.

#6. Godfather:

Godfather is the best beer brand, a boon for the hill stations; it is like a gift. It is another one of the most challenging beers in India.

Godfather is also the most preferred alcoholic beverage in northern India. It has a unique taste with a full-bodied flavor. It doesn’t compromise with the taste and provides the best flavors to the drinkers.

The beer of Godfather is produced by using the best quality of German hops and malted barley, which is processed for about 25 days, enhancing its taste. It is one of the best drinks to chill the hotness of the weather.

It is also the most robust beer, as it consists of almost 7.5% of alcohol. Godfather is the most lovable beer for those people who prefer strong beers to drink.

Godfather is the lead ship beer brand of Devans Modern Breweries Limited. It is a brewed company that initiated its undertakings in Jammu since 1961.

The Godfather beer has three variations

•    Strong beer, which contains 7.5% of alcohol.

•    Lager that includes 5% of alcohol.

•    Lite contains only 4.5% of alcohol.

Godfather beers are more bitter as comparisons to other brands.

The price of Godfather’s strong beer of 330ml can is rs.90.

#7. Corona:

The brand has a mid maltiness in its taste. It is the best beer for those people who don’t like the bitter taste of beer. The beer has a very smooth and refreshing taste, along with this. It is also enriched with the fruity honey aromas.

It is one of the expensive bees, and also it is not liked by the serious drinkers as it is not healthy and doesn’t have a bitter taste. Corona is one of the premium beers, which is around the price of INR 250 in most of the states.

When talking about bars and pubs, the price can reach up to 500-600rs. It comes into two variations one is corona light, and the other one is corona extra that has only 3.5% of alcohol, but you must try it once in your life. It can taste best with the spicy and citrus aromatize dishes.

#8. Breezer:

The breeder is a fruit-based alcopop. The amount of alcohol percent differs from country to country like in India; it comprises 4.8% of alcohol. It comes in a vast range of fruit flavors. It has flavors like peach, lemon, Apple, ruby, pineapple, grapefruit, watermelon, blueberry, orange, pomegranate, cranberry, blackberry, like, coconut, mango, raspberry, and strawberry.

Along with all the flavors, it also available in Pina Colada and chocolate flavors. The bottle of breeze about 275 ml is available in 120rs.

#9. Bira 91:

India is a rapidly growing market for beer; thus, there is a considerable number of people who drink beer. Bira is a kind of beer that is different from other beer brands. It is a new brand in the market that has succeeded in setting its place in no time. In previous years there has been a massive change in beer, craft beer is one of them. Craft beverages have exceptional quality and endurable creation.

Bira 91 comes in various brands

•    Bira Blonde is a good lager with extra malt and hops and comprises 5% of alcohol.

•    Bira White Ale is a low bitterness wheat beer that also consists 5% of alcohol.

•    Bira Light is a low calories beer that only has 4% of alcohol.

•    Bira Pale Al is a strong beer that has 7% of alcohol.

• Bira’s strong ale is the new launch of the brand, which is a little spicy and consists of 7% of alcohol.

Bira 91 was launched in 2015, and in this short period, it has become the best,t selling premium beer in lots of the capital city bars. It is quite popular in the beer fans.

The price of the 330ml cans of Bira White beer is about 170 to 220.

#10. Hoegaarden:

Hoegaarden is commonly known as the original Belgium white beer. It is one of the best beers, but it is not readily available in some parts of India. Hoegaarden is one of the oldest beers that’s first beverage was available in 1445. It gives you cloudy appearances as the orange peel and coriander are left unfiltered.

The beer has the extraordinary taste of bananas and cloves. It consists of only 4.9% alcohol.

Hoegaarden is undoubtedly the best, incredible, and one of the expensive beer brands available in India. The taste of this beer is very erotic as it has the exotic flavors of orange peel, coriander, and herbs, which differentiate its taste from other beverages.

The price for 330 ml of Hoegaarden beer can is approx. 280rs.

So these are some of the best beer brands which are available in India. You will find all the information regarding the taste, variations, price of the beer. There are various beer options in this article, which will be very helpful for you whenever you want to enjoy a beer make a better selection from all these options. All the superior brands have mentioned above, which is suitable for the occasions, party or depends on your mood. I hope you enjoy your next drink.

Bhanu Garg

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