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Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in India List 2021 Updated

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Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in India List 2021 Updated

There is some electronic appliance without them we can’t imagine our life in today’s world, one of them is a refrigerator. On a hot summer day, the fridge is like a boon for people. Not only in summers, but the requirement of a refrigerator is in every season. The refrigerator is an essential item in the household; having a well-branded refrigerator is a must.

Due to the increase in the demand for refrigerators, the completion is increased, and various brands have started manufacturing refrigerators. As several brands in the market and every brand claim that they are the best service provider with the latest features and technology, it is difficult to purchase the best quality refrigerator.

This article is for you, and you will get to know about some best refrigerator brands with its features and varieties offers by the brand with prices. But before that, you need to understand some concepts related to purchasing a refrigerator.

What is the need for a refrigerator? 

Refrigerator plays a significant role in people’s life. These days we can’t imagine our life without it. As you know, food, fruits, and vegetables have bacteria on them; if we do not keep them at the right temperature in summers, it will spoil our food. So the refrigerator is a must to save the food.

Also, the cooling temperature of the fridge keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh for many days. And one of the basic needs of a freezer is cold water, in hot days of summers only the cold water can quench our thirst.

What should be the features and specifications in the best refrigerators

As technology is increasing, the company also enhances its characteristics and uses the latest technology in it. Some of the features and quality which people considers before purchasing the refrigerator are:

  • Type of refrigerator: There are several types of refrigerators like single door, double door, side-by-side door, French door refrigerator, people choose it according to their needs and family requirement.
  • Capacity: A fridge’s capacity is the essential element that a person considers first before buying it. The capacity is depended upon the size of the family or the person’s requirement.
  • Dimensions: people have to consider the refrigerator’s aspect according to the space available in the house.
  • Compressor: there are two kinds of compressors in the fridge one is normal, and another is inverter compressor. People prefer an inverter compressor as it automatically sets its temperature.
  • Energy rating: people require a refrigerator, which takes less power consumption. So they opt for high energy rated refrigerator as they consume less power.

Besides it, a lot of several features are required by the people are the latest technology, durability, interior of the fridge, after-sale service, etc.

How should we purchase a branded refrigerator? 

You need to worry about buying a branded refrigerator as it is easily available on the related showrooms. Every brand offers the latest models with the latest designs and features. These models are available on all the showrooms in your area.

Besides purchasing from the showroom, you can also buy them from online sites. As the internet has made our life easy, we can get all the desired brand details and get all the latest updates and information about the upcoming, latest, and trendy refrigerator models.

Online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. have all the details about various refrigerator brands and models. And you need to worry about the quality, and they offer you the assured quality product the same as shown in that picture. If there is any defect or don’t like the product, you can return it, and they will refund your money on your account.

And the last option is buying a refrigerator is from their official sites. Every brand is present on the internet and has its official websites in which you will get all the related information models, prices, description of the brand. You can also purchase from there, and they will also give you a warranty period.

Best refrigerator brands in India

In this competition era where there is massive competition in the market, everybody declares that they are best. But only the services and features make the brand best; some of the best brands are listed below with the best models and specialty. Here is the list of best brands of refrigerators in India are:


LG has a tagline’ Life is Good’, its product satisfies customers’ demand and hence makes their life good. LG is the leading seller of electronic appliances in India; it is highly trustable and reliable. People have faith in the brand. The refrigerator keeps the food items fresh for a more extended period.

Some of the LG refrigerator features made it the favorite brands of customers are:

  • It has a super-fast cooling technology
  • It consumes lower energy
  • It always focuses on the latest technology
  • It has a built-in stabilizer

LG offers various refrigerators like Bottom freezer refrigerator, single door, double door, French door, and side by side door. Its door in door refrigerator is in trend, it keeps the things fresher, and you need not open the door, again and again, to see what is in the fridge.

It has more space and more convenient for family members. The vegetable basket is also huge and has a moist balance crisper that helps keep fresh for a long time.

LG refrigerator has everything which a customer requires in a branded refrigerator.

Some of the best models of LG refrigerator are:

  • 687 liters side by side refrigerator – 95,990rs
  • Knock twice, see inside, 668-liter Insta view door in door Inverter linear compressor – rs.194290
  • 260 L. Convertible plus a fridge with inverter linear compressor, Door cooling – rs.36,690

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Samsung is the largest selling brand of electronic items. It also offers a wide range of refrigerators. It is a reliable product that is more durable.

Samsung refrigerator doesn’t create much noise, and it is energy-efficient and does not consume much power. It has a feature of convertible 5 in 1 mode. Taking about the Compressor, it has a digital inverter compressor.

It has made up of beautiful designs, and the door is super stylish. It has more space for keeping veggies. Samsung refrigerator keeps your food, fruits fresh for a long time. It is available in French door, top mount freezer, and more. Samsung refrigerator is the most suitable fridge.

Some of the best models of Samsung refrigerators are:

  • Samsung Frost-free refrigerator 253 liter – rs.23,400
  • Samsung 192 liter top freezer refrigerator – rs11990
  • Samsung 275 liter double door refrigerator – rs.30,990

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Haier is a brand that offers wide ranges of electronic products and home appliances. It also provides massive varieties of refrigerators. It provides different types of fridge according to the need of the customers. Some of the refrigerator types are French door, side by the side door, Bottom mounted refrigerator, Smart refrigerator.

Haier refrigerator looks beautiful with its sleek designs and latest models. It has twin inverter technology; also, it has Tower led lighting, which enhances its interior. The fridge keeps the food fresh and retains the crispiness of fruits and vegetables.

Some of the best models of the Haier refrigerator are:

  • Haier 570 L Twin Inverter 2020 frost free side by side door refrigerator – rs.53,990
  • Haier 320 L Frost-free double door bottom mount 3-star refrigerator – rs.29000
  • Haier 256 L Inverter 3 star 2020 convertible Bottom mount refrigerator – rs.25,660

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Whirlpool is a well-known brand in India which offers excellent ranges of electronic appliances. Whirlpool also offers extensive ranges of refrigerators. It is a highly trustable brand in India.

Whirlpool offers several types of fridges such as single door, double door, multi-door. It consists of various latest technologies like Deep freeze technology, Intellifresh technology, Active fresh technology, etc. that enable in keeping fruits and vegetables clean for longer.

It offers the best sleek and contemporary designs which look elegant and perfect for the home. It has insulated Capillary technology, which helps in instant ice-making. Also, it has moisture retention technology.

Some of the best models of Whirlpool refrigerator are:

  • Whirlpool 300 L frost free multi-door freezer – rs.28,990
  • Whirlpool 440 L Inverter 3 star 2020 double door refrigerator – rs.44,990
  • Whirlpool 440 L 3 stars double door refrigerator Alpha steel Intellifresh CNV 455 – rs.44,990

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BPL is a brand that offers a wide range of refrigerators in India. It consists of several beautiful features, which makes it a successful brand in India.

It controls the temperature and keeps the temperature according to the environment. It has features like super silent operation, multi-channel air for technology. The refrigerator has a bright light bulb inside it, which keeps clear vision.

The brand offers one year warranty on the fridge and 5-year warranty on Compressor.

One of the best models of BPL refrigerator are:

  • BPL 564L Frost Free Side-by-side refrigerator – rs.44,299

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Godrej is a trustable brand and one of India’s best brands, which is known for its best services. It also offers an excellent range of refrigerators. Most of the Indians prefer to buy Godrej refrigerator due to its latest technology and extreme features.

Godrej refrigerator is equipped with reciprocating Compressor Compressor that enables in maintaining a consistent temperature. The fridge also has inbuilt air vents.

It has a large vegetable tray to keep a lot of vegetables in the refrigerator and keep the fruits and vegetables fresher like the farm. It also has an Aroma lock that enables to keep the food tasty and clean.

Some of the best Godrej refrigerators are:

  • Godrej 231 L Frost-free refrigerator RT Eon 231 P 4.2 – rs.18,700
  • Godrej GDA 19A1 Single door refrigerator – 11,550

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Bosch is one of the best refrigerator brands in India that offers beautiful features with the latest technology. It provides different types of refrigerator.

It consumes less power, and it is energy efficient, which doesn’t increase your electricity bill. It has a sensor-based Compressor and builds in a stabilizer. It has robust glass shelves that are not breakable easily.

Bosch offers a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and ten years warranty on Compressor.

Some of the best refrigerator models of Bosch are:

  • Bosch 290 L Frost-free Double door 2-star refrigerator – rs.25,990
  • Bosch 347 L frost free double door 3-star refrigerator – rs.29,999

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Hitachi is a well-known brand in India that offers a variety of electronic appliances. It also offers excellent ranges of the refrigerator. Hitachi uses high technology in its product, and these are energy efficient and highly innovative.

Some of the technologies used in Hitachi refrigerators are:

  • Tempered glass shelves
  • Dual fan air jet flow system
  • Hybrid cooling

And lot more exclusive features like customizable interiors, dual-fan air jet flow system, nano titanium filter, go green with eco-friendly refrigerant and Led, etc.

Some of the best models of Hitachi refrigerators are:

  • Hitachi 451 L inverter 2-star frost free double door refrigerator – rs.40,990
  • Hitachi 510 L frost free inverter triple door bottom mount refrigerator – rs.61,990

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Panasonic is one of the best brands of refrigerators. Its latest designs suit your kitchen and make your interior look beautiful. It also has a large vegetable basket to keep a lot of fruits and veggies. It has anti-bacteria technology which keeps bacteria away and keeps the fruits fresh. It is also equipped with smart cooling technology that gives instant cooling.

Panasonic offers different types of refrigerators with varied capacities.

Some of the best refrigerator models of Panasonic are:

  • Panasonic 584 L side by side refrigerator stainless steel – rs.48,490
  • Panasonic 450 L 3-star inverter frost free double door refrigerator – rs.60,700

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Onida is the most prominent brand of electronic products in India. It is also recognized for offering the best refrigerator to its customers.

It has several features that make it the best brand. It is environment-friendly; it is also energy-efficient and doesn’t consume a lot of power. It comes with a larger vegetable box. The refrigerator has a temperature control system that changes according to the outside temperature.

Onida offers exclusive features with the latest technology. It is available in all types of refrigerators.

The best refrigerator model of Onida is:

  • Onida 190 L Direct cold refrigerator – rs.18,990

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Voltas is a brand that offers electronic products in India. Voltas refrigerator has several features, which makes it one of the largest selling brands of refrigerators.

The refrigerator has a feature of door reversible; it also has led light in it. Also, it is environmentally friendly and keeps fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy.

Voltas has an essential feature of anti-bacteria that prevents bacteria from attacking the food and spoiling it. It instantly cools the fridge surface and results in quick ice making.

Voltas offers all the best quality and designs that make the refrigerator attractive. It is available in all types of refrigerators.

Some of the best models of Voltas refrigerator are:

  • Voltas Beko inverter 3-star frost free double door – rs.20,990
  • Voltas Beko inverter 2-star double door refrigerator – rs.17,990

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Mitashi is a brand that produces refrigerators in India. It offers various types of fridge with varied capacities according to the requirement of the customers. It provides the lowest capacity refrigerator that is 87 Litre for the customer; it is one of the cheapest fridges.

Mitashi has direct cool technology, which instantly cools down the temperature of the refrigerator. It offers a wide variety of refrigerator models at reasonable prices. It consumes less electricity and thus an energy-efficient refrigerator.

Some of the best refrigerator models of Mitashi are:

  • 240 L double door with direct cool technology – rs.20,990
  • Bottom mounted refrigerator frost free technology, double door refrigerator – rs39,990


KitchenAid is a reliable brand that is authorized by Whirlpool. Kitchenaid refrigerator is the best choice for your kitchen. It keeps your food fresh for a long time. It has an instant cooling feature,

Every model is available by Kitchenaid, whether it is a built-in refrigerator or freestanding refrigerator.

It is equipped with all the latest features and technology. Kitchenaid offers different refrigerators, like French doors, side by side, retro fridge, etc. Kitchenaid also offers stainless steel refrigerator.

Some of the best models of Kitchenaid refrigerator are:

  • Kitchenaid multi door freestanding refrigerator with platinum interior design
  • Kitchenaid French door refrigerators
  • Kitchenaid side by side door refrigerator


In India, Videocon is a trustable brand that offers various electronic and home appliances. The service of Videocon is remarkable and fulfills all the needs and desires of its customers.

It offers the wide ranges of a refrigerator according to the customer’s demand and necessity. It has equipped with the latest technology, which makes it long-lasting. The company gives a 1-year warranty on the fridge and a 5-year warranty on CompressorCompressor.

Videocon offers all types of door fridges like single, dual, side by side, etc., it offers high ranges of capacity and consumes less energy and occupied 3-5 ratings. It offers a refrigerator in the latest designs, colors, and textures. If your budget is low, then it also provides a mini-fridge at a low price.

Some of the features which are liked by the customers are cover crisper, Door foam, egg tray, etc. The Videocon refrigerator has a bright light bulb that gives clear vision.

Some of the best models of Videocon refrigerator are:

  • Plastic Videocon refrigerator – rs.10,500
  • Videocon mini-fridge – rs.7,500
  • Videocon 3 star double door – rs.20,390


Reconnect is another best brand of the refrigerator in India. The brand launched by Reliance digital in October 2011.

It has several features, which makes it the best selling brand. The refrigerator has a 3-star rating, which shows that it consumes less electricity; hence, it is an energy-efficient product that will not burden your pocket for electricity bills.

The best feature is it has an anti-fungal removable door gasket. It abolishes the entrance and creating of fungi and bacteria in the fridge and spoil the food.

Reconnect offers various kinds of refrigerators according to the capacity with the best features and latest technology.

Some of the best models of Reconnect refrigerator are:

  • Reconnect 562 liters side by side refrigerator – rs.42,990
  • Reconnect 190 liters 3-star single door refrigerator – rs.10,490

These are some of India’s best refrigerator brands that offer the best of the refrigerator models with excellent features.


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