Trucking Companies in Fresno, solar Companies near me

Trucking companies in FresnoTrucking companies in Fresno

Trucking companies in Fresno

1.DTL Transport

Our mission is to be a leader in the trucking industry by providing our customer the highest level of transportation needs, whether it be perishable or dry freight, we are committed to excellence.With our customers highest logistics needs in mind, DTL Transport, Inc. provides industry leading services throughout the U.S. Whether you are looking to move your perishable cargo to or from the northeast, Midwest or south east, DTL is there for you. Remember, “One Call Does It All”.

Services:Transport Services

Singles Transport

Team Drivers

 Address: 4375 N. Golden State Blvd. Fresno, CA 93722

 Contact:  1 (800) 426-2895


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Emerian Trucking is a family-owned freight forwarding company dedicated to providing the most reliable service in the industry. All drivers and shop personnel are employees of ours. We never use owner operators or independent contractors; you can be sure of reliable, top quality service from the pickup right through the delivery. Here at Emerian Trucking, we pride ourselves on the close relationship we maintain with our clients. We treat our customers and their shipments with the care and attention they deserve..

Services:Load Services

LTL Services

Flatbed Hauling

Steel coils

Address: P.O. BOX 2883 FRESNO, CA 93745-2883

Contact: 559.485.9520


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3.B & B Transport

Being an asset based company with over 15 years of combined transportation experience, B&B Transport strives to deliver excellent operational services that answer the most challenging supply chain questions. They flawlessly design, and meticulously implement industry-leading solutions in freight management.

Services:Trucking services

Load services


Address:2819-B S Chestnut Avenue Fresno, CA 93725



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4.Kiwi Transport

Kiwi Transport was founded in 1996 as a dedicated contract carrier serving the Central California Region. The name “Kiwi ” originated from one of the founders who migrated to the USA from New Zealand. The Kiwi bird is the national bird of New Zealand and the name “Kiwi ” is synonymous with New Zealanders and their proud hardworking heritage. Hence the name “Kiwi Transport “. ​ From its inception, the Kiwi Transport goals have been to serve its customers across the Western and Southern United States with premium truckload delivery service.

Services:Truckload Transportation

Fleet services

Freight management

Address:2160 S. 4th St. Fresno, CA 93725



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5.Bulldog freightway Inc

Founded in 1999 we specialize in helping our customers with difficult logistics we understand today’s difficult and challenging freight and transport requirements. Let us handle the headaches and get your goods where they need to be, reasonably and most importantly on-time.

Services:Truckload Transportation

Fleet services

Freight management

Address:4569 East Florence Avenue, Fresno, CA 93725-1102

Contact:(559) 233-4041


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6.Boparai Transport Inc.

Boparai Transport, Inc. provides superior over-the-road transportation of cargo using 53 foot refers. A wide variety of general commodities, generally palletized, from shippers to receivers as per customer needs. Boparai Transport, Inc equipment is up to date and regularly inspected to help insure a customer’s product is delivered on time and safely.

Services:Truckload Transportation


Drop Trailer

Satellite tracking

Power Only

Address:6824 W Shaw Ave Fresno, CA 93723, USA



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7.DK Transport Inc.

DK Transport, Inc. provides the latest technology software and equipment for our team of experienced drivers and company personnel to help our customers’ business operations achieve their goals. We provide a safe, healthy, and challenging and rewarding work environment. We take pride in establishing long healthy working relationships with all our customers. DK Transport, Inc. believes in helping and participating with our community.


Temperature controlled freight

Dry Freight


Intrastate Services

Address:Fresno, CA, USA

Contact:(559) 275-2100


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8.Dunn Transport Inc.

Dunn Transport offers superior flatbed freight transportation of a wide range of commodities. The principles of our business have remained steadfast through the years–fast and safe transport of even the most difficult freight while following all safety and government guidelines.When Dunn Transport ships your freight, you’ll know that the transportation of your goods is in the hands of skilled, qualified, and safe professionals.

Services:Trucking and Freight

Logistic services

Freight services

Address:410 W Fallbrook Ave, Ste. 211 Fresno, California 93711

Contact: (559) 500-1080


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9.Doss Fast Flatbed 

Flatbed LTL is any type of shipment other than a Truckload that has to be moved in a side or top accessible trailer. While all types of freight qualify for this service, certain shipments such as; Industrial Products, Machinery, Lumber, Various Metals or other items that would not fit on a normal 4’x4’ pallet, receive the most benefit.

Services:LTL Shipments

Freight services

Expedited Shipments

Truckload shipments

Address: Fresno, California 

Contact: 800-654-7200


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10.Ritchie Trucking

Ritchie Trucking Service is a 100% Employee Owned ESOP.  Founded in 2019, the employees purchased the company from the former owners, maintaining their  history and culture from when it was originally started in 1964.  The employee owned company now operates in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Kansas with expansion into Idaho in 2021.  Our asset based trucking company operates in truckload, LTL, specialty hauling and box trucks.

Services:Truckload and LTL

Final Mile Delivery

Specialty Hauling


Address:2724 E Annadale Ave Fresno, CA 93706

Contact: (559)233-6668


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