Best Backpack brands in India List Ranking 2023 Updated

Best Backpack brands in IndiaBest Backpack brands in India

Best Backpack brands in India

Backpacks are one of the essential things which a person needs in their daily life. It is used to carry essential documents, files, folders, books, and laptops. In previous times the backpacks were limited to carry books and used by school or college going students. But now the time has changed, people need backpacks for several purposes, such as going on outings, campaign, short or long trips, for office use, and casually carrying a bag. It comprises ample space so we can keep all our essential stuff in the backpacks.

Purchasing a backpack is very necessary, but it is more important to buy branded backpacks. It offers you the latest and trendy patterns and designs with various features like anti-theft, waterproof, and connected USB port. These are also comfortable and come with adjustable, soft padded shoulder straps. Several brands offer varieties of luxurious backpacks, and this article is about backpacks and backpacks brand.

What factors should be considered while purchasing a backpack

There are various factors that people consider while purchasing a backpack. The backpack is a necessary accessory used to keep our essential documents, books, laptops, and many essential things when we go for outings. So it is essential to have a perfect backpack, so we don’t face any problem after purchasing it.

Some of the factors are:

  • Laptop Compatibility
  • USB Charging
  • Style and pattern
  • Durability
  • Zippers
  • Dust-free material
  • Water-resistant material
  • Several Compartments
  • Soft and comfortable padding
  • Space
  • Safety features like anti-theft
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Weight of material used in manufacturing bags
  • Quality of material

Apart from all these factors, several other factors like size, shapes, etc. depended on the buyer’s necessity.

What are the best backpack brands in India

Talking about the backpack brands in India, several brands in India offer an exquisite range of backpacks based on various designs, patterns, and features. Here in this article, you will get to know about some features.

Top 15 Best backpack brands in India are:

#1. American Tourister

American Tourister is one of the leading and most selling backpack brands in India initiated by Samsonite. The parent organization of Samsonite, Astrum International, acquired this brand in 2009. It produces several types of luggage bags and backpacks. The backpacks of American Tourister are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and vibrant colors. It offers varieties of trendy designs to classic at very affordable rates.

American Tourister backpacks have gone through various tests to ensure the quality and adequate experience of traveling. They have a wide range of light-weighted laptop bags so that so can carry laptops easily. These are made up of fabrics like polyester and nylon that makes it more durable.

The backpacks of American Tourister have adequate pocket compartments to put your accessories and efficiently carry your stuff. To prevent shoulder ache and excess burden on your shoulder, American Tourister backpacks have extra cushioning on the shoulder straps.

American Tourister has a comprehensive collection of fashionable backpacks for school going students to professionals. The bags are accessible for both males and females. You must purchase American Tourister backpacks as it is the most trustworthy brand in India that offers the right quality product that is durable and affordable at the same time.

Due to the high demand in India, these bags are readily available in the market, and you can also purchase from trustworthy online sites like Flipkart and Amazon.

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#2. Skybags

VIP is a well-known brand in India, and one of its collections is Skybags. Skybags has earned an enormous reputation among Indians for offering the best design, quality, and features of the backpack. It is an international brand which is running successfully in India. Skybags come in various designs and textures such as geometric, graphics, and solids. The amazing bags are very durable and long-lasting. Everyone can easily purchase the desired backpacks as these are very affordable and available on offline and online stores. It is one of the largest backpack selling brands.

Mostly school and college-going students love to purchase Skybags backpacks. The backpacks have a lot of space, and it is available in the zipper and drawstring compartments. Skybags offers the latest and trendy bags made from premium quality products and comprises waterproof and semi water Resistant as per the buyer’s requirement.

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#3. F Gear

F Gear is one of the best backpack brands in India that is made up of pure and shiny leather. The bags have adequate space as it comprises several compartments. These backpacks are very comfortable with keeping laptops. The beautiful and fashionable backpacks come with multiple zips on the exterior of bags. These are very comfortable as it has foam padded straps which prevent from shoulder pain.

This is one of the best backpack brands which comes with various features at decent rates. You can purchase from online stores.

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#4. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger backpacks are mostly designed for men who used to travel day-to-day. These bags come in varieties of solid and printed designs. It looks classy and stylish. Being stylish doesn’t compromise on quality. It is made up of high-quality materials. Also, the backpacks are very comfortable and have padded shoulder straps that give more comfort. The bags are quite spacious and consist of several compartments for keeping a lot of items.

Tommy Hilfiger backpacks are very long-lasting as it comprises high-quality material. The company manufactures backpacks for rough and tough works. The backpacks of Tommy Hilfiger are highly in demand, and that is why it is readily available on various online shopping sites and market stores.

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#5. Nike

Nike has always been a top brand in India. It is a trustworthy brand that offers reliable sports accessories, shoes, and many other products. As other Nike products, it’s backpacks are also the most selling product in India. It offers a wide range of backpacks according to the desire of Indians.

The backpacks are useful for both purposes; sports and work. Its unique designs and attractive colors fascinate the customers to purchase them. You can carry as many products you want as it has a vast space that allows you to keep things efficiently.

These backpacks are very comfortable and affordable. It also has an alternative handling option that is a top haul loop. It gives less burden on the shoulder by providing soft padded shoulder straps. Nike backpacks are very lightweight; hence it is easy to carry.

Nike backpacks are highly in demand by many Indians. That is why it is readily available on offline stores in India, or you can also purchase from online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

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#6. Puma

Another well-known brand in India is Puma. It is a trustworthy brand by which people love shopping as it always satisfies customers’ demand and provides the right quality products. Apart from backpacks, Puma offers varieties of quality sports gear and sports accessories. It presents a vast range of backpacks that differ in sizes, shapes, and designs. The vibrant color backpacks look stylish and cool.

The backpacks of Puma are very comfortable and losing lasting. It consists of a lot of space so that you can keep a lot of things inside it. The bags are very tough and rigid and don’t tear easily. Puma is very much in demand by Indian, so the backpacks are readily available in the market and also offers excellent quality products on online stores.

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#7. Fastrack

Fastrack is one of the biggest names in the Indian market. It produces varieties of products, and one of them is backpacks. The backpacks come in varieties of ranges that are stylish, trendy, and fashionable. Though the bags are not waterproof but have water-resistant material. Fastrack presents backpacks that are attractive and have many features. The bags are highly affordable and offer varieties of trendy bags for both males and females. They have a vast range of backpacks for school and college-going students.

Fastrack laptop backpacks are so perfect as it has lightly padded that is not comfortable for holding heavyweight. But the backpack consists of various small pockets inside and outside for keeping your essential things easily. Fastrack has one of the affordable backpacks range, which is mostly preferred by Indians. These are always in demand, and you can purchase it from online stores and offline stores.

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#8. Safari

Safari is one of India’s leading brands that offer a massive collection of trolly, suitcases, school bags, and backpacks. These backpacks are created from high-quality products and materials that make it durable. Safari is dealing with the business of manufacturing bags since 1974. It is one of India’s best luggage brands, which manufactures its bags under the company name Safari Industries India Ltd. The headquarter is situated in Mumbai.

Safari is the best option for you to purchase a backpack as it offers trendy collections of backpacks for your every requirement. Whether you are going on an adventure or a long trip or going to school, they fulfill all your demands.All the backpacks of Safari give you five years warranty. The bags come in various shapes, sizes, and varieties of color. The bags are very durable as it consists of premium quality material. Safari offers varieties of fashionable bags at very reasonable rates.

You can purchase Safari backpacks from online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. they offer you various bags at lower costs.

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#9. Wildcraft

Wildcraft is another famous backpack brand in India that has it’s headquarter is in Bangalore. It is considered to be the third-largest backpack selling brand in India. This brand is a massive competition for American Tourister and Skybags. Wildcraft is the most lovable brand for college students, as it offers numerous attractive colors and trendy designs. The bag consists of a lot of space as it has various compartments for keeping essential kinds of stuff for your daily purpose. The backpacks are long-lasting as it is made up of premium quality material.

Apart from college or school backpacks, Wildcraft bags can also be taken for adventure trips, long trips, or short trips as these are very comfortable and easy to carry. The specialty of these bags is that it doesn’t consist of PVC in its production; hence it is also nature-friendly.

You can easily adjust the backpack shoulder straps when you feel any stress and load on your shoulder. It also provides you a side pocket for keeping a water bottle. Wildcraft offers varieties of trendy and fun bags for both males and females. Some of the best ranges of Wildcraft backpacks are Wildcraft wolf and Wiki backpacks that have created a trust in this brand.

You can purchase wildcraft bags from online stores at lower costs.

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#10. JanSport

JanSport is another best backpack brand in India that offers a vast range of school bags, college bags, and various other bags that are most appropriate for hiking, traveling on a short or long trip, and camping outdoors. These bags suit in every situation.

The design and look of this brand make it more beautiful as it matches witch every outfit of yours. You can carry heavy books and items in this backpack. Usually, these backpacks are made from polyester, which makes it more durable. The brand’s backpacks have everything which a person requires in an ideal backpack. These are affordable, and you can purchase from online as well as offline stores.

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#11. Mi India

Mi is already a well-known brand in India that offers the best mobile phone ranges, and it is a reliable brand. It also produces highly affordable Backpacks. The backpacks of Mi are very durable as it comprises the best quality raw material. It offers varieties of trendy, fashionable and designer casual and laptop backpacks. These are easy to carry and very comfortable. It has vast space so you can easily carry essential things. It keeps your documents and stuff safe as it has water-resistant material.

The bags can be purchased from online stores and also are available in the market.

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#12. HRX backpacks by Hrithik Roshan

HRX backpack is a backpack brand that is promoted and acquired the Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan. These bags are funky, trendy, fashionable, and comfortable. HRX offers varieties of funky colors and sleek designs for all men and women. It enhances your personality and makes you look classy. The backpacks are very comfortable and have adjustable shoulder straps with a soft padded material.

The bags consist of a small stash pocket to keep small things. The bags also consist of haul hoops for alternative carrying options. These bags are very durable and long-lasting and available in online stores.

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#13. Fur Jaden

It is one of the best brands if backpacks have various beneficial features, making it the preferable backpack brand in India. Fur Jaden presents varieties of trendy and fashionable bags for multiple purposes.

You can carry your essential items, laptops, and other required things in Fur Jaden bags. The bags are very spacious and contain several pockets to keep your things efficiently. The bags are very lightweight; hence you can keep laptops conveniently. Both men and women can carry these.

Some of its best features which make Fur Jaden the most selling brand are:

  • It provides a charger dock in the backpacks you
  • need not to worry about power bank and can charge your phone anywhere
  • The anti-theft feature safeguards your precious things and documents
  • The bags have waterproof resistant to when it is raining, your things will remain protected and will not destroy because of wetting.

All these features are enough to make it an ideal backpack brand. You can easily purchase these affordable backpacks from online stores.

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#14. Auxter

Auxter is another brand of backpacks that manufactures one of the best quality products for Indians. The backpacks are very affordable, and everyone can easily afford it for multiple purposes. The brand is quite popular for its superior quality ant cheaper rate. These bags are available in various latest designs and patterns. Also, you can purchase the bags from various lovely colors. The bags are very durable and usable for several years. The longevity of Auxter’s backpacks is because of the usage of high quality of material in its production.

The varieties of backpacks are offered by Auxter for several purposes, such as school, college, office, and carrying laptops. The bags packs are very spacious; hence you can keep your essential accessories efficiently.

It has shoulder straps covered with soft padding, so you feel comfortable carrying a bag. The backpacks keep your stuff safe from raining as these are waterproof.

The backpacks are usable and give you a variety of beneficial features so you can purchase Auxter backpack from offline and online stores.

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#15. Polestar

Pole star is one of the best brands of backpacks, especially for keeping laptops. These lightweight bags have much space as it comprises several compartments for keeping your accessories and documents efficiently. The bags are long-lasting because of its high-quality material. It has curved padded shoulder straps so you can easily adjust it according to your comfort. Backpacks of Pole star are very durable and long-lasting. It has softshell and meshes padding that makes holding heavier weight easy. Also, the bags are easy to clean, as these are dustproof.

Polo star bags also consist of a loop handle to carry backpack easily. The bags come in various designs and patterns and suitable for both men and women. You can purchase it from online stores also. These are some of the leading backpack brands in India that offers great ranges of backpacks for everyone according to their requirements.

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