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How to Root android phone

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How to Root android phone

How to Root android phone

How to ROOT ANDROID PHONE】 How to Root Android phone ●


Root Android phone – If you also want to root your phone, then it is very easy. There are many such apps available in the play store, which will make your phone safely rooted in a few minutes. But many users have this problum, whether rooting the phone is right or wrong? What is its disadvantage? If you are also rooting the phone without knowing. So just wait before rooting your Android phone, understand about its advantages and disadvantages.

WHAT IS ROOT (What is Root?)

The word Root comes from unix / linux. Unix and Linux are oprative systems used in computers. Under which the user has the right to handle the system completely. But these features are not available in our Android phone. When we buy a phone, the mobile company gives us a limit, to change inside our phone. But as soon as we root the phone, we get this right. That is to say, you can access the phone according to your mind. You can change its features, you can do all that a professional hacker can do. But it all depends on your knowledge.

What are the advantages to root Android phone [What are the advantages of rooting the phone. ]

When you root the phone, in a way, your hands get a super power. Also known as Super User. It has many benefits.

1 • You can install your coustom software (ROM). That is, you can make it bigger.

2 • Until now you could only use the already installed theme, but after rooting the phone, you can also load the custom theme.

3 • Along with improving the performance of your device, you can also increase the battery life of the phone with _.

४ • There are some such apps, which only and only work on Rooted android phone. Especially hacking apps like wifi hacking apps. After rooting the phone, you can easily install such apps as well.

5 • Many such apps are already installed in our phone, which are not much used in our phone. After rooting the phone, you can download other apps of your work by uninstalling such apps.

  • Many times when we use internet, then there are many Ads Show on our phone screen. You can lock them completely on rooted phone.

After rooting the pone, in a way you get the right of the whole system. You can handle the phone as you like.


What is the loss of the phone to the root

There are advantages as well as disadvantages. If you just root the phone seeing the benefits, then first think about its disadvantages.

1 • If you root the phone, then your phone can be guaranteed. Because the company does not give us this right, that we cross its given limit.

2 • If a problum occurs while rooting, your phone may also be dead (bad).

3 • Rooted phone security has no confidence. Its security can go at any time, and virus can come on your phone. Or if you want a Hacker, easily your phone

Can steal data from. Because when we root the phone, in a way we break its security. Which mobile company has given us.

४ • After rooting the phone, you do not get any latest version of Android. But you can install the custom version.

But you do not have to worry, if some things are taken care of, then we can avoid this problum. In this post I will tell you in some such safely rooted tips, with the help of which you can root your android phone without any problum. So these were some advantages and disadvantages. Now let’s go to the real point of how to root the phone?

Rooting the phone is very easy. The latest Top 10 Apps to root the phone is available in the play store. With the help of which you can install saffley in your phone in a few mint.

Top 10 best root apps

1 • Super SU

2 • one click Root

3 • KingRoot

4 • Root master

5 • Root Booster

6 • Farma root

7 • I Root

8 • Root genius

9 • VRoot

10 • Quick Root

By the way, with all these apps, your phone will be rooted, but I will tell you here the best way on only one, which is completely safe and easy too.

Root your phone, from KingRoot॥

KingRoot is the best way to root Android phone. Compared to other apps, it is more safe and supporteble for every phone. So my first advice is, you should root your phone from KingRoot itself.

  • First install KingRoot.
  • After installing, open the app. Now you will see such a page.


  • Click on Try it, now a process page will open. In which KingRoot will read your phone model. After reading the model, it will show your phone name and model like this.


  • Now you have to click on Try to Root. Your phone will start rooting.


  • If your phone goes off in between, don’t take tension, it will open automatically. This happens while reading some data.
  • After Root is complete, if you check whether your phone is rooted or not, then there is an App for this as well.

How to check whether the phone is root or not.

  • For this you have to download Root chaker.

Download Root Chacker

  • After opening the disclaimer page, you have to click on Agree.
  • Now you will have such a page open.


  • To know whether your phone is Root or not, you have to click on Verify Root. After clicking wait for some time.
  • Now Root chakker will make you big that your H

Whether the phone is rooted or not. Whatever it will look like.


Right now my Android phone is not root, so it is saying sorry Root access is not proply.

These were some easy way to rooted your phone completely. Please comment on how this post sounded. Your support will help me to write a better post. Do share this post on your fb, whatsapp, and other social networks.

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