What is the Internet and how does it work?

What is the Internet and how does it workWhat is the Internet and how does it work

What is the Internet and how does it work

What is the Internet and how does it work?

In this important article today, we will know what is Internet and how it works? Friends, we all use the internet to tweet, post, email, download, online shopping and search for information on google. But you really know something about this worldwide system of connected network. Internet may be a common term for today’s generation, but it was one of the biggest inventions in the history of man.


So through this article, we will give you answers to some such questions in the world of internet which you are unaware of. We sincerely hope that after reading this post, you will know what is internet? Who was the father of the Internet? What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet? Now since the answers to so many questions are in this article, obviously this post will be a bit lengthy, if you do not want to complete it but want answers to a few questions, then you click on that question on the table of contents. So let’s start without losing time now.

Table of contents

What is internet

INTERNET in common language It is said to be a telecommunication network, which uses telephone lines, cables, satellites and wireless connections to connect computers and other devices to the World Wide Web. If it is understood in easy language, then Internet is a network system or network spread all over the world, which establishes a connection between all computers in the world. So that data can be exchanged between them.

For example, when you open your browser and search for some information in the search engine (google), it will obviously be a store. All the files (img sound, video, web page) etc. on the Internet are saved in the computer named server. So a connection is established between your computer and server through internet. Due to which the information held in the server is accessible to your computer. That is why internet is also called worldwide system of computer network. Since all the computers and servers of the world are connected through internet, due to which it is the largest network in the world.

Some important points about the Internet.

1) Internet uses TCP / IP Protocol to exchange data between two computers. What is a protocol to know about protocol? Read this post.

2) To access Internet service, we have to use computer modem, broadband, or 3G, 4G network. Which is connected through ISP.

3) When you have access to the internet, then you can use any browser for surfing the internet.

4) Internet or browser do not give us information by searching, but it is a medium. To get information on the Internet, we use the search engine (google, bing, yahoo).

5) Apart from searching for information, internet is also used to communicate with others through social network, chat, email.

6) Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) are often used interchangeably. But they are not really a thing. What is WWW to understand? Read this post.

History of Internet

Your “Internet” is not like it was in the 90s. There is a history behind it. It is said that no big invention starts with finding a solution to a problem. The invention of the Internet is also similar. The biggest problem for America’s Cold War war think tank corporation in the 1990s was how their officers were able to communicate with each other during the war or how to convey their message to other officials. The Internet was born to solve this problem.

Now if it is understood that the American think tank invented the internet, it would be absolutely wrong. Because internet is not such a thing, which has developed in one go. It developed gradually and spread across the world on sight. Many scientists, programmers and engineers have a hand in making it. He worked continuously in this and over time kept developing new features and technology in internet which eventually became an information superhighway.

The most interesting thing about the creation of the Internet is that some years before the arrival of Internet technology, some scientist had expressed the possibility of worldwide network. Nicola Tesla gave his opinion on the world wireless system in the 1900s. Also, many visionary thinkers had envisaged a searchable storage system to store media and books. But when J.C.R Licklider popularized the idea of ​​intergalactic network of computers, then work on this idea started. After which the computer scientist developed the concept of packet switching, which is a method of effectively transmitting electronic data.

If we talk about Net’s first workable prototype, it came with the creation of Advance Research Project Agency (ARPANET) in the 1960s. Actually it is an American agency, which was created for the U.S Department of Defense. ARPANET was the first to use packet switching to allow multiple computers to communicate on a single network. Internet technology continued to develop in the 1970s, when transmission control protocol and internet protocol (TCP / IP) was developed by Robert kahn and Vinton cerf. Over time, scientists began to understand how data could be transmitted between networks.

ARPANET adopted TCP / IP on 1 January 1983 and researchers then started building the Network of Network which later became modern internet. The Internet gained true recognition when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1990. This is a way through which online data can be accessed in the form of website and hyperlink. Web only made the internet popular among the people.

What is the Hindi name of Internet

We all use the internet so much. Today it has become an important part of our life. But do you know its Hindi name? Do you know what the internet says in Hindi? By the way, internet was initially called Internet. But later its Hindi name was named “Antarjala”. That is, the store of information where more questions can be answered. But this name did not become so colloquial.

Who made the internet

If we talk about Net owners or internet inventors, then two names Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf are the first to come. But only two people are not involved in making internet. Many people have contributed to its development. Be it the idea given by Leonard Kleinrock or the WWW developed by Tim Berners-Lee, everyone has an equal contribution.

Importance of internet

Can you imagine this world without internet? It is impossible. We need it most today, at least. Because simple activities like communication and entertainment depend very much on the internet. It has a major contribution in simplifying our lives. So let’s know what is the use of Internet in our life.

What is the importance of internet in our life?

In the field of education – if we go back to earlier times when internet was not developed. What means did you have to study then? Whatever knowledge was received was obtained by going to school. But today you can get any education help through internet. Even today there are many online learning institute, from where you can study from home.

In communication – Net has connected the whole world in a way. So that today we can communicate with each other anytime. When you used to send a letter to someone earlier, how much time did it take. But today through internet you can send email in a second. Overall, the Internet has made communication between the world very simple.

For entertainment – If you are asked what you use the Net for the most, the answer will be entertainment. There is something for everyone on the Internet today. If you have access to it, there are many ways of entertainment on the internet. Like – online video, music, social media, video game, overall you cannot get bored.

To find information – internet is an information source, if you want any kind of information, just search it, you will get thousands of answers. Today, through voice search technology, you can get answers just by speaking questions. So to say, the Internet is helping us in every way.

In the field – if you do a job, how much internet helps you in doing office work. Today, most big companies and small to small businesses do all their work online. In earlier times all the records of any business or government sector were captured in documents. But the Internet has ended this practice, which saves a lot of our time.

Financial transaction – Internet brought a revolution in the field of financial transaction. You can do money transaction from anywhere at home. Now your sallery also comes directly into your bank account. With the help of Payment gateway app, you can book your electricity bill, insurance, DTH recharge, phone recharge, flight ticket, railway tickets etc. all online.

Apart from this, there is a lot of work, which can be completed with the help of internet.

How does the internet run

Everyone wants to know how the Internet works or how it works? Once you add your computer or mobile to the internet, how do we get access to every information of the world. So let’s try to explain it to you in a simple language today.

We all know, internet is a world wide network of computers. To make this network, we have used many cable lines, satellite, tower and other devices. These computers of the Internet are divided into two categories, Server and Browser.

  • Server is the computer where all the information store of internet resides, it is a typical computer. Apart from storing data, it also shares information with other servers. Overall, they work to provide information for us.
  • You know everything about browser. Their task is to connect the computer to the World Wide Web. Now, you must have opened this web page on some browser, read this post for the information of Browser.

So when you connect internet to your computer, you connect to a particular type of server. This server is operated and provided by your Internet Service Provider (ie from where you have got internet connection). This ISP server provides the link between your browser and the Internet. It not only handles internet connection of many browser’s but also yours. That is, thousands of people are connected to a server.

Now as soon as you hit some search in the browser, that request is received by the ISP server. Now this server takes our request to the host server. Host server where websites are located. As such all the data of this website is present on a host server. Now the host server returns that information to the ISP server and the ISP server sends it to the browser. After which the result is displayed in your screen.

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

In school and college, it is often spoken to give an essay or lecture on Advantage and Disadvantage of internet. If you have this problem too, then we have told the advantages and disadvantages of internet in simple language below.

What are the advantages of internet?

  • Internet is a store of information, from here we can get any kind of information and knowledge.
  • There is a connectivity between the world through the Internet. Today we can communicate with anyone on the Internet. You can share your photos and thoughts on social media.
  • Internet helps us in finding the location of the place. With the help of GPS technology, you can extract a map to reach any place.
  • Now you do not need to go to the bank to conduct money transactions. You can easily do your balance check, money transaction through internet. With this, you can do online bill payment, ticket booking and online shopping in just minutes from home.
  • Internet is also a big advantage in the field of online business. If you want to sell any of your products online, then through a website you can reach that product to people. Today, many online services exist around the world, which are reaching all kinds of facilities to the people.
  • How can we forget entertainment? You can enjoy video, music, online game etc. using the Internet. There is no shortage of entertainment on the Internet.

What is the disadvantage of internet?

  • With the use of Internet, most of the youth have become addicted to many things. Children waste many hours watching online games and videos. Today internet is causing addiction, time waste and distraction.
  • One of its disadvantages is fraud. Today it is froud with many people on the internet. Problems like identity theft, hacking are common.
  • It is becoming dangerous even in terms of health. It has a profound effect on our health by spending more time on the phone screen. Obesity, unhealthy lifestyle are its special symptoms.
  • We use it to see more useless things than to find information. Our patience and focus is affected by observing and reading pointless things.

Friends, there are advantages and disadvantages to everything, but it depends entirely on you, how you use it. Internet has been made for our benefit only, but many people misuse it. Which only damages them.


So hopefully, what is this post Internet and how does it work? You must have got answers to all the questions after reading If technology is your favorite subject, then you must have learned a lot from this article. Friends, if you have any opinion or question regarding this article, please tell it in the comment below. Your suggestion is most important to us. This shows us whether the information given by us is understood by the people. Isn’t that more technical? After which we try to improve it. Finally, if you find the information informative, then please share it with your friends on facebook, twitter, instagram. Thank you

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