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Animation Studios in SeattleAnimation Studios in Seattle

Animation Studios in Seattle

1.Starfire Animation

Starfire Animation is a full service 3D production house. We are a Seattle company and specialize in product animation, medical device, games and video services. Creating quality 3D animation is what we do. With a small team of talented 3D animators, we have been delivering exceptional 3D graphics and animations for over a decade.

Our Seattle office and a core team of experienced freelance 3D animators keep our overhead low and our prices competitive. Our clients get a highly personalized level service and top-quality work without the hefty price tag. As a Seattle animation company, we are interested in creating a relationship with you to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction, within your budget, and on schedule.

At Starfire Animation, we use the latest 3D software to help you realize your vision. We can create interactive models and animations of any product or concept. We work with animation for direct response TV advertisement, eLearning modules, professional presentations, and more.

We understand that these simulations are critical in attracting investors, explaining product features, and developing promotional marketing plans. Our staff can help you distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack by creating effective and compelling 3D presentations of your work. We have completed animation jobs for clients within the Seattle area as well as far beyond.


Product animation

3D modelling

Character animation

Video production

Contact no.: 206-225-8369



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​2. Straightface Studios

We tell stories for organizations of all kinds through Video, Live Production, Motion Graphics, Animation, and Virtual Reality.

Our focus is on producing unique, engaging content that prompts action.

We work with brands all over the country, ranging from small businesses to private corporations and fortune 500 companies.

As a company we love to innovate and change.

Recently we’ve been using emerging technologies like VR, AR, and 360 video

to create one-of-a-kind, interactive and immersive experiences.

This enables brands to communicate with their audience in unforgettable ways.

If you’d like to work together, use this form to tell us about your next project. We can’t wait to meet you!


Video Production

Creative and Script Writing

Concept Development


Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Address: 625 First Ave Suite 200

Seattle, WA 98104

Contact no.: 206-683-3847


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Born in a digital landscape where evolving to fit changing audience tastes is key, Cinesaurus creates content that gets seen and shared online and off. Collectively, our videos have accumulated over 500 million views and millions of shares via social media. From our experience in working under tight deadlines and adapting to the diversity of a wide range of clients, Cinesaurus is well-versed in delivering on time and at the highest quality.

Today, we’re focusing on original narrative content that excites people about the future of education, space, and science. And we’re currently looking to creatively integrate brands that share our mission.

If you dig deep into their past, you’ll find a scene-for-scene remake of Jurassic Park. Hence the name—Cinesaurus—which is a portmanteau of the word ‘cinema’ and ‘dinosaur.’



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  1. 4. Whiteboard Animation

The Whiteboard Animation Studio team works hard to make your process as effortless as possible.  We hear countless stories of clients getting burned, and their time and money wasted. Our team is different. We walk you through our one-of-a-kind process: from initial script to final animation delivery. We seek ideas that match your goals and surpass them. Whiteboard Animation is the sister studio of ideaMACHINE – our full-color animation studio. 

Address: 92 Lenora St. 1011, Seattle WA 98121

Contact no.: (206) 889-8321


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  1. Arkitek Scientific

We’re a small company of curious minds who have been intrigued by science and technology most of our lives. This fascination bubbled over early on and drew us into the (then) new field of 3D animation for science and technology.

We come from diverse backgrounds – music (classical and rock ‘n’ roll), ballet and modern dance, biotech instrumentation design and production, high-tech jewelry manufacturing, film producers, directors and camera operators, inventors and programmers. So far, nothing we’ve learned seems to have been a waste, all of it factors into what we do now.

What keeps us going (and sometimes up at night) is the realization that we get to visually describe some of the most ground-breaking scientific and technological inventions and discoveries the world has known. Knowing that we may get the call to animate an idea that may change the world is heady stuff. And we take that very, very seriously.

But while doing all of this work, we realized something else. It’s ALL education, no matter who the audience is. Because we’re passing along information from someone who knows that subject, to someone who doesn’t, and isn’t that what education is?

So, our mission is this: to illustrate in the most engaging way possible the incredible discoveries and inventions of our clients, and in doing so, to ignite the imagination of their audience.

We are hybrids – visual translators of complex information into arresting, memorable images that turn heads and change minds.

Contact no.: (206) 286-0337


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  1. Hacktop Studios

At Hacktop we offer scale-able motion capture services. No matter what size of business you have, we have solutions from hobby developers to AAA commercial recordings. We can scale to fit your needs but never compromise on quality.

At Hacktop we have already streamlined the process to reduce cost and get you the motions you need. We can also source specialized talent for your recordings and even add professional voice acting. If you just need some stock animations for your game or indie project, check out our store! We are always adding more animations.

Address: 4722 12th Ave NE APT 101

Seattle, WA 98105

Contact no.: 513 275 1989



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  1. B47 Studios

B47 Studios has found that often content that has a personal connection has a greater impact. Thus we are focusing on how we help our clients get connected closer to the the stories they want to tell. We feel this is done through enabling clients to be hands on in the creation process. Our focus will be to enable those that want to be part of the story, to be part of the story. We understand that takes many different shapes.

To have an effective workflow we have developed five key areas of focus. We feel a client can be part of any one of or all of these area. We want to help you discover the process to tell stories you want to tell.


B47 Studios will provide you with guidelines on how to think about your project. We will provide you with needed resources to execute on given project and deliver to the next step. Or we can handle this for you. 


B47 Studios will supply you with the needed production package and technical guidance to capture your elements. Standard equipment available for this service include a camera, a tripod, wireless mic, light and teleprompter. Or we can do the shoot with you and our equipment.


Once your video shooting is done, uploading to B47 Studios has been made a very easy through our cloud based Portal. Once your uploading is completed, B47 Studios is notified and editing starts. Or if you like B47 Studios can handle the process.


Upon receipt of your video B47 Studios starts editing. Our editing service can include the addition of  open and close animations and lower thirds built for you, also, background audio/music added and color grading applied  as well as your finished creative content.  The edit is reviewed online in your Portal where you can leave notes directly on the frame of video for the editor to see and incorporate in the final video. Or we can work with you on your edit project.


Once you approve the edited work, the final video is available in your online Portal where you can download, share or do whatever you want with it. This could be posting to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or the like. You might just want to  utilized the video for internal purposes such as staff communication, education or training.

Contact no.: (206)501-3054



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  1. RUN Studios

Since 2007, RUN Studios has been a reliable creative partner working with visionary clients in Seattle and around the globe. We began as a motion design studio and while we still have a strong foundation in design, we’ve grown into a full-service production studio that provides everything — and everyone — needed to create impactful content. We understand the demands our clients face and are masters of the art of delivery, hitting budgets and deadlines with precision, and never losing our creative spark.

Whether we’re working halfway around the world or in our own backyard, we always bring our problem-solving skills and flexibility. RUN highlights global brands by bringing the energy and intellect to make content, and the working process, more meaningful. Our team is experienced and it shows on the screen and in the care we take with our clients and creative partners.

RUN Studios matches short- and long-term freelancers with companies across the globe. We are always interested in meeting nimble, creative people who value hard work as much as we do. 

From producers to grips, editors to 3D animators—our clients are looking for help in all areas. Tell us about your expertise and we’ll find the right projects for you.









Address: 101 ELLIOTT AVE W #200


Contact no.: 425 828 8822



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9.Sly Studios LLC 

Sly Studios is the boutique animation production entity behind the animated series The Scottish Ninjas. Founded in 2002 by principals Beau Obremski and Rob Mullin, they have developed an extremely efficient high quality lightweight production pipeline including the development of a specialized 3D/2D toon shaded animation process combining traditional hand drawn styles in an unconstrained 3D environment.

Sly Studios can help you with everything from animation, character design, storyboards, voice over, editing, mixing… you name it…. we can do it…and we do it with a just handful of people. If your project is bigger we simply get more people.

Located in a 100-year-old haunted schoolhouse the creative crew battles evil and cinnamon rolls daily.

Address: 218 Main Street #253, Kirkland Washington 98033

Contact no.: 206.953.8460


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  1. Electric Sheep

Electric Sheep is a full-service design and production studio based in Seattle, Washington. We are designers, producers, directors, and editors. We love working with brands and artists to create whatever type of content they need. 

Our style is bold. Our process is intentional. We are Electric Sheep.

We make videos, animations, and mixed reality experiences. There’s not a lot that we can’t make. But, the real thing that we do is solve problems for people. Whether that means shooting a live-action broadcast spot, designing an animated infographic, or developing an AR catalog, our multidisciplinary approach creates unique work that stands out from the crowd.

Address: 421 23RD AVE S SEATTLE WA 98144

Contact no.: 206.602.6042



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