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Animation Studios in BostonAnimation Studios in Boston

Animation Studios in Boston

1.Clambake Animation

Clambake Animation is an award winning, full-service 2D animation and recording studio. We’re lean, agile, flexible and efficient, with a boutique mentality and the ability to deliver all aspects of production under one roof.  While we’re audio-driven, we do it all: from writing, scripting, and casting to producing highly creative and innovative animation with built-on sound design, editing, and post production work.Clambake Animation also delivers highly creative, business-savvy animation for the advertising industry, and we work with varied organizations requiring innovative yet affordable animation for a variety of products and services

Partner/Executive Producer Carl W. Adams and Partner/Creative Director André G. Lyman have worked together for 20 years, producing original adult and children’s programming appearing on literally all of the television and cable networks:  ABC, CBS, NBC, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, FX, PBS and more.Partner/Managing Director Carrie Snyder brings 25 years of business, operational, management and marketing expertise to Clambake from Lotus, IBM, and various start-ups.


The collaborative process between our writers, audio editors, and talent takes place right here in our own recording studio and is based on a recording process combining improv and ad-lib with loose and hard scripting.

Our art is all about adding humor to the audio through characters, gestures, and expression, and we use mixed media and tools – from paper and live video to after effects

. Our in-house animators bring a range of creative insight to every project and are multi-talented and cross-trained in a variety of animation methods.

Our staff includes the full spectrum of artists, storyboarders, after-affects specialists, editors and producers. We’re especially proud of our breadth of talent, enabling us to handle virtually every aspect of animated production.

Address: 108 Water Street

Watertown MA, 02472

Contact: 617.852.3757


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A few “creatives” from an agency joined together back in 2011 and started producing animated video content.  The goal at that time was to educate & engage visitors with an interesting yet quirky two dimensional story.  The emergence of animation as a tool to convert was a new thing at that time.   The term “explainer video” didn’t even exist.  Video content back then was rudimentary & included simple story telling techniques that kept visitors engaged.Fast forward to today.  DemoFlick has been able to stay on the forefront of design with award winning video content.  Now a thriving company made up of designers, illustrators, animators, copywriter, sales, production coordinators and more.   We hang our hats on our reputation, with several long term clients ranging from start ups to Fortune 500’s.  The product line has also expanded over the years now including Motion Design Videos, Character Based Animations, Web Tutorials, Mobile App Demos, Animated Typography, and more.We do it all, from detailed How It Works videos to high level Value Proposition pitches. Our style can vary from funny to serious, very cartoony to stick figure even 3D. As we’ve helped hundreds of companies tell their story, one common question always emerges: “How do I better explain our message…so it’s easy to understand and engaging?” This is what we do. It’s really quite simple.We combine strong messaging, interesting talent, beautiful illustration, thoughtful animation, and tons of care so our client’s message comes through clearly leaves a memorable impression.   Give us a Try!


Explainer Videos 

Video Infographics 

Mobile App Demos 

Screencast Videos 

Pre Roll Ads 

TV Advertisements 

Training Videos


Address: 31 Saint James Avenue, Suite 915

Boston, MA 02116

Contact: 800-787-6398


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We are a digital production agency and specialize in animation and development of HTML5 banner advertising.

Our capabilities:

Timeline, scripted, and interactive animation

Rich media OLA including video banners, expendables, and pushdowns

Dynamic content for geotargeting

Data driven bar graphs and pie charts

File size and performance optimization

Support and optimization for high-definition Retina screens

Ad vendor integration (DoubleClick Studio, Sizmek)

Back-end integration (CMS, databases)

Traffic measurement (Atlas, Dart, AdWords, Google Analytics, Webtrends)

Data capture with form validation

Animation to video for outdoor advertising

Address: TweenOrScript, Inc.

292 Newbury Street, Suite 302

Boston, MA 02115

Contact: 617-515-2155



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FableVision is always on the lookout for fresh talent. If you’re an artist, animator, developer, producer, user experience designer, or writer we’d love to hear from you. Staff or freelance, we generally prefer to work with people local to the Boston area – mainly so that we can work WITH you onsite on a regular basis. We’re a fan of the team thing, which means studio camaraderie. 

FableVision is an equal opportunity employer and values a diverse workforce.

We offer unpaid internships in art, production, and marketing throughout the year. We require that all interns be current college students doing internships for credit, and can commit to 16 hours of work per week. 

Our internships provide an opportunity to learn industry skills and obtain professional experience in a fun, dynamic environment. Interns can focus on design/animation, marketing, or production, and are given projects that correspond to their experience and skill level. You can hear an inside perspective on our intern-written blog InternVision.Our internships generally have three internship periods during the year: spring semester (January-April), summer (May-August), and fall (September-December). Interns must commit to a minimum of 10 weeks for summer internships and 12 weeks for fall and spring internships. The deadline for summer internship applications is April 1. The deadline for fall internships is August 1. The deadline for spring internships is December 1. 


Games & Interactives – Mobile & Web

Strategy & Media Consulting

Video – Animation, Live Action, & Motion Graphics

Websites – Mobile-Friendly, Responsive, & Accessible

Address: PO Box 1242

Dedham, MA 02027

Contact :617.956.5700


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5.Click Play Films

Conveniently located in the heart of Beacon Hill at 1 Beacon Street, close to the Blue, Red, and Green lines, as well as parking on site, getting to us is easy and hassle free.At Click Play Films, we believe the power of visual storytelling is the best form of marketing in today’s digital landscape. Our goal is to provide the most effective and innovative corporate video production solutions for our clients in Boston, and the entire New England area.Whether you are already creating tons of videos for your Boston-area business, or just starting out, you can count on us to be a partner that values your brand and company and takes the time to understand your goals and identity.We provide a full-service video production solution for companies in and around Boston, including all pre-production, production, and post-production capabilities. With industry-leading videographers, directors, writers, and editors we can help you make your brand’s message heard — throughout all of Boston and beyond.

Address:1 Beacon St Boston, MA 02108

Contact: 617-500-9832



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6.Newfangled studios

We believe in creating work that looks great and performs even better. That’s why we blend data-driven science and insightful relevance into the creative process from the very start. We take the time to get to know your brand and align it with a video strategy that will captivate your audience. The results dazzle eyes and crush KPIs on any platform.Our in-house producers, directors, and editors pay attention to all the little details that make your video more effective. We’ll take you seamlessly through casting, locations, wardrobe and crew to the perfect editing, sound design & finishing.Bringing your brand to life through character, motion, color and style is in our DNA. Our in-house designers, illustrators and animators aren’t just artists. They are savvy about getting the most out of the platform where these graphics appear, blending native elements and bold motion to capture attention in the best way.

Address: 560 Harrison Avenue

Suite 401 Boston MA 02118

Contact: +1 617 337 5205


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Our international team consists of experienced professionals in the fields of design visualization, architecture, landscape architecture, and digital marketing.

Webtilia Studio delivers complete branding packages and high-quality architectural visualization solutions worldwide.

Webtilia Studio delivers complete branding packages and high-quality architectural visualization solutions worldwide.Each project is different and at Webtilia Studio we work with our clients to find the right design tool: illustration, animation, or simulation, to most successfully narrate your project.



Architectural animation

Virtual walkthrough

Marketing and Branding

Address: 51 Melcher St. Boston, MA 02210

Contact: +617.600.8020



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8.Brickyard VFX

Brickyard is a digital production studio skilled in high-end visual effects, animation, design, and creative development for advertising, feature films, and emerging media. With a 20-year presence in Boston, the Brickyard studio is artist-centric at its core, fostering a close collaboration of not only artist-to-director but the entire creative team. Within a cozy eclectic production space, Brickyard assembles a customized crew of designers, animators, and compositors for every project.

Address: 180 Lincoln St, Boston, MA 02111

Contact: 6172623220



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Nimblebot is an award-winning creative design agency with offices in San Francisco and Cambridge Bringing Ideas to Life

Text-heavy communication drowns your audience. Motion effectively conveys complex, technical, or inspiring concepts quickly. Create animated videos, online and TV advertisements, social campaigns, and a whole lot more. If you’re tired of seeing the same old static, we’ll find the approach that’s right for your project.Essential design

Your brand, identity, logo, and digital materials tell a story. We work to revamp identity and generate the design building blocks – visual assets – that you will use for years to tell your story and convey your ethos.



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10.Pagano Media

Pagano Media is a creative agency dedicated to crafting impactful branding, web design, video production, digital marketing, event production and more for the greater Boston area, including Cambridge, Natick, Framingham, Southborough, Marlborough, Westborough, and Worcester.Joe Pagano started Pagano Media in 1980 from his college dorm. His passion for artfully communicating the unique stories of clients set the foundation upon which we are built.

Over the course of 40 years, we have grown into a full-service, award-winning digital marketing agency. We’ve thrived for decades thanks to our talented team’s ability to adapt and evolve alongside the technologies, trends and best practices that disrupt the industry everyday.One thing remains constant – design for design’s sake is an empty endeavor. We pursue design to convey the essence of who you are. Truth resonates with people, not gimmicks or hype. Our clients work with us to find, convey, and celebrate their truth.

at the forefront of digital marketing, tech and design for 40 years and counting

Address: 867 Boylston St. 5th floor, Boston,MA

Contact : 508.595.9200



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