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Animation Studios in North CarolinaAnimation Studios in North Carolina

Animation Studios in North Carolina

1.Dash Studio

As a high-end animation and motion design studio, dash focuses on making incredible content for clients who recognize the importance of good design—design that drives action, pushes boundaries and achieves results. dash is not a production house. We’re dedicated to listening to our clients and delivering personalized, creative solutions 

that connect with the target audience in a captivating and meaningful way. We love building a relationship with our clients and educating them about all that design can achieve—plus we have some fun along the way. Interested in learning more and working with us? Give us a shout.It was an unseasonably cool summer evening when dash was first conceived in 2015. A few beers led to honest conversations about motion design and the direction that founders Mack Garrison and Cory Livengood wanted to take. They both met five years prior to dash while working at a content marketing agency in Raleigh.

Cory, a senior animator, is self-taught and proud of it. His background in stage and film production at North Carolina State University gives him a knack for solving problems. This, along with his easy-going and charismatic personality, make him a great fit for a motion design company that demands critical thinking and a cool head. Mack, a Raleigh native, is an optimist and dreamer. He found his creative direction studying at North Carolina State University’s College of Design where he absolutely fell in love with animation and motion graphics. As an animator and creative director, he has been exposed to a myriad of concepts—this gives him the ability to clearly articulate direction for clients and creatives alike. At dash, Mack and Cory have surrounded themselves with a team of passionate, creative designers and freelance talent who are dedicated to sharing their design views with the Triangle community and beyond. 

Address :  610 Hillsborough St. Unit 103, Raleigh, NC, 27603

Email :

Website :

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2.Blueforest Studios

Blueforest Studios is a North Carolina video production firm and animation studio based in Raleigh that works with agencies, brands, and nonprofits to tell their brand story through memorable videos that move people to action.  Our goal is to partner with you, to articulate your story, and to make it remarkable.

Ammon Ehrisman

Ammon Ehrisman is the owner and creative director of Blueforest Studios, and the leader of this merry band.  He’s been producing videos for over 17 years.  As creative director of over 500 corporate videos he tries to follow these maxims:

“You’ve got to risk it for the biscuit.”

“Save the drama for your mama.” 

and“Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk.”

Basically anything that rhymes. He believes every video he produces should be a bit better than the last and that we “don’t put mess up on the screen.” He can often be found at his home relaxing with his wife and 2 daughters playing the guitar, piano, ukulele or kazoo.

He has studied brand storytelling extensively, and loves helping people find and tell their brand story.

Address : 5621 Departure Dr #102 

Raleigh, NC 27616, United States

Contact : (919) 714-9484

Email :


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3.Amazing Studios

After 25 years in business, we’ve learned a few things here at Amazing Studios. Creating great work and having a great time are not mutually exclusive. Consistently delivering great work is what got us this far, but life is too short not to have fun on set. We’re proud to be a veteran owned company and embody a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. Above it all, we value relationships. We don’t look at our work as just another project, but as an extension of an ongoing relationship with people who are passionate about what they do.

Services : 

Video and Film

2D & 3D Animation

Contact : +19195522025


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4.Animusing Production Studio

We are a Premier 3D Animation Production services provider located in Winston Salem NC.

Our team of Animators, Designers and artists, averages almost 2 decades experience in the industry of motion graphics, with many awards to show for it.We pride ourselves for our excellence, our attention to detail, and our affordable creative services that leave no customer unsatisfied!In case you are wondering…The name “ANIMUSING” comes from two different words:”Animus”  a Latin word, originating from the Greek “Άνεμος – Wind”  the carrier of soul and also the origin of the word “Animation” which is essentially, “breathing life” into imaginary creations.

And “Amusing” which is the main idea on which Animusing Productions was founded on. To make amusing animations for the world to see!You are welcome to our site. Feel free to browse through our work and we are looking forward to hear back from you!

Services : 

Character Animation

VFX (Visual Effects)

Interactive Content Development (Games,Mobile Apps, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality)

Biomedical Visualization

Scientific Visualization (Creative visualization based on raw data)

TV and Web ad production (both animated and live action commercials)

Forensic Animation (Reconstruction of industrial accidents etc)

Product visualization

Product Design & Prototyping

3D Printing

Contact : +1336-682-7256


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5.Episode 11 Productions

Visual media workflows (Video, 3D Graphics, Photography) can be complex at times, but just like Albert Einstein said: “Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler”. Somehow the video production industry never read this statement. Most believe that you must have a 20-person crew to accomplish something great-NOT TRUE. We have been on many Hollywood crews and we’ve seen the waste that’s allowed.We have created an entirely new paradigm for the media production industry. You’re rewarded with better results, in less time. A huge part of this new process is lots of planning. Not only do we attend planning meetings (at no cost), but we also make ourselves available at any time. We even list our personal cell numbers on this site, for your convenience.Other aspects of our process involve creating storyboards. This is something that it done on a feature-film level and not typically offered to corporate clients, however its all part of our normal production process. Storyboards, along with shot list and detailed schedule, allows us to get in, video the required shots and get out.Our goal is to provide superior quality with exceptional, personalized customer-service and at a price that’s fair and within your budget. We aren’t the most inexpensive video production company in Charlotte, but we pledge to work with you to determine what we can create for you in your price range.We view the relationships with our clients a bit differently than most companies. We don’t treat our customers the way that we want to be treated, but instead, we get to know the person behind the company and treat them the way that they want to be treated. Do you see the difference?

Can you think of a time when you delegated a task and it was returned complete, within budget, and made everyone in your organization delighted? The feeling that you get from that experience is what we strive to do with every customer, in every production, every time. This is what makes working with us to enjoyable. The work gets done, it’s a pleasant experience and the suits in the office stay happy.

Businesses today are forced to operate leaner. Employees have to do more with less. Budgets are tighter and the workload is heavier. Wouldn’t be great if you could partner with a company that you could trust? Think of the extra time you would have with which to work. We deliver a laser-focused marketing message,with a professional, competent, experienced and friendly crew.

Address : 2814 BRICKER DR.



Contact :  704.998.3711

Email :


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6.Digital Hyper

Award winning Digital Hyper Studios L.L.C. was founded in 2005 by Owner Jamie Byers. When it began in 2000, it was simply a part-time freelance company and ran as a sole proprietorship. In June of 2007, Digital Hyper Studios became a full-time job. Digital Hyper Studios is now located in Rock Hill, South Carolina at the BTC building off of South Anderson Rd.


Digital Hyper Studios is a faith based business and we give all credit to our Lord Jesus Christ. Without the Lord, this business would not be where it is today. This is where Over, Above and Beyond comes from. (Colossians 3: 23-24) “23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, 24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” With this mentality, we strive to work hard at all our projects.


Digital Hyper Studios specializes in using 3DS Max and Adobe Production Suite in combination with state of the art equipment made by Boxx Technologies. Boxx has been our choice of hardware from the beginning and will remain our choice in the days to come. We use an inhouse 64 core render farm by Boxx Technologies to get our projects done on time.

Our Software: 3ds Max, Adobe Production Suite, Mocha Pro and Anime Studio Pro.

Services : 

Digital Hyper Studios offers Award winning animation services, as they have won many awards from the Telly’s, Addy’s, Communicator Awards and Promax/BDA award. Digital Hyper offer services in the animation realm creating commercials, show packages, visual effects, web presentations and much more. So, if your in the marketing department, an agency or another post production facility needing assistance, the Digital Hyper can help.  Have a look below to see the skill sets.

3D Studio Max

After Effects


Mocha Pro


Other Adobe Software



Address : Rock Hill, SC 29732 USA

Contact : (803) 389-0133

Website :

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Everything began in Miami, FL in 2007 with Daniel Borba. He started a wedding videography business right after high school. A few years later, he was hired by a focus group company to make a marketing video, and he had to use Adobe After Effects for the first time. Since then, he decided to create animated videos for marketing and communication purposes.

Our Team 

Our team is small. In fact, Daniel is the president and he works with a small group of freelancers.

​Our Brand

Naming our agency yAnimdan Media, was kind of a mistake. Many people struggle to read it and pronounce it. Yet, we’ve gotten many big brands to work with us. Eventually we will rebrand but for now, we will focus on making our current clients happy.

Our Values


Self-Employed Mentality



Work hard




Abundance Mentality

Time Management

The power of Small and Simple things


Our Future

We are focused on becoming the go-to video agency for all marketing and communications campaigns.

Services : 

Animation Explainer Video

LinkedIn Ads Management

Ongoing Video Content

Contact : +1336-681-7430

Website :

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8.Patv3D Animation – Patrick VanNortwick

My name is Patrick VanNortwick.  I have been working in Animation and Visual Effects for 12 years.  I have worked on numerous commercials, awards shows, and also feature films.  I pride myself on pushing the limits of creativity and over delivering.  Currently I am living in Washington, NC with my beautiful wife, Jessica.  Thank you for visiting my website and if you have a need for an experienced 3D generalist or visual effects artist, feel free to visit my contact page and send me a message. 

Address : 1110 Maple St, Washington, NC 27889, United States

Contact : 919 . 621 . 4365


Website :

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9.Port City Films

We are Port City Films, a passionate and professional video production crew and animation team specializing in creative content and corporate video production. Our studio is in Wilmington, North Carolina, but there’s no place too remote for our traveling production crew. Over the past decade we’ve collaborated with corporate clients, advertising agencies, and even other video production companies in an effort to make the best possible projects around the world.








Address : 3208 Pennington Dr. Unit 4

Wilmington, NC 28405

Contact : 910-777-7582

Email :

Website :

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10.Wonderworld Film

Wonderworld has been making great video for a long time. Since 2020 exploded, we’ve been making even greater video. We’ve been creating virtual variety shows, incredible art pieces, and response videos to our country’s current strife. Contact us anytime- we’re here to help.

Address : 600 East 35th St.

Charlotte, NC 28205

Contact : 704-492-8514

Website :

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