Animation Studios in Canada, Animation Studios near me

Animation Studios in CanadaAnimation Studios in Canada

Animation Studios in Canada

1.Dream Farm Studios

What makes our animation studio different is our mentality of exploring uncharted and undiscovered stories that haven’t found their way into animation. We see animation not only as a medium of entertainment but one that can further the understanding of humans and the mysterious universe we live in.Catexa is our subsidiary agency that helps brands create a distinctive, inspiring, and unique image of themselves by focusing on the key challenges in today’s competitive marketplace.

Services : 

2D Animation

3D Animation

Game Art Design

Character Design


Address: Unit 3205, 2240 Lake Shore Blvd West, Toronto, M8V OB1 ON, Canada

Contact: +14373701822


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2.BIG BAD BOO Studios

Big Bad Boo Productions is a premier animation company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Our state of the art 2D animation facility, Big Bad Boo Studios is located in Vancouver’s hip and beautiful Yaletown district and is the largest Toon Boom studio in Western Canada.Big Bad Boo Studios is the production arm of the company and provides a full range of animation production services for both Big Bad Boo properties and as a co-producer for partners around the world.The creative team at Big Bad Boo is entrepreneurial, energetic and very accomplished in business and the creative world. Our team of producers, writers and directors have worked on some of the most coveted properties in the animation world, including Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, Bat Man, Being Ian, Yvonne of the Yukon and a host of others.

As a Canadian producer of animation, Big Bad Boo is not only very good at creating products, but it also offers the ability to leverage Canadian and provincial government tax credits, enabling it to co-finance productions at competitive rates.

Address: 401 – 1228 Hamilton Street

Vancouver, B.C. V6B 6L2

Contact: 604.688.6484


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  1. Little Blackstone

Little Blackstone Studios arrived on the Canadian animation landscape in 2009 and is dedicated to original series design, development and production. Started by Emmy award winner Jocelyne Meinert, to focus on the burgeoning development of series work that was taking place at her sister studio, the successful motion graphics firm: Joss continues to direct and manage the design and implementation of large scale projects including original content development, 2D and 3D animation production.Little Blackstone is fast developing a reputation for contemporary design and dedication to originality and creativity.

Address:366 Adelaide Street E Suite 230 M5A 3X9 Toronto – Ontario – Canada

Contact : 416.351.7070


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4.Snowball studios

Snowball has produced hundreds of minutes of top quality, 3D animation and visual effects in HD for film, tv, computer games, commercials and mobile, which are aired all over the world. These range from high-end commercials for brand name clients such as Cartoon Film, NBC, Cisco, Sci-Fi Channel, Verizon, National Lottery and Orange, to drama hits such as two seasons of VIPO, the 26-part children’s television series currently airing in over 140 countries and three more pre-school TV series, including one for the BBC. Positioned at the heart of the Israeli hi-tech industry, with offices in London and Toronto, Snowball has grown to be the region’s leading 3D Animation and Visual Effects facility, combining the best international creative talent with cutting-edge technology.Snowball teamed up with many partners to join talents & resources:

Address: 213 Sterling Road, Suite 100, M6R2B2

Contact: +1 (647) 715-9777


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5.Yowza! Animation

Since 1996, Yowza! has committed the best quality to every project, ensuring that every frame carries our extensive expertise, originality, and skill. We are busy as ever, sustaining over 160 creative, talented, and organized artists in house from all departments. In 2016, Yowza expanded into our 9000 square foot industrial clock factory suite in Toronto.Our pipeline is fully capable in traditional/tradigital, 2D, and 3D, as well as hybrid 2D/3D with hundreds of licenses in use for ToonBoom, Maya, Blender, Adobe Creative Suite, ZBrush, Avid, Unity, and  Crainiac. 

We believe that a healthy work environment is the best for creative empowerment and strongly contributes to the satisfaction of our clients, including Dreamworks Features AND TELEVISION, Disney Features, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, and Nickelodeon. We are proud to work on incredibly unique projects for red carpet clients and legacy brands, as well as valuable development projects and global creative partnerships.

Contact: 4165357718



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6.Pipeline Studios

Pipeline Studios is a creative driven studio, with a focus on development, production, and distribution of award-winning kids and family content for a global audience. Let’s create something great together. Pipeline Studios is where creative talent and cutting-edge technology merge to empower passionate, diverse, and highly motivated teams with a common goal of telling engaging stories and producing award-winning content.

Address: 10 George St Unit #3 and #4, Hamilton, ON, Canada L8P 1C8 



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7.Elliott Animation

Elliott Animation is an artist-led, full-service animation studio located in the heart of Toronto’s Junction Triangle. Founded in 2000 by President and Creative Director, George Elliott, we are driven by creativity and obsessed with telling great stories, collaborating with interesting people, and bringing great ideas to life.

Address:237 Wallace Avenue

Toronto, ON M6H 1V5CA

Contact : 416-588-6364


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8.Head Gear Animation

Head Gear Animation is a production hothouse that has been solving creative riddles since 1997. Conceived by partners Steve Angel and Julian Grey, Head Gear offers all kinds of visual delights for clients around the world.Head Gear’s strength has always been its designer/directors who bring warmth, humour and character to their stories. Located in Toronto Canada, Head Gear also benefits from a huge pool of talented artists and production people who contribute to their wonderful brand of storytelling.

Address: 25 Brant Street, Suite 301

Toronto, Ontario

M5V 2L9


Contact:  (416) 408-2020



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9.Creamy Animation

At Creamy Animation we make story-based animated videos that help people understand any business or idea. We believe that the best explainer videos use creative storytelling and visually engaging content to deliver a compelling message.We create Storytelling Animated Video Content that Drives Results.


Explainer Vedio

Sales and marketing video

Corporate Video

Training Videos

Product Demo Video

Startup Video

Animation video

Address: 9407 NE Van Mall Drive

Ste 104

Vancouver, WA 98662

Contact: 1-800-660-7269


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10.ICON Creative Studio

ICON Creative Studio Inc. is Canada’s largest independently owned CG Animation Studio, located in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver, BC Canada, housing over 600 talented design, storyboarding, modeling, rigging, animation, shot finaling, lighting, visual effects and compositing artists alongside creative and management teams.

Address: 341 Water Street

Vancouver BC

V6B 1B8


Contact: +1 778 379 0808


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