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Reasons Some people always single 2023 Updated

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Reasons Some people always single 2023 Updated

In India, nowadays youngsters want to lead a single life. As this will anyhow solve population issues however Indian parents who are very particular about their wedding traditions might not like this. This generation of people is very much clear about their decision. Sometimes understanding such root causes can be very helpful. Being single is a sign of emotional maturity. Our elder generation feels that we are not competent enough. However, this article is not about justifying the opinion that we should leave it to the individuals. They have all the time and the right to make a decision.

  • Responsibility treated as a burden:

The young generation wants to enjoy themselves. They don’t want themselves to be caught in any kind off responsibility. Recently, there are lots of things arisen like one-night stands, hookups, friends with mutual benefits, etc. When there are a lot many options are available with the consent of our judiciary system so obviously, responsibility treated as a burden. Nowadays all are very ambitions compared to the earlier times. People are very time-bounded. They practically evaluated the status of people whom they have to listen to and ignore things. With this mindset, they often believe in their notions of being treated as responsible as a burden.

  • Guardedness and rigid boundaries:

Being in a committed relationship or getting married comes with a lucrative package of additional responsibilities financial burden and some social responsibility as we are staying in society. Marriage comes with an elder parent’s goals of having kids. You cannot cross these rigid boundaries as you have grown up seeing all these boundaries all your life. Society has given confusing signals from past caregivers. These signals leave a huge impact. Though sometimes rigid boundaries are said to be discipline. But the present generation doesn’t like to be crushed under pressure. Sometimes guardedness comes from a partner as well. They tend to have some pre-existing notions. In any situation, a person has to face being crushed.

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  • Compatibility issues:

After all, we are educated we all have our opinion. We are individuals and the most important part is Gender equality and financial independence. This is appreciated everywhere, but root causes lie in adjustment. Nowadays, people don’t adjust. Instead, they search for new or want to get rid of these perception issues. In this miserable state of being together, they have a social burden of giving birth to a child for their future security of not being alone. A couple doesn’t get space they have fear of opposing the idea by the partner. This causes a threat to freedom.

  • Unsafe Childhood:

Due to the separation of parents and other compatibility issues, nowadays children are having a miserable childhood. There are several cases have been reported of child molestation. They have seen blurred boundaries in their past life with parents. They had too many disappointments. They were reserved, rigid. Emotional involvement feels like an alien language to the child due to past circumstances.

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  • Separation of parents:

In our country, Separation or getting divorced is very uncommon. However, they have mutual conflicts, domestic violence, poking family members, etc. This has a huge impact on the life of children. Children easily presume that they are not going to be in any such relationship. They easily quite due to circumstances which have they faced in the past. Single parenting by mother because the father gets the benefit of being a male. The impact of such a relationship causes a major setback.

  • LGBT:

Homosexuality is another concern. The young generation has overwhelmingly welcomed the judgment. However, it is socially not accepted. Parents still feel it shameful situation. The people face harassment, bullying and abusing situations too. Though they are given judiciary protection it doesn’t even exist in reality. They have a fear of getting their identity disclosed, instead of facing these consequences. They want to stay in peace. We also have a third gender category also included in that. Sometimes the family denied to accept it. They feel proud that their children are single.

  • Low Self-Esteem:

Generally, everyone has inner voices. Self Esteem is something that brings you success and helps you conquer the world. But the usually biggest enemy is self-esteem which happened to fear of getting engaging in public discussions and fear of saying no. Many people have trouble in leaving houses, driving the vehicles this can be treated as such a situation too. They all feel isolated. With age, people usually tend to have deeper this fear and develop deep insecurities of being isolated. They develop a routine of being single. They make a rule of being avoiding feeling down and face criticism. It usually takes a deeper dig with circumstances. Seeking love isn’t an easy quest, but it’s always best to feel good and respected.

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Keeping all the facts and impacts in the places our generation religiously feels that there are several benefits of staying along. However, it completely depends upon individual circumstances. They don’t feel the need to have a partner for a long journey. Some medical conditions are too the reason for this thinking. People are very ambitious they don’t have time to put so many efforts into getting engaged. They don’t even care for social acceptance. They don’t want to face any disappointments. Getting engaged is expensive at the cost of our self-respect.


Youth don’t feel the need of having physical availability of partners because of social media, games, watching videos and lastly work pressure. They have goals for better future income and security. They are always busy and engaged. They want to live carefreely. The most important thing lack in this young generation and they do search is that Loyalty. Loyalty is such a thing that it cannot get fade away over the period. Comfort Zone in youngsters they always prefer to stay, Happy and lastly a carefree life. Happiness is being an important component of a major goal in one’s life. Thus, people prefer to stay alone.

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