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How to Make Wife HappyHow to Make Wife Happy

How to Make Wife Happy

Every husband in the world wants to know how to keep his wife happy. Because wife is the only person who can make your life heaven as well as hell. For the happiness of the family, the happiness of the wife is very important. That’s why in this article we are going to tell you the tips on how to make your wife happy, which are very useful for married people.

Not only married, but those who are not yet married or those who are going to be, they should always keep these measures to keep their wife happy. Because they will also need them in future in life. Marriage is a sacred bond, if the love between husband and wife remains, then the atmosphere in the whole family is always happy.

But those people whose wife is not happy, their life becomes like ups and downs and monotonous. That is why it is said that if you have the ability to keep your wife happy, then you have won more than half the battle of life. It is said so because understanding a woman is really a very difficult task.

People’s age passes, but they do not understand how to keep their wife i.e. wife happy always. Or what to do to please the wife so that she blossoms and she always has good and lovely behavior with you. To make the marriage successful, it is necessary that the husband and wife should live in love with each other.

For this both husband and wife have to try. But in India it is mostly seen that wife takes various measures to please her husband. But on the other hand the husband does not try much to persuade or please his wife.

However, this does not mean that the husband does not love the wife. He does, but he does not know how to express it and he does not even try much for it. Because husbands have a male ego in their mind which prevents them from doing so. This is the reason that misunderstandings start happening between the two.

The wife thinks that the husband never celebrates her, nor tries to make her laugh or make her happy, it means that he does not love her. Thinking like this, the wives just start living sad and their behavior starts becoming irritable. On the other hand, the husband thinks that it has become a habit to sit with his mouth full all the time.

Because of this, there is a slight estrangement between the two. If the mood of the wife starts getting bad then it means discord starts in the family, tribulation starts in your life. So in order that such a situation does not come in your life, you must know the ways to make your wife happy.

A married man should always keep one thing in his mind that his own happiness will also depend on his wife. If the wife is happy then you are happy, that means your every day will be wonderful. But if the wife has some kind of problem and she is sad, then your whole day will be spent in a sad atmosphere. If you follow these measures then your wife will always agree with you.

How To Make/Keep Wife Happy

(1) Keep expressing your love –

After 2-3 years of marriage, the husband changes a little and does not get involved in the things of much love. But the wife always wants her husband to keep expressing his love in front of her from time to time. This gives them a feeling of freshness and a different happiness in the relationship. So Husbands should at least 1-2 times in a month just fill their arms in their arms and tell them in a romantic way that you love her very much and cannot live a day without her. seeing this, your wife will not feel bloated from inside and will be happy immediately. She will start caring for you more than before and her behavior towards you will be very sweet.

(2) Get Shopping –

If you are looking for ways to make your wife happy, then shopping is the best answer for that. Yes, all the women in this world love shopping. It is their hobby to go to the market and see new things and bargain for them.

So don’t skimp on this matter. Because if the wife will not be happy then what will you do by saving money? With that money saved you will never be able to buy happiness. Therefore, from time to time, get your wife shopping, get her favorite things to her. By doing this your wife will get a lot of happiness.

(3) Never beat up –

Many people keep scolding their wife on the matter. Even they keep on beating them. Keep in mind that leaving everything behind, your wife who came with you also had some dreams about her marriage. He too had cherished new dreams. Tips and tricks to keep wife happy And you’re hitting on him? Did he think this? Was this the husband of her dreams? his new home? No, not at all. Keep in mind, when you kill your wife, neither her heart is hurt, her dreams are killed. He may try to hide, but the truth is that he is deeply hurt.

Even if you do this, your wife will not be able to be happy with you. Because again and again those beating thoughts will come in her mind and she will go away from you. In such a situation, do not expect your wife to be happy and love you.

(4) Praise the wife –

Whenever you ask your wife to do some work or make something to eat, then you know what she thinks she does the work? She always does this work thinking that I will do this work, or I will make this food thing so good that my husband will be happy to see it.

She has a special place in her mind about her husband. But on the other hand, husbands get their work done or eat cooked food, but say a word in praise of Majal. In such a situation, the poor wife becomes a little sad inside. Learn to praise your wife for every good work done by her. If you want to keep your wife happy always, then always remember this mantra. Similarly, keep praising her beauty from time to time. Once you say with love and see that “You are looking very beautiful” your wife will blossom.

(5) Take it out for a walk –

Husband We have a question to the people, don’t you guys get bored by doing the same thing every day? not tired? Are there?? And tired too. You want that there should be some enjoyment in the middle of the man. Something similar happens with wives too, they are also human beings.

The wife who is busy in taking care of the house also starts getting bored with her daily chores and she also feels all this burden. In such a situation, she also needs a small break and she also wants to enjoy. Now you must have understood our point that what we are trying to say.

Man, at least 1 day in a month, take your wife for a walk outside. Feed him his favorite food, show a picture or get him something fun. If you do this, then surely your wife will be very happy to see. She will keep chirping for the next 1 month.

Most people think that there is a wife, so it is okay to stay at home. Hey man, wife is okay, but she also has some desires. He also has the right to enjoy his life. See, if you take your wife out for a walk from time to time, then you will not need to ask anyone how to keep your wife happy.

(6) Pay full attention to the respect of the wife –

If the husband has a different attitude of his own, then the wife also has her own self-respect. Do not interrupt the wife on everything and do not scold her in front of anyone. Along with the caring of your wife, if you respect her then there will be happiness in your family.

Even if he has made some mistake, then you may say something to your wife in private, but do not scold her in front of others. This hurts his self-esteem and it is very difficult for him to bear it. Because she considers it a gross insult.

In the decisions taken for the family, also take the advice of the wife and show her that your opinion is also very important for her. This instills a confidence in him and adds to his happiness. Apart from this, if your wife has some dreams, then instead of making fun of them, help her to fulfill them.

(7) Do not praise another woman in front of her –

If you are looking for ways to keep wife happy, then note this point. It is true that the wife finds it very strange to hear the praise of any other woman from her husband’s mouth. He doesn’t like all this at all.

Especially there are some husbands who keep on praising another woman again and again. In such a situation, your wife will not be happy with you, even if you are praising her best friend. Every wife wants that whenever words of praise come out of her husband, all of them should be for her, and it is also her right in the true sense.

Another important thing which is very important to pay attention to and which we should have told first. Because if you make this mistake then your wife will not be happy with you even after lakhs of efforts. Keep in mind that never do evil to your parents in front of your wife.

If you keep on speaking badly about her mother, father or brother, then you get away from your wife’s heart. After that she will never be happy with you from inside, even if she pretends from outside. Therefore, if he is talking about his family members in front of him, then either keep quiet or praise them.

(8) Keep feeling that you are always with him –

every wife definitely wants two things from her husband, one is love and the other is security. Never let this thing come in your wife’s mind that you are not with her. You have to keep making him feel with your words and your actions that you are and will always be with him.

Just as we (Husbands) sometimes fall ill or get stuck in some other difficulty in life, then our wife always stands by us. If we are sick, she serves us and when we are in trouble, she keeps comforting us. That’s all we have to do to return it.

The woman may not understand, but it is certain that she also melts with love. Do not leave your wife alone in any difficult situation, assure her that you will not leave her no matter what happens. You will rescue him from difficult situations and will always take care of him.

(9) Always be faithful with the wife –

A wife is shattered when she comes to know that her husband is in a relationship with another woman. This thing makes him suffer from inferiority complex inside. He feels a deep shock thinking that what is the lack in me that my husband is doing all this.
She gets very upset thinking that what have I not done for my husband? Surrendered in every way, but still I got infidelity. His heart breaks and you get out of his mind.

Then she could never be happy from the heart. So always be faithful and honest with your wife. If you want that how to keep your wife happy, then always give priority to this thing. Otherwise, once you get off her mind, she will not be happy with you after lakhs of attempts.

(10) Keep giving presents –

Wives love gifts, and especially Surprise Gifts make them drench with joy. While living with your wife, you get to know about your wife’s likes and dislikes. So at least 2 times in a year give them such a surprise gift of theirs which they like very much.

If there is such a thing that the wife likes very much, but due to lack of money, your wife is shying away from buying it. So the fun of giving such a surprise gift is different. Even if you give only once in a year, but our advice is to give such a gift once.

Seeing your wife will jump with joy on seeing him and will be absorbed in your arms. Wives never forget such a gift, they will always remember that their husband had given such a gift that they could not even think of buying for themselves.

Apart from this, never forget your wife’s birthday and wedding anniversary etc. Remember these 2 days are the most special for any wife. So always remember his birthday and wish him first and give a nice gift. These Are Amazing Tips To Make Your Wife Happy 

(11) Make a relationship only by consent –

Do you not think that only physical relationship made with mutual consent gives more pleasure. This is absolutely true, on the contrary, physical relations made by force or without the wife’s will cause not only physical but also mental pain to the wife.

Therefore, always try to make a relationship only when the wife agrees. Apart from this, many husbands force their wives to have unnatural relations. Which is very wrong, never do this. Otherwise, your image will get spoiled in the eyes of the wife and she will not be able to be happy because of all this.

(12) Help us in the work –

Doesn’t our wife help us in our work? We would say that it helps in every work. If Husbands have to go to their work, then she helps him from cleaning shoes to preparing Tiffin for him outside till he comes.

In such a situation, it is also the duty of husbands that whenever they get time, give some hand in the work of their wife. By eating such things which are difficult and which is very difficult for the wife to do. If you do this then believe that your wife will always be happy with you.

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