Top 10 New Ecommerce Business Ideas in 2023 – What Should I sell?

In today’s world Internet is one of the biggest advantage of people’s life, ever since technology has boomed in India specially after 2005 and now mainly due to Jio revolution, the internet has become available to everyone at a very low cost. This does not only give an opportunity for the users to explore the world of internet but has also given the opportunity to certain market players and E-commerce is the Main stream business at the moment. In this article you will get to know about some ecommerce business ideas and how it solves the need of customers. Read this article till the end to know all about it.

  1. Natural skincare product for women

In the matter of skin, women are very conscious. They prefer organic or natural skincare over chemical filled skincare products, as they are more aware of how some chemicals affect their skin.

There are so many products in the market like facewash, body scrub, cleanser, biotic sunscreen and so on. And the best thing is these all products are much demanded and also essentials for day to day life, so you can sell them for the long term. But yes, you have to ensure one thing that the products you have manufactured is truly biotic product.

As the chemical free product has more demand in the market, that does not mean you can immediately sell it to the ecommerce platform. Because there are various ecommerce sites where they do the same thing, so you need to have the unique ideas of selling products.

  1. Eco friendly sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins are one of the essential needs for female. But did you know there are over a million of non-degradable sanitary napkins blocked in India’s sewage systems, water bodies and dumping ground. And all the non-degradable pads consist of almost 95% plastic, which effects our environment. And India is one of the leading countries for plastic pollution. So, in these points Eco-friendly sanitary napkin selling is a great option. which helps to keep better wellbeing and less damaging to our ecological systems.

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  1. Food delivery

Food delivery is one of the streams that have taken the advantage of Internet. At the moment we can see number of market competitors such as Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats who have driven the potential of food delivery market which food panda couldn’t sustain despite having open market in the past.

Food deliver startups has produced many jobs in form of apart from corporate one`s such as delivery boys/girls who are working at their will and getting good pay as well.

In the recent time, it is growing many countries; still there are many countries which are yet to open the door for this sector. Which will also provide new opportunities for the startups.

  1. General services

There are number of problems that we face in normal life. Such as, leakage in pipeline, broken window, dent in car, urgent laundry etc.

There were few startups who thought to deliver these general services to the users and somehow, they lost in between due to starting problem of getting skilled workers.

But having millions of middle-class populations, this business could be next big thing and we have already started seeing the players coming in this market and one of known name is UrbanClap.

  1. Medicines delivery

Since the beginning, it’s been hard getting the exact medicines. Because nearby shops generally hold the most relevant or used medicines by nearest doctors and hence, if we have prescription from some other doctors then, we may face hard time.

But this is no longer the case as online medicine selling has started in form of Netmeds and few other websites.

No wonder, there is lot to be improved in this section such as delivery time, availability but it holds great future ahead.

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  1. IT services

There are several IT services that we need to run above business such as Digital marketing, Graphics designing, customer support etc. and as startup budget is always the main issue.

Hence, Freelancing is the best business as both being a customer and also, being the service provider.

Here, we can see the work portfolio and discuss the projects at negotiable cost among the best freelancers present in the websites.

  1. Online gift shops

In the recent time online gift shops is one of the leading ecommerce sectors. Where you can pinpoint your friend’s choice and personality or whomever you want to gift. The product based on the answers you will be given suggestions of products from which you want to gift it.

  1. Online Course for students

Online courses are one of the most popular higher educations in the recent times. Where people also continue their study with work, and you can learn new things by sitting at your home. There are many famous websites that provides number of professional online courses that we generally do not get access to study from our places such as, Coursera, Udacity and on Udemy, we can even make our own courses and sell it to others.

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  1. Clothing and accessories

Generally, we think of E-commerce as it is only the cup of tea for Big vendors who have good inventory, logistics etc. But, now we no longer need it and we can start our own Clothing and accessories business by promoting our products on Social media sites and we don’t even have to purchase them and all we have to do is just to get connected to the shops who can provide the products at good cost and once we get order we can pay them and they will deliver the product to the customer and you make your own profit.

  1. Online grocery store

In present time people are so busy with their work schedule where they don’t want to spend their time at shop grocery shop and they would prefer having some business who can take the order and deliver the product at their doorstep and this saves the time or user and on certain occasion they can get handsome discount on product for shopping which keeps their need alive. Grocery, vegetable is not the luxury items but rather a need and hence, if someone can put honest effort in this field then there is huge scope and this does not mean that we have to go broad. We can even start from our locality itself because they are the best people at the beginning with whom you can easily build the trust.


In recent time ecommerce is one of the great opportunities where we can start our career. We can sell things, provide services over the internet and it is accessible for everyone unlike in the previous time the market was binded or limited to particular region nowadays in India we have so much of population who are from middle class and we have enormous opportunity to present our product to all of them in the minute of time. This is the future and in coming time with the help of AI E-commerce could be next big thing.

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