Why are Indian marriages (Both Arranged and Love) failing these days?

Why are Indian marriages (Both Arranged and Love) failing these days?

In India the ONLY purpose of getting married is to get all the legal rights that come by virtue of being married. That’s all. No other reason whatsoever. If you are married you know the answer but if you are not, this one is for you. I am not saying that most of Indian marriages are failing but the patience level in most of the relationship is losing these days. We all know that some marriages don’t go well whether it’s arranged or love and there are kids and money involved. Failing marriages in India is on the rise and there are many reasons behind this which are contributing to its increase. We look at ten reasons why Indian couples are tending to end their marriages.

Marriage done under pressure of Society/Forced Marriage

In our Indian society most of the marriages are done under pressure of family or society. One of such pressures is age. Once an individual turned, it a general belief that they won’t be able to get a good girl or a boy. So, they say yes without knowing each other much. Only after marriage they came to know that they have nothing in common not even views, interest, hobbies.

Communication Gap in the Marriage –

Miscommunication or communication gap is one the disastrous thing that can happen between two individuals. Lot of times intentions associated with words are not understood. No one sits down and try to resolve the exact intention instead it is kept inside which results in piling up of wrong feelings. It’s individual ego that prevents an individual to clear communication gap.

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Cheating and Affairs –

That’s the main factor for failing marriages these days. Infidelity is barely a new phenomenon, existed for as long as someone has united as couples, married or otherwise. Cheating and affairs is the thing that occurs in happy relationships as well as disturbed ones. Sometimes excess social media involvements can also damage relationships. There is no any specific reason behind this. Sometime you feel more love, care and support from an outsider instead of your spouse. Due to this you got in lugged with an extra marital affair & usually that time you wanted to be separate from marriage. 

Problems with In-Laws –

Most couple get separated with each other just because his wife has problem with her in laws. In Indian marriages, a girl is supposed to accept all the rules and customs just because her mother in law did it after her marriage. These kinds of things create problems between them. Your spouse’s being told that your behavior is inappropriate, offensive, hurtful and is a tough pill to swallow. After all this you to decide to break the marriage just because there is no more peace in that relationship. 

High and unrealistic expectation –

Everyone has dreamt their life partner to be a handsome, rich, caring and well settled. Generally, there is no unavailability of unrealistic expectations about marriage. Most of us create unrealistic thoughts so many times, but when it comes to a marriage, not everybody gets a full package but after knowing realty thing goes worse. Sometimes that cause can be money, hobby, nature or personality as well which can trigger anger which can ruin relationships.

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Self-Respect & Self-Esteem –

Self-respect refers to the positive state of mind that you have about yourself, if someone question on that, it’s gotten unbearable. Self-Respect can affect your relationship’s satisfaction just same as it affects your partner’s. The result of such mentality may be a divorce after a happy marriage because the increase in his/her self-Esteem made that person think that they deserve a better spouse.

Ego Issues/Conflicts –

Ego normally come from the fear of losing control or proving yourself accurate or when someone is feeling insecure. Sometimes People don’t even recognize that they have ego problem and it sooner or later results in failing relations with their loved ones. So, don’t always praise yourself, in every relation everyone should be treated equally. It helps to create more love and respect. So, in a relationship if you want to avoid the fights & want to save your relationship, you need to aside your ego first. Ego should never come in between loved ones.

Different priorities and interests-

We all have different taste in our lives but it doesn’t mean that whenever we go a lunch or dinner, we will order everything that we want. It should be based on common interest. If not done, it will result in a huge bill that will be put upon on every individual. Same goes with marriage too. You have some priorities and interest before marriage which will definitely change after marriage because now your better half too has his/her priorities. If it is not done, then it will not be different with a huge hotel bill bourn two individual.

Career –

Another important driving factor of life which should be valued most but not more than relationship. It’s important to grow in career but many at times it is given more priority than marriage. People keep on changing places leaving another better half alone. Keep working late or even working from home, which destabilize relationship.

Abuse/Domestic violence –

Abuse in a relationship, can be physical, emotional, verbal, and/or economic which destroy a marriage very badly. Physical abuse, also known as “domestic violence,” is clearer as it includes the infliction of physical pain (e.g. hitting, pushing, grabbing, etc.).


Indian marriages are failing so fast as individuals don’t have time to think what went wrong. Ambitious career, higher ego, no self-realization, no time for conflict resection, social/society issues all results in creating differences in couples which can pile up over the time and might result in separation. So, couples need to sit keeping their ego/differences aside and resolve conflicts. Love, trust and sacrifice should be different pillars of relationship

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