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what is html tag

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what is html tag

What is html tag? Learn HTML

This is Lesson 3 for learning Html (Hyper text markup) language. In this we will know Html tag kya hai and what is its importance in creating an html web page. In the first two lessons we learned html kya hai aur html kaise sikhe. Links to both posts are given below in this article.

what is html tag

Html tags are not very difficult to understand. By practicing this continuously you can become master of html tags in no time. In this post we will know html tag kya hai as well as examples of some basic html tags will also tell you. Which will make it much easier to understand html tags. So, without losing time, let’s start Html in Hindi Lesson 3 – html tag kya hai.

What is html tag

html tags are this type of code. Which are represented by typing their name between two Singular brackets (<>). Each tag is identified and has a different function. These tags are used to make the top (head) of a web page from the bottom to the bottom of the content area. These tags are generally divided into two parts.

  1. Paired Tags.
  2. Unpaired Tags.
  3. Paired Tags – These tags are Paired. They have both opening and closing tags. The opening tag is also called the starting tag. Let us define with <head>. The same Closing tag is defined by inserting slash (/) inside the angular brackets (</head>).

For example –

<Head> Html tag kya hai </Head>

Head Tag is shown in the example given above. Which is used to create the head part of the web page. Now since it is a Paired Tag, it is (<Head>) its opening tag and (</Head>) its closing tag. Almost all important tags are paired.

Some Paired Tags Example–:

Html tag – <html> </html>

Titel tag – <Titel> </Titel>

Body tag – <Body> </Body>

Heading tag – <h1> </h1>

Paragraph tag – <p> </p>

Bold tag – <b> </b>

Italic tag – <i> </i>

  1. Unpaired Tags – These tags are single rather than paired. They do not have any opening and closing tags. The use of such tags is very less when creating web pages.

For example –


This is a Line Break tag in the example given above. Which is used in writing a second line after finishing one line while writing a paragraph. Now since it is an unpaired tag, it has no opening and closing tag.

Some Unpaired tags Example–:

Image tag – <image>

Horizontal Line tag – <hr>

Html tag ka kya kaam hai.

html tag kya hai

Tim-Berners-Lee started Word wibe web for Document Sharing. Then he created his first software ENQUIRE. This software was in very simple language. Its job was to send some text from one computer to another. In 1990, due to the demand for new technology, Lee started Browser and Server Software specifying Html language.

While creating the browsers and server software, Lee created some special codes to make them work. With the help of these codes, he could give special command to Browser. Today we call these codes Html Tags. These tags were written before the web pages were created. The browser and software server already understand the command of all these tags.

For Example – When we create a web page and write a Head tag (<head>) in a Html Document and run it in the browser, then Browser understands the command of that tag and shows us its output in the web page.

Now, because each Html element’s (tags) has its own separate command for the browser. With the help of which we can create the structure of a web page. Basically in an html document these tags are used to create the structure of a web page.

Some Basic Html Tags with example in Hindi –

Basic Paired Html Tags -:

  1. DOCTYPE Tag – <! DOCTYPE>

This is not a tag. But the Doctype tag tells Browser how the document is written. Just like we are talking about Html right now, it will be written as <! DOCTYPE html>. This lets Browser know that the document is created from html language.

  1. Html Tag – <html> </html>

This tag is the main tag of html. Which defines an html document. Creating an Html document is started with this tag. All other html element’s are written between this tag.

  1. Head Tag – <head> </head>

The Header Area of ​​the web page is created by this tag. This tag provides the necessary information about a web page. <title>, <style>, <script>, <link>, <meta> all these tags are written within the head tag itself.

  1. Body Tag – <Body> </Body>

This tag is used to create a contant area of ​​a web page. This is a very important tag. Body tag can be used only once in an html document.

  1. Title Tag – <title> </title>

The title tag is used to title any web page. It is written inside the Head tag. With the help of title tag, Browser is able to know what the web page is about.

  1. Heading Tag – <h1> </h1>

This tag is used to write the heading of the document. Heading tags start from h1 to h6 respectively.

  1. Paragraph Tag – <p> </p>

This tag is used to write a paragraph. By using this tag, you can use any number of paragraphs in your html document.

  1. Bold Tag – <B> </B>

Bold tag is used to bold (darken) an important text. Any number of Bold tags can be used in an html document.

  1. Italic Tag – <i> </i>

The italic tag is used to make a text italic. This tag can be used multiple times in Html document.

  1. Underline Tag – <u> </u>

Underline tag is used to underline the text. Using this tag, a deep line is drawn under the text.

Basic Unpaired Html Tags -:

  1. Line Break Tag – <br>

While writing a paragraph in a Html document, the Line Break Tag is used to finish a line and start the next line. With the help of this tag, the line of the paragraph is alternating rather than straight. The size of a web page remains in Controle.

  1. Image Tags – <img>

The image tag is used to add an image to an html document. src, alt, width, height and style are attributes of all image tags. With the help of which we can see the url, width, height etc. of that image. Can give all things.

  1. Horizontal line Tag – <hr>

This tag is meant to specify thematic break in Paragraph. If you shift from your topic while writing a paragraph, this tag draws a line between those two topics. Which creates a gap between them.

So friends Learn html Lesson 3 This ends. Today we have known in this part Html tags Kya hai (What is html tags) and how they work. In our next html all tags in hindi Lesson 4, we will tell you about all the tags of Html and their usage. To ask all your questions, submit your comment in the comment box below. Thank you

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