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Do you know what a web browser is called? If you do not know, then in this post you will know what is Web Browser and what is its function? However, this is not a word you have not heard about. Because nowadays everyone uses the Internet to search for information. You may not know it by the name of a web browser, but UC Browser, Chrome Browser, Opera Mini, Firefox, Internet explorer by these names.


But in reality it is all web browser. Now because it is made by different software companies, their names are also different. It is not worth knowing what a web browser is, but rather how a web browser works? And it is quite interesting to know what its functionality is. Many of us use internet browser, but it has many such hidden features about which we have no information.

In this post, you will get to know such things about web browser, which will strengthen your grip in the field of computer. So let’s first know what is a web browser and which web browser is the best? After that, we will talk about the remaining aspects of it.

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What is a web browser?

A web browser called Internet browser or simply “Browser” is an application. Whose task is to access websites using the internet and display them on your computer. It is also called a kind of software program. If it is to be understood in technical definition, then it is a software application to access information on the World Wide Web.

Many times, most people see similarities between web browser and search engine, but these two are completely different and their functions are also different. The search engine is just one website, which stores the searchable data of many other websites. Some of the main search engine websites are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex. In contrast, to connect to the server and display the pages of websites in the computer, you need a web browser.

Their first task is to render HTML. HTML is a markup language, which is used to design pages of websites. When your browser reads a web page, at that time all the data of that webpage such as – text, image, link etc. are all present as an html document. The browser processes all these things and then shows them to you in the browser window.

What are the functions of web browser

It is very important to know what the function of a web browser is because most people do not know anything about its functions. If known in simple language, then the task of a web browser is for the user to search and open a web-page. It detects, retrieves and displays the contents of a web-page in the World Wide Web, such as – text, image, video and other files. It is a client running in computer and mobile device, which on your request, contacts the server and brings you any information there. In computing, a server is a computer program or a device.

For example, when you enter the URL of a web page in your browser like – www.nayaseekhon.com. So actually this web page exists on a server at that time. The web browser serves it in front of you. This process seems very simple in view, but there is a very complicated process behind it.

Web browser examples

A web browser is the most important software of a computer. No online service can be availed without this. Then whether it is to watch a video or seek information from a website, the internet does not exist without its use. So now you must have understood what web browsers are. We give you some examples of web browser, so that you will understand it completely.

Below are examples of some popular web browsers. All these are the most used today and they have their own different features.

Google Chrome

It is a Google product, released in 2008 by Google. Chrome browser supports almost all operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Linux. If you run a website, then it has many extensions, which you can use to make your work simple. It is available absolutely free as a web browser.

You can also do private browsing using its incognito mode. It is a cross platform web browser. Today, its name comes first in the most used internet browser.

Mozilla firefox

Firefox is a web browser known for its superior performance and extensibility. It is also available for Windows and android device. Today it is the second most used internet browser after google chrome. It is absolutely free and open source platform. The Firefox web browser was released in 2002 by Mozilla foundation and Mozilla corporation. You get to see more features in it than other web browsers.

Uc browser

This is the best internet browser for Android phone user. Its file downloading speed affects the Indian user a lot. It is available for free with features like Ad-block functionality and data saving. UC Browser is created by Chinese mobile company UC Web which is run by Alibaba group. It is also a very useful web browser, along with mobile, it can be run in desktop.

Opera Mini Browser

All of you will be aware with this internet browser because there was a time when it was known for its fast speed and data saving. Even today many people use it. It also comes in the oldest web browsers. Opera Mini was released in 1995 by opera software. It is also available for operating systems such as Windows, Linux and android.

Internet explorer

IE is one of the oldest web browsers. This browser made by Microsoft already exists on a computer with almost all windows operating systems. There was a time when it was dominated by the world’s first web browser, Netscape, if it was the same Internet explorer. This browser is not completely free because it requires a windows license to use.

It is not available for operating systems like Unix, Android and Mac. Microsoft has released a new browser named Microsoft Edge in the market for its mobile users.

Who searched the web browser

The web browser has an old history. The browser we use today is an updated version of the old browser. This process will be followed even further, with time, there will be changes in today’s internet browser and there will be an attempt to bring newness in them. So, let’s now take a little look into the history of web browser and know who searched the web browser.

Its history begins when the World Wide Web was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. He was the one who discovered the first web browser. The world’s first web browser was named worldwideweb, which was later renamed to Nexus. If we talk about its construction, then it was released in the early months of 1991.

A few years later, a new web browser was released. Which we know today by the name Mosaic. It was the first browser at that time that could display text and image simultaneously in a browser window. It was developed by the National Center for super computing application. After this, over time, many other internet browsers like – Opera, Internet explorer, Firefox came.

The internet explorer created by Microsoft made many changes to its new version. Until that time, you did not have facilities like multimedia application and internet mail in the browser. Now because it was the first browser to bring such facilities, by 1999, about 60% of users using the Internet soon started using it. In a way, it had completely overtaken the world’s first web browser.

After this, Steve Jobs introduced Safari, Apple’s first web browser. All of which are included with the OS X operating system. IE retained its dominance until 2004 and completely eliminated the Nexus. But when Firefox was launched, the internet explorer started getting a lot of competition. In 2010, this figure changed completely, now about 50% of internet users started liking Firefox.

By now, Google chrome had also come in the market and about 10% of users used it. By the year 2015, by the time this figure has changed completely, about 60% of users use Google’s Chrome browser. After that comes second, Firefox and now 5% of users using internet explorer are left.

So you have seen how there are constant changes in this area, now this situation is going to change further. Hopefully there will be some new invention in it and we will get to see something new. How does it work

How Web Browser Works

The World Wide Web works on a client server model. When we search a web-page on the Internet, the browser contacts the server of that webpage by fetching and fetching the request files and displaying it on the user’s computer screen. Here the user computer acts as a client. Now you will find this whole process very easy because whenever you request a web-page or click on a link, it opens in front of you in the blink of an eye.

But the reality is that the process behind it is very complex. To understand the whole process behind this, we have to understand some of its main steps.

First step – When we enter a URL in the address bar of an internet browser, it first contacts the DNS server. Records of domain name of all websites are present in DNS server. When it connects to each other, the DNS server takes the domain name from the browser, checks its records and gives the browser the IP address of that domain’s server.

Second step – Now as soon as the browser gets the IP address of that server, then the browser sends a request for that web page to the server. For example, we took this URL https://www.nayaseekhon.com.

Now this URL is divided into two parts:

  • HTTP – Hypertext transfer protocol
  • www.nayaseekhon.com – Server name

HTTP is a protocol that helps browsers communicate with the server. The same www.nayaseekhon.com which is converted to IP address by DNS server. We can also call it the address of a web server.

Third step – Now because any web page is in the form of HTML file inside the server, the browser is changed to its original form. This whole process is called rendering. Only after this is done, you can see that web page in your device.


By now you must have understood what is a web browser, what is its function? If you have interests in the field of technology or computer, then you must have liked this article. On this website you will get to see many such posts even further, which will increase your knowledge significantly. If you feel any deficiency or lack of information in this article, then please share with us in the comment below, your comment will definitely be answered.

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