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National Crush Of India Male & Female 2023 Updated

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National Crush Of India Male & Female 2023 Updated

Everyone has their own crush, sometime it’s schoolmate, sometime it’s collage mate, sometime it’s colleague but in rare case it’s a celebrity. We don’t give celebrity a thought as normally we feel they are out of reach for mango people. You will come across many beautiful girls from all over the world, but there are few unique girls who have their unique charm. They attract your eyeballs in no time & are recalled as a crush forever and ever.

Who is the National crush of India Female 2022

We have frequently seen a person becoming internet sensation overnight like Ranu Mandal or Vaibhav Vora but today I am going to talking about India’s Kannada and Telugu films Actress Rashmika Mandana. We all know every boy in India wants her, wants her to be his girlfriend, and wants to marry her. Although, have you ever noticed why Rashmika Mandana suddenly became the young India’s crush.

Actress Rashmika Mandana, who has worked in Kannada and Telugu films, is currently on the seventh sky. In fact, recently, Google has given Rashmika the title of India’s national crush for the year 2020. You might not know these things about Rashmika, who has worked in many superhit films.

Rashmika Mandana’s name is coming in Google

Actually, if you type National Crush Female of India 2020 on Google, then the name of Rashmika Mandana is coming in it. As soon as this came to the fore, the fans started congratulating Rashmika on social media. Interestingly, Rashmika herself did not know this. After this, he expressed happiness about this on social media as well.

Was born in Karnataka, beginning with Kannada films

Rashmika was born on 5 April 1996 in Virajpet, Karnataka. He has also done his studies in Karnataka. She started modeling while studying and at the age of 19, she got her first film offer. Rashmika made her debut in films with the film ‘Kirik Party’ in 2016.

Rashmika became very popular within few days

After the release of the first film, Rashmika’s bag got many big films. The next year his 2 films Anjani Putra and Shine were released. So far Rashmika has released about 10 films while 4 of her films are under shooting.

Trend of telugu industry

Rashmika’s popularity was not limited to Kannada films but she soon appeared in Telugu films as well. He made his Telugu debut in 2018 with the film Chalo. After this he has worked in popular Telugu films like Geeta Govindam, Devdas, Dear Comrade, Sarileru Nikevaru and Bhishma.

First date co-star

Rashmika Mandana came very close to her first film Kirik Party co-star Rakshit Shetty and the two started dating. The following year, on 3 July 2017, both of them got engaged in a private function.

Soon the engagement broke

This relationship between Rashmika and Rakshit did not last long and after that in the next year 2018, both of them broke their engagement with mutual consent. There is no definite information on who Rashmika is dating at this time.

Who is the national crush of india female 2022

Disha Patani is the national crush of india female 2019. Why Know Here :

Disha’s Fit & Athletic Body – 

Disha Patani has a perfect figure which requires a lot of hard work and gymming. Everyone has a dream for a fit and slim figure but not everyone has a passion like her to get it. She puts her heart and soul to keep her body fit. Disha appears a fitness freak and good athlete. She is one of fittest icons in Bollywood as well. Everyone should definitely learn from her to stay fit. Tips from Disha should definitely help. In general people go gym in the morning but Disha makes sure that she works out twice in a day. Disha takes heavy weight training. Her fit body attracts and inspire people to stay fit and easily fall in love with her. 

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Her Smile

A girl’s smile can stole anyone’s heart. Disha patani has most beautiful smile that anyone has ever seen, that’s the one thing that almost never goes amiss. Her smile is like the stars in sky are twinkling. It takes everyone heart. Her huge fan base keeps on increasing due to her million-dollar smile. Every Indian boy has crush on her captive smile.

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Fabulous dancer

Dancing is an art but Disha included Dancing into her fitness exercise. You will be surprised to know that she is an awesome dancer with fabulous dancing skills. Recently she appeared in a dance item number from Bharat movie, which a super hit among us and that clearly was shown her love for dance as an art. Her moves and expression while dancing makes boys fell for her.

Expressive Eyes

Disha, one the most talented actresses, mesmerized everyone with her wide smile and a perfect wink. Her Expressive eyes speaks a lot, have bowled everyone over, especially guys, who can’t get enough of her. Disha’s sweet and innocent face with those lovely big expressive eyes along with charming smile makes her the national crush of India. 

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Disha’s Height

Most of the boys have crush on tall girls or at least they like them. Disha’s height is 5.7 inches which makes her taller than a lot of girls. Personally, I feel heighted girls are more attractive than shorter girls because I believe their structure are much more balanced and that contributes towards their attractiveness. Structure here is not relevant to figure but it’s just required to be a sensation. 

Bold & Careless Attitude

Disha’s bold and careless attitude makes her different from other Bollywood actresses. She keeps posting her bold & sex appealing pictures for which occasionally she gets trolled. But she doesn’t give a damn. She is just being flawless, bold and careless about her critics. Men always admire a woman with attitude and Disha possessing such quality makes her everyone’s favorite.

Style & Fashion Sense

Sense of fashion of actress that has made Bollywood style admirable. These actresses and their wardrobe sense are like a breath of fresh air in the world of mainstream fashion and celebrity style. Apart from Disha’s acting skills, she is now wooing us all with her sense of fashion & style. Disha is very precise about her dressing sense and keeps her wardrobe up-to-date. Disha keeps her dress simple and comfortable but when it comes to style, she is a fashion icon for all other actress. Not only men but also women have their crush on her dressing sense.

Beauty with Brains

We all know if women have been so far only been related with beauty, then a brain is the most beautiful part of her body which makes her a femme-fatale. There are some actresses in our Bollywood industry who are stunning and gorgeous and have brilliant in studies. Being a charming and attractive actress, Disha Patani also did her Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science from Amity University, Lucknow.  She told, in her childhood, she wants to become an Air Force Pilot. She is a perfect example of beauty with brains.

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It’s difficult to find everything at once but god has given Disha Patani everything needed to become an Indian Crush. Let it be cute smile, captive eyes, her acting, sexy figure with great height or fit and athletic physique.  Her fashion sense is always trending with loads of followers following her style. She is becoming fitness role model for young India. Her attitude tells everyone to live life in their own ways and leave aside critics and trollers.  This might be a tittle but it’s definitely all facts and perfect!


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