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Facts About Breasts : You Love Big boobs or small boobs?

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Facts About Breasts : You Love Big boobs or small boobs?

Boobs are the essential thing that makes the girls figure attractive and sexy as girls are the beautiful creation made by God. Their silky long hairs handsome face with the attractive Figure in which boobs play an essential role in making their Figure attractive and sexy. Boobs also play a crucial role in sex and foreplay as guys like to play with girls’ boobs while having sex.

Small boobs are tiny in size, and as they are not so much explorer, they don’t look lovely, along with the fact that they are not able to attract any men towards them.

Reason Why Small boobs are not so much preferable by the guys 

Less explorer: In the manner, the small boobs are small in size, and because of their size, they are not able to explore much. Additionally, boys are not able to catch them into their eyes. The first thing which a boy’s eyes find when he saw a girl is her boobs. Girls with bigger boobs are more attractive than other girls.

Less attractive: As small boobs doesn’t make the Figure of a lady attractive. And boys don’t feel fun while playing them. Some boys need to prefer big boobs; some boys also prefer small boobs. The size of the breast depends on the like of a human, and every human comes with different nature. So all have different tastes, some like fatty breasts and some like shrink.

Reasons why guys like with big boobs Girls as a comparison to small boobs 

  • Big boobs are visible: Anyone can easily see the big boobs are they are more prominent. Big boobs are easily visible. Boys feel the girl attractive they easily get attracted to a girl with big boobs. Boobs are significant parts of a girl’s body, which can be easily visible from a distance. Girls with big boobs liked by most of the boys as their eyes directly fall on that part. It enhances the beauty of a girl. It adds a lot of attraction in the Figure of the girl’s body.
  • Make Figure Attractive: A girl figure plays an essential role in their life and their looks. With good looks, people should also carry a sound body and girls figure makes their bodies. The curves of a girl’s body can be easily visible with the size of their boobs, and big boobs attract the boys. Big boobs make a girl’s Figure more attractive and seductive. Girls with big boobs are liked by most of the boys. It adds beauty in their Figure. Boys directly attract a girl who is having a perfect figure.
  • IMportant for sex: When we start doing sex, the essential thing is foreplay. Along with foreplay is done by the smooch, by pressing boobs and by sucking them. If a girl has big boobs, then the boys would like to have the foreplay more with her as well as the girl also enjoy the foreplay with boobs as big boobs attract guys.
  • Pleasure in playing: The guys love to play with the boobs at the time of intimacy. Additionally, they found happiness with big boobs ( not silicon boobs natural ) in playing. Boobs attract the person towards sex and foreplay.
  • Boys like to play with the boobs of a girl. We can’t consider this activity wrongly, although they use it to show their love at the time of sex. Boys give a lot of affection towards a girl with big boobs.
  • Big Shape is fun: Those women have great Shape and size. They are useful in sex and performs good sex as a sex partner in bed. Together with they complete all the desires of the men that men want from the women. Boob is a womanly thing, when boys look at the boobs, some other type of wishes comes in their heart. That’s the reason why guys like to have sex with the big breast lady, and big boobs attract them.
  • Every man fantasizes about boobs: Boobs are the more attractive part of a woman’s body that attracts men towards women. So most of the guys think about a lady with big boobs. Their fantasy is to have sex with a lady with big boobs. Boys have an obsession with big boobs. Most of the boys dream about a girl who has big boobs.
  • Big boobs look great in all ways: Big boobs look good in all forms. This is one of the big reasons why boys like girls with big boobs. Every type of dress looks fantastic in these type of girls. If these girls wear a bikini, it will also look good on them, and they look very luxurious and attractive. It boys see them naked. Also, they find pleasure in watching her.
  • More pleasant in pressing: Pressing boobs is one of the significant parts in foreplay. Both the boys and girls feel pleasure in foreplay. Pressing boobs gives you sexual satisfaction. Boys find more happiness in touching the big boobs as big boobs provide more fun and a lot for foreplay.
  • Big boobs are the sign of healthy women: Big boobs are the sign of good health. If a girl is not healthy, her boobs will shrink and don’t look functional and attractive. Men always need a healthy woman so that she can bear all the pain during sex or childbirth. They need a strong woman with good health. So they first notice the boobs so that they can get the idea of women’s health.
  • It turns on the mind of men: Boobs is a part of a woman’s body, which can turn on account of any men. It is the most beautiful thing about a woman. Girls with big boobs are fortunate as they are the center of attraction for most of the boys. Boys are fond of that girl who is having bigger breasts, and this is not about today. Men prefer big breasts since many centuries ago. Big boobs girls are concerned as more beautiful than other girls.

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