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How to Unlock forgotten Phone Password

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How to Unlock forgotten Phone Password

How to unlock forgotten phone password

Unlock forgot phone password – Have you forgotten your phone password? Or has your phone become public due to entering the wrong password? Whatever the problem is, it is very big. We all know that without mobile, we cannot live for a few minutes, and if such time forgets the password of the phone, or if the wrong password is entered and the phone becomes public, then it is bound to get upset. And that’s why Nayaseekhon has brought you a powerful 100% working tips today, which will relieve you from the problem of forgotten phone password.

Friends, a few years ago when my phone got locked due to wrong password. So I had a lot of trouble. Then I took him to a software shop to unlock his phone. And that shopkeeper told me an easy trick to unlock android phone password which I would like to share with you. And let me tell you that it works 100%. So, to know this, keep going through the artical till the end. So let’s start friends.

Easy way to unlock forgotten phone password (How to open any phone password?)

Step by Step -:

If you have forgotten the password of the phone, or your phone is completely locked. This method works in both places. Just follow it carefully.

Step 1- When our phone is completely locked, the factory data inside the phone remains active, and the security system works. Then only an option of emergency call appears on our phone.

Step 2- Now you have to switch off your phone first. After switching off, both the power button of our phone (with which we switch on or off) and the low volume key (which reduces the volume, both have to be long press simultaneously,

Step 3- Press both the keys till your phone is open, and do not show the factory data mode.

Step 4- When the factory data show, then some such option will appear.

Factory data-:


PCBA test

full test

Item test

test report

clear eMMC

G-sensor call


Deferent can also come on your phone because the system of each phone is different, but one thing is same in everyone. clear eMMC and another reboot. And this is the work of both of them.

Step 5- Now press the low volume key and bring it to clear eMMC, after bringing it here, click on Home button. Now your phone will restart again and open after some time. Got your unlock phone password.

NOTE – After doing this, the internal data inside your phone will be removed, except only the data from the SD card, do so only when your phone is completely locked.

What to do when the phone is not completely locked? (Unlock forgot phone password)

Then you have to press the Home key by bringing on the option of reboot, the phone will restart again and the phone will be unlocked. Other related tips for unlock phone password in Hindi.

The phone also gets unlocked with gmail confirmation. But this facility is available only on expensive phones. When the phone is locked, the forgot pattern option comes under it, you click on it, enter your gmail and password and submit it. As soon as gmail is confirmed, your setting will be open, now you click on the None button, your phone will be unlocked. Or you can also change the phone pattern.

So friends, there were some easy tips how to unlock forgot phone password in hindi. Hope this works for you. If you liked the post then do comment. And do share with your friendss on social media. Thank you


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