Animation Studios in Colorado, Animation Studios near me

Animation Studios in ColoradoAnimation Studios in Colorado

Animation Studios in Colorado

  1. Mighty Fudge Studios

Saturday Morning Cartoons For Grown-Ups

Funny, character driven, stylized 2D animated shorts and series for adults who love cartoons and crave socially questionable options.


We’ve been creating award winning cartoons since 1999, blah, blah, blah… C’mon, let’s be honest. You don’t care about our story. You care about YOUR story. And so do we, because that’s the one we’re going to help you tell.


There are many studios who make animation. Good for them. We make cartoons. Are our cartoons animated? Of course they are. Are they tedious explorations of personal introspection or half-baked whiteboard videos? Absolutely not. What they ARE is disruptive, dangerous, attention grabbing and unforgettable. Yes. You’re welcome.


If you’re looking for boring cartoons, you’re in the wrong #@%king studio. Our philosophy is simple – if you’re going to make a cartoon that doesn’t involve a sassy mouse crushing a smart-mouthed farm animal with a falling piano, why make it at all? It’s not for everyone. We get that. But if you’re looking for dynamic, unique, and instantly memorable cartoon content, call us.


Can you afford this? We don’t know. Can you afford to anonymously blend in with the endless barrage of digital gruel that is force fed down our throats everyday? We don’t know that either. What we do know is that crazy content stands out in the static. And we also know that we make crazy content.

So, you know… math.

Address : 4520 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304, USA

Email :


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2.CatCow Animation Studio

As a motion design and storytelling studio, our main focus is on helping brands create content. We curate a team of storytellers: writers, illustrators, animators and sound designers to tell stories that help brands stand out from the noise of traditional advertising.

We created CatCow with the belief that any good marketing campaign triggers emotion and creates an experience for your audience that is engaging, compelling, and memorable. There are few better ways to create this emotion than through video.

Address :- 2590 Welton St, Denver, CO 80205, USA

Contact : +1 (303) 222-9725

Email :

Website :

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3.Hive Mind Studios LLC

It has been a childhood dream of ours to climb our way to the top of the professional animation and film industry. We strive to provide quality ideas that inspire young and old alike. We are an entertainment company based in Colorado where most of us were born and raised. As a team, we recognize the potential and growth that we can achieve here in our home state. Check out some of the projects we have been involved with and see how you can benefit from our creative work.

Contact :(720) 432-6278

Email :


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Intervoke builds scientifically verified 3D models used in our animation videos and educational software for the medical community, developed within the medical-legal review process. We create Mechanism of Action (MoA) and Mechanism of Disease (MoD) videos for pharma, medical device companies, and pain management clinics. Our goal is to help our clients develop patient education videos, surgical training, marketing, and interactive applications used by healthcare providers to demonstrate the use of medical devices, procedures and different disease states.We specialize in optimized content delivery, which means taking our own high resolution, photorealistic 3D models and working with cutting edge technology to make it easier for providers to manage patients more efficiently. And, pharmaceutical and medical device companies need to ensure patients understand how to use devices and administer drugs more effectively. 3D animation videos show how new technology works on intricate levels, when details are crucial for drug treatments, surgical techniques and medical device training.

Services : 

3D Modelling & Animation

Interactive Software 


Address : 1801 N Broadway 5th Floor, Denver, CO 80202, USA

Contact : +1877-278-7566

Email :


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5.Windstar Studios

Windstar Studios has been serving clients locally, regionally and nationally for over 30 years. The average age of over half our talented team is also 30 years. Talk about keeping it fresh. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you’ll find it useful. Please contact us to see how we can help make your program a success.

Services : 






Address : 525 Communication Circle

Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Contact : 719.635.0422

Website :

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6.Practice Studios

Practice Studios is the creative workshop of directing duo Adrian Bishop and Mike Slane. Together with their merry band of artisans, they direct and produce tv commercials, branded entertainment, social media campaigns, sing-along educational content and so much more!

Located in sunny Denver, Colorado, the workshop is outfitted with a photo and fabrication studio, capable of producing everything from miniature sets to large scale props and puppets.

Address : 186 S. Pennsylvania St.

Denver, CO 80209

Contact : (720) 477-0846

Email :

Website :

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7.DeadOn Studios

About Our Logo

That is why the octopus is our logo as our increased reach of design is symbolized by each tentacle.You maybe thinking, well an octopus is all well and fine but why the mustache and monocle? Back when  both Corey and I were in middle school in to high school 1998-2002 we didn’t know each and we lived in separate states. Even through this distance we were attempting in making people laugh by drawing mustaches on our fingers to get through a boring day of class thinking we were being completely original. We chalked it up to our generation all growing up with the game monopoly. We laughed a bit when the finger taches became super popular in 2012, and a tattoo artist took claim of its creation in 2003. It is a constant reminder that we humans are all connected in our thoughts and how we create based off of the inspiration of others artwork. It is also a homage to our generation, as we all work to inspire the next blossoming artists.

About DeadOn Studios

This studio started out with one mind (Caslynn MacGregor AKA Dead) with a supporting force from a beloved mentor in 2011. This mentor motivated the very existence of DeadOn Studios LLC. “Thanks goes out to this great teacher that pushed me, even though I was known to be pushed back” That one mind worked tirelessly to build skill and experience determined to have a successful studio. Several years went by and the company’s potential finally shined through when one mind became two (Corey AKA GamerJelly joined in as a designer and partner.) Fitting a large piece of the puzzle in place in this studios’ solid design. Two minds became one due to the effective teamwork that we have and drive to self advancement clearly captured in every project. Challenging each other to push beyond design comfort levels to deliver projects that constantly blow away our clients. Leading to a major increase of perfection and quality to every  new creation. In 2017 our company reached new heights as we began teaming up with amazing marketing agencies and created work for their wonderful clients. As our company grew so did the minds that linked us as a creative studio and in turn increased our reach of design. As of 2020 we are still working with clients but have also ramped up in-house projects including content on youtube, webtoons and now Twitch.

Contact : 307.389.9881

Email :


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Beth believes that thoughtful design has the ability to transform the world. After spending the first decade of her career between Chicago, LA and Denver developing video production departments for large and small ad agencies, Beth was eager to apply her expertise towards launching a brand design studio of her own. Her goal is to evolve the way companies think about marketing partnerships, a mindset driven by her belief that brand content should infuse the sublime into everyday moments.


Curt has led bold video design campaigns for over 16 years. He is passionate about introducing artistic sensitivities into the commercial world, a unique perspective that delivers profound results. Curt specializes in curating brand visual development and digital content. Curt was formally trained in fine art, film and computer animation at the Savannah School of Art and Design just as video began to emerge as the leading form of communication. Curt’s mission is to bring surreal vision into the commercial world.

Services : 


Virtual Effect

Address : 2957 Wyandot St.

Denver, CO


Contact : 720-486-8903

Website :

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9.Snowy Peak

Snowy Peak is Denver’s premier video production and animation company. With three locations across the Colorado front range, we are always available to brainstorm about your video production needs.

We’re different. We are a video production company taking a strategic approach to telling your brand story and maximizing your ROI. We believe understanding the ultimate goal, along with creating a great video, grows customer engagement and ultimately helps your business be more successful. We want the video to work for you… otherwise, what’s the point?

Most people’s and businesses’ stories are extremely interesting and it’s our mission to tell them! Whether we are creating a corporate video, broadcast television commercial or social media videos, we specialize in bringing your voice to your target audience.Our philosophy is creative collaboration! We work with our clients; listening and working with their vision to help evolve and guide the creative, arriving together at the best strategy for the video campaign. Not every style of video fits every client, so we will never force our vision upon you! We collaborate as an extension of your team, keeping your brand, messaging, and image consistent throughout the entirety of the campaign.We know not every client can afford to make a Super Bowl commercial! That’s why we work within our client’s budgets to maximize their investment and provide true High-Quality video production at every price point!We are a fun group, and while we take our client’s projects seriously, we make sure the experience is enjoyable. Through brainstorming sessions over beers, an inviting atmosphere during video shoots, and open collaboration during edit sessions, we strive to make video production an experience and not just a project. -We’re also a pretty darn fun place to work- check it out! (ProdHub Best Places to Work video)We are extremely lucky and grateful to get to meet interesting people across Colorado and around the world! If you like what you see, give us the opportunity to wow you… and if you live outside Colorado… don’t worry, we travel!

Services : 


Video Production

Post – Production



2D Animation

3D Animation

Address : 165 Caprice Ct, Unit A

Castle Rock, CO 80109

Contact : 720.398.4668

Website :

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10.Colorado Studios

At Mobile TV Group, our mission is to help you achieve the best production, in any location, at any time.

We do this by focusing on integrity and fairness for clients, partners, and employees.Mobile TV Group was founded in 1993 in Denver, Colorado when Phil Garvin expedited a single mobile TV unit for the Denver Nuggets NBA team. Since our inception, we’ve grown to become leaders in live TV production, technology innovation, customer service, and maintenance. We help produce over 4,000 live events each year, covering professional and collegiate sports, live music, entertainment, eSports, and business events.Our team of engineers and drivers are based across the U.S. for effective local services. We serve anyone going “live” including regional and national networks, streamers and broadcasters, rock stars, and corporate PR/HR professionals. Your dedicated event coordinator is there for you before, during, and after your live event, redefining “one-stop service.” This unique blend of subject matter experts and customer success managers helps us create lifelong partnerships with our clients.

Website :

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