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Why is Quora popular: How Quora Help to promote Business

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Why is Quora popular: How Quora Help to promote Business

Nowadays Quora is on everyone’s mouth. Quora is an online path-driven Question & Answer depository with spilling over information that is of interest to many people and many similar interests. It can be said Quora is useful to many businesses. There are plenty of ways in which Quora can be leveraged with all of the fantastic features that Quora offers. Quora is a brilliant way to increase your connections as well as inspiring your knowledge base. Because the things that Quora offers are from the top experts on those particular fields. Below are the following ways in which Quora can be used successfully for your business:

Providing Research on the competition: Keeping a watch on Competition is very essential for your business. You must pay attention to what your competition is doing and what talks are around the people about them from other people. The active members of the Quora community may help you with in-depth information and from some of those people who have had direct experience with the companies that you are researching.

It strengthens your business position among your customers: You can gather the number of sources that promote your business. You commence by searching for your business name. If there is already happens to be a topic on Quora, you can follow the topic so that you can receive alerts when new related questions are asked. If you respond to a question that someone asked, it is your opportunity to grab that your offerings are reasonably represented. Quora is also an excellent source when it comes to delivering better customer service by responding to their complaints and problems.

Publicity for your business: If you are interested in getting the public to communicate information about your business to others, you can use Quora for that. You can gather information from comments that have been asked on Quora which can prove to be very useful.

Build a good network: You should be constantly striving to boost the number of connections in your network. You should need to look for people who have similar interests as yours and who are passionate about the same topics that are important to you and your business. Quora is one of the excellent places to grow new and important relationships as well as It is very simple to do so too. You just need to click on the green “Follow Topic” tab, which is at the top of the sidebar on the right side of your screen.

Promote longer dialogue: Unlike Instagram or Facebook, which encourages people to communicate in short installments, Quora encourage longer communications among the members. However as much as longer communications are expectant, your expressions should still be chosen sensibly.

Position yourself as an SME: As you get connected with more and more people who share the same interests, your final goal should be establishing the important associations with those people. To proceed with that, you need to bring something of value in the form of your understanding and knowledge. The more you network with people and exchange your knowledge with them, the more they will look upon you as a proficient. They will pursue the conversation with you on a very usual basis and likely to read what you have to say.

Make stronger existing relationships: One of the most excellent ways to be in touch with people with whom you already share a relationship is by sending them Emails. Quora helps you to communicate through Email with whomever you like. You can share in the sequence of interest that you have established through Quora and send them an informative email. In all possibilities, that information will be greatly valued and you will have placed yourself on the front position of their minds.

Getting up to pace quickly: If you are interested in a topic that you know very little about, Quora provides you with a tremendous resource of experts on that related topic. You can get suggestions and information on any topic. Your band of experts will always be there to help.

Search any new topics on Quora: By going through the questions that other people are asking, you can get multiple ideas about new topics. Many of the questions that you come across may serve as feed for blog ideas, newsletters, etc.


Quora is a magnificent means that can help you immensely in your business. Quora allows you to stay on top of essential information that can deeply affect the success of your occupation. It is also a wonderful way to interact with other people and to build significant and long-lasting associations.

Quora allows users to ask questions and give answers. Users can place comments on the questions and answers, agree to disagree on those answers. Most recently there is a blogging feature also added known as Quora Posts. The fresh social media network is said to collect knowledge, it is reusable, shared, continually improving and the whole process on Quora is tied back to a person.

Compared to Twitter, Quora has captured more awareness to lots of people including those who are not so interested in social media. Quora is useful and accessible, you just need to register, draft a question and suddenly you have multiple users discussing the topic. It has formed a space in which people, including many senior executives of important companies, share thorough information, either by answering questions, providing tips or simply introduction out there inside information and rumors.

It is going to be very interesting to see the course it takes when it reaches the common public. Twitter has been an attractive practice ground and it is possible too that Quora will turn into a very useful tool for many too.

The only idea is to ask specific questions going to people that know what they are discussing about, something that search engines like google and social networks like Facebook have not been able to accomplish. The way it is going forward, soon we will start seeing its effectiveness and usefulness.

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