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Is email marketing a spam?

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Is email marketing a spam?

Email marketing is the cheapest form of promotion has been in the news for a really long time now. We have come across various benefits of what email marketing carries and how it has changed the lives of various marketers. Email marketing is not only said to be the cheapest but also a personalized form of marketing.

While email marketing cannot still be referred to as new, it still remains extremely effective at helping out marketers like you and me, WHEN DONE RIGHT!

This is the thin line that separates the two, email marketing and spam! Email marketing cannot be referred to as spam. However, improper email marketing can be. So what then? Is email marketing a spam or not? Make sure you read till the end of the blog to understand this completely.

First of all, what is spam?

If put in simplest of words; spam is an email marketer’s nightmare. Truly, spam is a bunch of emails that are unwanted and received on a daily basis. Sometimes they are simply unwanted but most of the time some of these could contain vindictive spyware and other harmful content.

It is said to be a critical job for an email marketer to elevate his promotional emails from spam and keep them distant from spam as much as possible. The most important thing to keep in mind about spam is that it is uninvited!

Understanding Spam

Spam is commonly defined as junk mail. It may sound basic but that is quite apt. A more comprehensive one would be unsolicited and irrelevant emails in your inbox.

Spam mails are mostly a result of bulk emails, or emails sent out in ‘blasts’ with aim or rather hope that it would be opened by someone. It is not necessary that these are illegitimate. Sometimes they are sent by authorized companies as well hoping to boost business. However, some spams are sent by dubious people who try to lure people into scams.

But what would make email marketing a spam?

Spam feels exactly like those strange salespersons who try to engage you into conversations to sell things. Annoying!

Think of it is as this way, spam does not only make you look bad but they ruin your promotional efforts.
Sometimes you are not even at fault!
This is how,
A lot of times people subscribe to your newsletters or emails. However, after a while or so, they mark your emails as spam. This happens because of the following reasons: –
1- The subscriber cannot recall subscribing to your emails.
2- They no longer want to receive your emails and it is easy for them to mark your emails as spam rather than going through the whole process of unsubscribing.

How “not” to be spammed?

 Remember this; get clear and expressive permission from the users before sending any emails. In fact, using a double opt-in process will help you make sure that your subscribers actually want to receive emails from you.
 Make sure your content is exclusive! From your subject line to the body of your email, it all mist be engaging yet attractive enough to help out your promotional activities.
 Try adding genuine offers for your customers or involve them by informing them beforehand about your next launches etc. This encourages your subscribers to stay on your list and continue to engage with your emails.
 Consumers today, need a flexible amount of individuality in their interactions with brands. This is what makes it vital to segment your list and send only the most relevant content to each subscriber.

Spam trigger words are a thing?

Yes, spam trigger words are those words or phrases that email providers see as red flags. These are words you will often find in those mails which are sent to the spam box automatically.

Here’s a list of words you should not use: –

1- Additional income
2- Best price
3- Cash bonus
4- Double your cash
5- Extra cash
6- Don’t delete!
7- Urgent
8- You will not believe your eyes
9- Winner
10- Dear friend
11- Confidential
12- Notspam
13- We hate spam
14- Cheap
15- Marketing solutions
There are around 180+ such words.
Like a coin has two sides, almost everything has a good and a bad side to it. Similarly, email marketing could be a spam if not done the right way.

Good email marketing practices; avoid spam
 Good email practices include a list of stuff, like cleaning out your inactive mail subscribers.
 Consider a double opt-in option
 Make your emails extremely engaging and exclusive.

Email marketing still remains a good, cheap and efficient way of promotion. We can take full advantage of it while keeping in mind the points discussed in the blog. Always begin with getting permission from your customers and keep them updated with exclusive and engaging content. Like two sides of a story, the other one says it is a spam. However, that comes with the condition of not being performed correctly.

Bio Author : 

Saniya Tauseef Digital Marketer with core expertise in SEO. A management graduate and a freelance content writer.
SEO Exexutive at Iway Digital, Noida, India. Former intern at City Groups, Dubai, UAE



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