Ways to increase the number of readers on Blog?

Ways to increase the number of readers on Blog?Ways to increase the number of readers on Blog?

Ways to increase the number of readers on Blog?

There is no shortcut path to increase the number of readers on Blog? the only solution is to keep working continuously and be patient. To earn from a blog, it is important to have a lot of traffic on the blog. CPC is very low on the Hindi blog, but if your blog reader is up to 5000 a day, you can earn 10,000 monthly comfortably from that month by just putting Google Adsense. Apart from Google AdSense, you can also add other private ads to your blog or you can earn money by writing a sponsored article for a company.

You have a great blog with bizarre content, educated opinions, or really beautiful pictures. You have done all the work to fulfill it, now you have to take it out! This guide will help you get your blog in front of as many readers as possible.

1 – Select the blog’s domain shortened and easy to remember.

2 – Create blog categories according to keywords.

3 – Blog category Select the topic about which searches are more and you are able to write on it.

4- Write a few words in Hinglish in the middle while writing a Hindi blog (i.e. – how do I earn from blogs, Main Blog Se Kaise Kamau)

5 – Write words that are coming in technical subjects even in English (eg – Search Engine, Search Engine)

6 – Always try to write informative blogs.

7- Complete any topic in maximum 600 words, if the subject is large, then write it part 1 and part 2 differently.

8 – Give the full details of the subject which is written, if the article is going long, then write it separately.

9 – Enter the appropriate keywords related to that topic when you type the topic.

10 – Keyword should be inserted in Hindi, Hinglish and English.

11 – Report of both Google Analytics and Google Search Console should be reported daily.

12 – Writing articles above the new keywords in the Google Analytics search query.

13 – Instead of creating a blog on any one topic, make it on all topics.

14 – Creating a blog on a topic is a good thing but should start by creating a multi-subjective blog.

15 – Write articles always unique, do not copy from anywhere.

16 – Enter the keyword of the subject in the URL of the blog too and do not make the URL too long.

17 – Share the blog you wrote on Social Media

18 – Tweet your post: Twitter is one of the more acceptable places to broadcast all your blog posts, because it is designed for quick posts with links. Tweaking new posts is an easy task at face value, but you have to spend some time planning it. This is particularly important because your global audience increases.

19- Schedule your tweets: As your viewers grow, you will find that the readers are coming from all different time zones on your blog. When a person checks his Twitter after 8 hours of posting, your blog tweets can easily be lost. Use social media management tools such as Hootsight to schedule schedules for Tweets.

20- Try posting when your readers are most active. Try posting the blog in the morning, and then support it later in the day with tweets. These tweets will bring new users who are coming to the Internet for the first time on that day.

21- Post on Facebook: When you publish a blog article, then link your Facebook account to keep your friends and family in the loop. These people can not seem as important to your long-term readers, but who they share it with, there might be a big impact on your readers.

22- As your blog grows in popularity, you will probably see an increase in your Facebook activity, because readers and other bloggers add you as a Facebook friend.

23- Post your images on Pinterest: If you have an image-oriented blog, then post pictures on Pinterest to run your traffic. Pinterest is very focused on images, so if you have only text it will not be as helpful.

24- Use Google+: This service cannot be popular with Facebook or Twitter, but because if you run through Google, you will get a bonus in your Google search engine rating when linked through Google+. Blog posts on Google+ can be shared fast with different types of people.

Link your posts to popular integrated sites: There are millions of active users on websites like Digg and Reddit, and there is a great way to spread the word about your blog. If users are like your work, they will do publicity work for you by voting and commenting on your site.

25- Create an RSS feed: An RSS feed will automatically push your blog posts to customers, and they can access your posts through reader programs. A great way to make sure your customers stay up to date as often as possible.

To increase traffic, your blog needs to be SEO slightly, i.e. it has to be promoted, but I have the advice that SEO promotion should not be done quickly. If you follow my suggestions, then your blog will start appearing in the search result which will also give your blog an identity. The reader coming from the search result is more valuable, so try to get the search result reader first, then think about Blog Promotion.

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