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How to Become Famous on Youtube 2023 Updated

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How to Become Famous on Youtube 2023 Updated

Now, these days one of the quickest and easiest ways to stardom is by becoming famous on YouTube. Youtube is just not only for music, but many people are also using Youtube to promote their talent and becoming a lot famous through it. To name, one of the biggest success stories is Justin Bieber, who got so many views on his videos that he was spotted by a famous talent agent and now he is one of the most famous singer on this planet. The best part is that anyone can do it too.

The way to become famous on YouTube is very simple, getting a lot of, views and more views on your videos. Just think this way, the more people see your videos, the more people that will know you, they get to follow you, become your follower and this is how it works. The more views you get, the more famous you become and the more views you are going to get forward. This sentence might sound weird but that’s how Youtube works, Youtube suggest those videos to other people that have been seen quite a lot. So if your video gets a lot of views then YouTube will start suggesting that to more and more people and the views will keep on increasing more and more.

The best way to increase the views is by telling your friends about your Youtube profile and get as many followers as possible. For that you need to create your profile and make friends with anyone and everyone through your Youtube videos. This way once you upload a new video you will get many new views from your friends and followers and the ball will start rolling. As the number of YouTube video publishers increasing day by day, the competition to get your video seen by the people also getting tough day by day. It takes a lot of effort and patience to make good videos on YouTube.

Below are the steps and tips on how to get more subscribers on YouTube and to get your videos to rank on top.

Create your Youtube channe

Matching Keywords

The keywords which are used for the video have to be related to the content of the video and must be the same as its description or category. A difference in the category and the keywords makes it difficult for your videos to rank high, leaving you with few or fewer subscribers.

Increase the number of viewers

The higher your number of views, the higher the number of subscribers you will get, keeping in mind your videos are of good quality and interesting. There are so many ways to increase your YouTube views. You need to choose the right methods of creating a good video, using matching keywords and making a lot of friends to increase your views and subscriptions.

Social networking on Youtube

Generally the common mistakes which YouTube users do is they fail to use the site for social networking. Many people promote their YouTube videos by posting them on Instagram or Facebook when they share it on YouTube. Youtube allows you to connect with many users by adding them as friends or allowing them to comment on the videos. If anyone wants to learn how to get more and more subscribers on YouTube, first understand its features and make the best feasible use of them.

Share more information than just videos

To get more views and subscribers, you can offer a lot of information to your viewers. This may not be possible for everyone but if you are promoting a product or services you can give people a free e-guide or link to access where they can find much more relevant information.

One can also increase the number of subscribers by subscribing to other channels, commenting on them, giving them ratings, and adding as many friends and users as possible. Use these tips to get subscribers on YouTube and you will soon be seeing a better response to your videos. More people will view and like your content, but you need to trust the process, and do your work consistently. Make sure each video you create has a correct and striking title, explanation, and matching keywords. You need to make sure how people will be searching for the content in your video, and mention those words and phrases which attract them to help people find you.


To summarize, let’s see the important points to remember to become famous in Youtube.

  • Create playlists that provide interesting and attractive content. You get more views, and viewer that search for your videos, like your content and will subscribe.
  • In each video, ask for your viewers to subscribe and post comment. Adding it at the end of your videos is fine to get more subscription.
  • Use the search engines in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to find out the popular or trending things, and make a video about that so people can search for it on Google and YouTube search bar and you can get more views and this will attract more subscribers.
  • Link your YouTube channel to other social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,etc.
  • Listen to the comments what you users like or dislike. Make every new video improvement upon the previous viewers notice and be thankful when they are being heard.
  • Create video that look good and sound good. Make sure you upload good quality and provide good lighting and a steady camera in your video. 

Remember, there is no exact formula to become famous on YouTube. But if you follow the above tips, and keep creating exclusive and interesting videos, you will get more YouTube subscribers.

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