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Why girls look for a hookup in Tinder rather Relationships

Why girls look for a hookup in Tinder rather Relationships

In this modern era, where the internet is playing a unique role in everybody’s life, people find everything on the internet. People are also active in various social networking sites, dating sites, etc.

Yes, Indian girls indeed look for a hook up in Tinder. Tinder is an online dating application where people can like or dislike someone’s profile by considering their photos, bio-data, or common interests. If the two users match, they can exchange messages and contact each other.

Many Indian girls are taking advantage of this application by finding a guy for hook up.

Hook up culture is in a trend nowadays. This application is beneficial for those girls and boys who want to experience a love relationship.

Indian girls have their particular perspective to use Tinder and find a guy with similar interests. Different people have different thoughts about using tinder applications, and we can’t judge them. Some use Tinder for fun, whereas some are there who feels that Tinder is the best application where you can find your true love.

Below is the list of some reasons which can be the reasons why Indian girls looking for a hook up in Tinder.

Why hookup are better than Relationship

1.Tinder is in trend- 

Yes; Tinder is a social networking and dating site which is in trend nowadays. There are a lot of people in India who do things because of the trend.

Many girls use Tinder to show other people that they follow a trend, or they connect to the world. It is a thought of a young generation who doesn’t follow the pattern is out of fashion, and it considers them old.

Girls want to show off in front of their relatives and friends that they are highly active in dating sites and a girl of the modern age.

2. To find love

Indian girls are always in search of true love. So, most of the girls use Tinder as the searching site of true love. They search the profile of a boy who is having the same interest as her or likes his photo. There are many options available on Tinder where they can find love. It is a dream of every girl that she can choose her life partner. Tinder can make this possible, finds a boy’s profile whom you like to start conversations with him if both share functional equations and connections can meet in reality. And start their relationship.

A lot of girls have found their love in Tinder.

3.Intimate relationship

A lot of Indian girls use Tinder to make informal relationships. These relationships have not created because of any love it has designed to enjoy life. A casual relationship is maintaining for hanging around with each other or having casual sex without any future commitment. It is a relationship between two people where they live together without making any future commitments.

4. Casual Sex-

A lot of Indian girls are there who doesn’t want to have a relationship but want to fulfill their desire to have sex. Tinder is an application which offers them the opportunity to find a man whom she can share a bed for one night. They call it as one nightstand. It is in trend nowadays. She can get physical with him without any emotional commitments or future assurance.

5. Check profiles of boys-  

There are a lot of girls who don’t want to establish any relationship they go through this site to check out the boy’s profile. Some of them flirt with a boy for a time pass.

6. Come out from the memory of past relationship-

One of the main reasons is past relation memories which lead Indian girls to look for hook up in Tinder. It is complicated to come out from the depression of the previous relationship.Tinder can help them in this while talking to another guy can make a girl feel right if she shares a connection with him. She can find a guy on Tinder and have a relationship with him or create casual relation to forget her memories.

7.A sexual relationship without any connected strings

It is a little shocking but true that girls also desire sex. It is their fantasy to have sex. Not every girl wants to sex, but a lot of girls are there who wish to do so. Tinder is a site where you can find every type of man. A girl who doesn’t want any love relationship but the sexual relationship can find a man who has similar interests. They can share a sexual relationship without any commitment and future bonds.

8. To come out of loneliness

It is a problem of many lonely girls. They don’t have anyone in their life whom they can talk, share their feelings and do whatever they want. They find a lot of boys with whom they can share their feelings, enjoy their lives and be happy.

9. To overcome boredom-

Tinder is one of the best dating sites where you can find a lot of people whom you share a common interest. It is not bounded by anything that you can talk to only one man at a particular time. It allows you to speak as many boys whom you want to talk. Many Indian girls use Tinder to overcome the boredom. Many girls have nothing to do.

10 Safe mode

There is a lot of social networking sites and dating applications where people can find their match. But Tinder is one of the best and most reliable methods of online dating. It provides the details of several guys who can be the best match of yours. It offers you a lot of options regarding your choice. Every individual is different so as their choice, Tinder is an application where you find all types of men’s profile check it out and make your bond. It is the safest mode of online dating it doesn’t leak anybody personal details and doesn’t make anyone fool. It provides you with the actual information. So, above are some reasons with the answer to your question Do Indian girls look for a hook up in Tinder? So, the answer is yes. Tinder provides you with one of the best experiences of online dating where you will not regret using Tinder.








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