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Why Females are only restricted to the Kitchen?

Why Females are only restricted to the Kitchen?

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Firstly, I Would like to clarify that a kitchen is a place where our parents or what I can say all mothers spent the majority of their time in that place. Though we are in an era of globalization and liberalization, still women don’t have the liberty to take any decision individually. India is a traditional society that thinks that behind every successful man there is a woman. We all quietly agree and feel proud of this. Are we women being really happy with this dilemma? 

There are certain researches had been done for women in kitchens or not financially independent. There was always a similarity that women themselves have held back in certain circumstances. Several factors are discussed below supporting the context.

  • Dependence: Women are dependent on fathers before marriage later we are dependent on our husbands. Though women are literate nowadays still we lack confidence. Upbringing by our parents raises insecurity rather than confidence. Women always feel guilty for feeling good or strong about themselves. 
  • Ego Issues: Male ego is the basic reason why women are lacking in decision-making in the household. Women are very much part of the household still they deliberately feel that this is not allowed in the family. Still, they are not considered for making any decisions because of the male ego. 
  • Equality: There is a lack of equality in society. Gender discrimination is the main issue all are facing for ages. Though manhood went to moon and mars however their brains have been rooted with traditional beliefs. Society should be part of development but usually, it supports orthodox autonomous thinking. 
  • It is a common mindset of everyone that they doubt the in capabilities of a female person. They are not allowed to study go outside of their community or places. Being a natural perspective person who has never gone out, always being in comfort zone people think that women love to follow the footprints of the elders or husband but they don’t want to rule.
  • Long ago there was a Bollywood movie Ki & Ka. This movie was a hit because they pointed out the mindset which has traditional tuning. Eventually, people started understanding things about it. This movie was not unique but the combination of males and females sparked out nicely.
  • Psychological, biology and cultural norms: There are certain factors on which our perception depends upon. Often, females are considered to be weak, problematic. Males don’t understand the value of equal partnership. Values of individuality. 
  • Though India has implemented a lot many things let it be like schemes for the welfare of women, self-empowerment, helping them for earning and survival. Do they work? I don’t raise any question on these schemes or anything else. But I want people to be counseled for these things. At least they should learn to respect others.
  • Pay Variance: Along with many other countries, India also has pay variance for males and female. Though female works hard or gives perfect competition. So, mindset gets inculcated in their head for this variation and it gets justified as women are not so important.
  • Child Marriages: In India, Child marriage got abolished. But still, there are many cases reported in India. Officially, many NGO’s have agenda of abolishing it. The graph has declined in child marriages. However, still, it impacts women’s individuality. 

Though we can never justify why women are only restricted to the kitchen? but would try to provide some factors to eradicate it:

  1. A good education system helps to eradicate gender equality. It helps in providing a better standard of living. Education provides self-confidence, earning, maturity, and many more.
  2. Proper discipline makes children understand that everyone is equal before the law. Discrimination can be evaded.
  3. The government should work towards providing equal gender pay. 
  4. More counselling sessions should be given to both individuals and families so that they can be eradicated from the roots of the traditional system.
  5. Lastly, the implementation of the legal framework. If anyone fails to abide by the law they should be penalized and paid for their evil deeds.

As young citizens of our country, we should make aware of everyone that women are a beautiful creation of God. Every creation made by God may be a parasite or an insect all should be treated with the respect they all help in ecology. Everyone has their importance they should be discriminated based on anything. Hence, we must say women are not meant for the kitchen only they can contribute to the economic development of the country.






Divya Adiv

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