Jio Phone Prima 4G Price 2,599 Online Booking 2023 Updated

Jio Phone Prima 4GJio Phone Prima 4G

Jio Phone Prima 4G

Reliance Jio has launched its latest 4G feature phone, the Jio Phone Prima 4G, at an attractive price of Rs 2,599. The phone is built on the KaiOS platform and offers access to popular apps like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Voice Assistant. It also supports UPI payments.

Key Features of the Jio Phone Prima 4G:

  • 2.4-inch QVGA display for clear and vibrant visuals
  • ARM Cortex A53 chipset for smooth performance
  • 512MB of RAM to handle multitasking with ease
  • 128GB of internal storage to store your favorite apps, music, and photos
  • 0.3MP rear camera for capturing memorable moments
  • 0.3MP front camera for video calls and selfies
  • 1800mAh battery for long-lasting usage
  • 4G LTE support for high-speed data connectivity
  • KaiOS operating system for a simple and user-friendly experience
  • Support for popular apps like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Voice Assistant for staying connected and entertained
  • UPI payments support for cashless transactions
  • Available in multiple colors to suit your style

The JioPhone Prima 4G is available for purchase online and offline from various retailers.

Jio’s growing lineup of 4G feature phones

Reliance Jio has been aggressively expanding its lineup of 4G feature phones in recent years. The company has launched several successful models, including the JioPhone, JioPhone 2, and JioPhone 3

. The JioPhone Prima 4G is the latest addition to this lineup.

Aimed at rural markets

Jio’s focus on 4G feature phones is largely driven by its desire to connect the rural population of India. Feature phones are still popular in rural areas, and Jio is aiming to provide these users with affordable access to 4G data and connectivity.

The JioPhone Prima 4G is a great option for users who are looking for a basic 4G feature phone with access to popular apps. It is also a great choice for users who are looking for a phone that is easy to use and affordable. Overall, the JioPhone Prima 4G is a solid entry in the 4G feature phone market. It is a well-rounded phone that offers a good set of features at an attractive price.


The JioPhone Prima 4G is a compelling choice for consumers seeking a premium feature phone with essential features and a user-friendly experience. Its affordable price, powerful performance, and access to popular apps make it an ideal companion for everyday communication, entertainment, and connectivity.

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