Why do men like breasts so much? Why do they have a passion for it?

All the angels of a woman are beautiful, but the most liked or say that the part that attracts them is the first breast. This has also been said in many researches. But I believe that it also depends on the person which organ pulls him first.

What is a surprise? If a male likes a female and its different organs, its gait and its trappings, it is natural to be a male. Surprisingly, when a female is attracted to a female, or a male is attracted to another male, this question should be for them. Being a male manus, I proudly admit that I like human females very much, the beauty of their different organs makes me feel intoxicated. And I am proud to have a woman as a human female. 

If a male is fascinated by the beauty of the most beautiful and best female in the world, then what is surprising about this? Then the bust and the pillar is the most beautiful part of women. Seeing the beauty of different parts of human females, different types of manus males are attracted, and riding on the infield to make the females walk around the market. But, human females become more easily fascinated by a male attached to them.

The author of a book speculates that biological, cultural and most important hormones may be secreted during nursing. Larry Young and Brian Alexander’s book ‘Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sachs and the Science of Attraction’ explains the main reason for hormones born in nursing.

According to this news published in the Daily Mail, the hormones released during nursing add a deep bond between mother and son and this hormone also brings lovers closer during the union. Larry Young states that “out of all the mammals on earth, a man is the one who is attracted to the breasts during union.”

According to Larry, “women are the only animals with breasts that grow during puberty.” Apart from this, man is the only creature who caresses and kisses the breasts during union. ”According to these authors, the history of the past 1 lakh years is witness that men are always drawn towards the breasts. However they also say that this attraction is natural, not traditional. A part of the book says that ‘Children do not learn to bow to the breasts in the playground, this is a biological truth deeply embedded in their minds’.

Bhanu Garg: