Top 10 Startups in Indore List 2023 Updated

Top 10 Startups in IndoreTop 10 Startups in Indore

Top 10 Startups in Indore

Indore is one of the well-known city of Madhya Pradesh and also known as the financial capital of it. Taking about Madhya Pradesh it is considered as the heart of India. The state is popular for its culture, food, history and everything. Indore is a city which consists of several entrepreneurs who have founded several startups after PM Narendra Modi’s “Make in India”. The city has emerged as the startup hub in India which has lots of successful startups that are serving their best services to not only citizens of Indore but the country. In this article, you will learn about the best startups in Indore. But before going ahead you must know about startup and things related to startups.

What does startup mean?

‘Startup’ you must have heard about the word as it has come into existence after “make in India’. People have founded several startups after the scheme. But many of the people are there who doesn’t know about what startup exactly is so this article will clear your thoughts. Basically, a new company founded by any entrepreneur that intended to manufacture unique product demanded by the customers is known as a startup. In other words, the startup is a company which is created by an entrepreneur who has come up with innovative ideas to produce a new product or service.

The startup can be founded by one or more people usually known as entrepreneurs. The problem of the startup is that initially, it has low funding so it raises fund from other capital ventures, family or friends to carry out their business operations easily. The main motive of the startup is to acquire the market and earn more revenue. The startup desires to gain popularity and success within a short period. It runs on a repeatable and scalable business model that means it keeps on changing its business model until or unless it gets success. The startup is founded by the entrepreneur after the complete research of the market and customer’s necessity. The basis of the startup is dependent upon the customer’s demand as it wants to fulfil all the emerging needs of new India and satisfy its customers.

How a startup is different from business?

There is no similarity between startup and business both are far different from each other. Some of the points are mentioned below which will clear the difference between startup and business.

Motive – the motive of both startup and business differs from each other. The startup came into existence with its innovative ideas to develop new product or service that is mostly in demand by the customers whereas business creates the product which already exists in the market.


Risk factor –  It would be wrong if I say that business does not involve risk as it also involves risk but there are fewer chances of failure. While startup contains a lot of risks as it is new in the market and desires to produce a new product so there is a lot of chances that the product or service could not be liked by the customers.

Funding – the way of raising funding of both startup and business is different. Startup raises fund from sources like family, friends or other capital ventures. It also receives funding from well-known brands of India. On the other hand, the business receives fund from sources like bank loan, etc.

Growth purpose – the goal of both startup and business is different. The startup wants to get success in the short time while business doesn’t focus on growing rapidly but to exist in the market for a long period.

Product – the startup is created with the main purpose of developing a new product or service which is demanding by the customers but is not available. On the contrary, the business produces the same product which is already selling by others.

Business model – the business model of both the startup and business is different. The startup follows the repeatable business model it continuously changes its business model until it received what it wants. On the other hand, business works on a stable business model as it follows the traditional business model.

Period – the startup is developed for a short period until it gains popularity among the customers and reaches the height of success while business runs for a long period until it gets fail.

Types of startup 

There are six types of startups which are mentioned below:

  • Lifestyle startup
  • Small business startups
  • Large scale startups
  • Social startups
  • Scalable startups
  • Buyable startups

Best startups in Indore 

In recent years, Indore has come up with numerous startups some of them don’t work so well but some of them has achieved the height of success. Here is the list of top 20 startups that are providing great service or product to its customers and you must know about them.

20 top startups in Indore are:


Gramophone is a startup in Indore founded by Nishant Vats and Tauseef Khan. It provides all kinds of agriculture stuff to farmers such as seeds, crop protection, Agri hardware, etc. Farmers can easily purchase these products from the Gramophone’s platform. Its agronomic intelligence offers farm management advisory solutions to farmers. The main motive of the Gramophone is to provide opportunities to the farmers to select the best farm inputs. The company has received funding of $3.5 in an equity funding round. You can contact to Gramophone through calling on number +91 731 429 8730 or you can also mail on or


Shop Kirana is one of the successful startups in Indore established by Tanutejas Saraswat in 2014. It is a B2B company that intends to develop as a supply chain management service to retailers all over India. You can contact to Shopkirana through sending mail on or you may also call on

+91 7828112112.


Security bulls are one of the most successful startups in Indore that was established by Prateek Sharma and Geet Vaishnav in 2016. The main intention of the startup is to provide penetration testing and IT security assessments for companies. It is a cyber security-based startup. It also delivers services to bloggers and online marketers for protecting their content management systems. It has also worked with famous companies like Adobe, Microsoft and Google. You can contact security bulls by sending mail on or or you may also call on +91 0731 4961 510.

Indian Threads 

Indian threads are a clothing based startup in Indore that was established by Abhishek Rawal and Vishi Porwal in 2015. As we know that Indore is popular for the cotton textile industry so that the motive of the Indian threads was to create premium quality menswear basically shirts. It also offers all types of t-shirts on its website. The startup sells its shirts online as well as an offline platform in the country. You can contact to Indian Threads by sending mail on either or You can also call on numbers either +91 731 496 8446 or +91 975 320 9000.

Oye 24

Oye 24 is a food delivery based startup in Indore that was developed by Mishal Jain, Manish Chhajed, Ritesh Chhadej and Rahul Badhera in 2015. The company provides its services 24/7 in 365 days. It delivers various kinds of cuisines from different vendors. You can contact to Oye 24 through calling on 97535 41900.

Motion Gility

Motion Gility is one of the most successful startups in Indore founded by Himanshu Chaturvedi and Komal Kokate. The company is based on animated video production. It offers best-animated explainer videos to their customers to promote business stories. The motive of the company is to help businesses in marketing and increase their popularity. The company is also providing its services in Germany and other foreign countries. You can contact to Motion Gility through sending mail on and you can also call on +91 9669887831.


Feedify is a popular startup in Indore that was founded by Ankur Phadnis in 2017. The startup aim is to help companies by sending push-notifications to targeted customers. If a customer sees constantly a product he/she will definitely buy it. The company sends push notification to the visitor when they are not active on a particular site. You can contact to feedify through sending mail on and you can also call on +1 646 665 7811 or +91 98273 34544.

TM Store 

TM Store is an app development based startup in Indore that was founded by Virat Khutal in 2015 but it was officially started in 2016. The company helps businesses to create their custom mobile apps. It also owns its app called as Naaniz. People can become a partner with the TM store and sell home-made snacks.

Engineer Babu 

Engineer Babu is one of the most successful startups in Indore that was developed by Mayank Pratap and Aditi Chourasia. The startup is based on Web and App development industry. The company has worked with one of the popular companies such as Apple, Uber, Samsung and Fox Sports. It provides great services to its customers regarding web and app development. You can contact to Engineer Babu through sending mail on or and you can also call on +91 8225007007.


Walkover is a successful startup in Indore based on the computer software industry. The company was founded by Pushpendra Agarwal. Its jobs are like coders, coffee aficionados, debaters, writers, designers and DOERS. The startup has developed three things that are:

  • Socket, API middleware that helps in making third party integrations easier.
  • Giddh that is an A/c application which is a computerized world of accounting in the country.
  • MSG91, it is India’s renowned A2P messaging forum that is serving more than 5000 enterprises and processing thousands of messages.

You can contact to Walkover through sending mail on or call on +91 7312560056.


RackBank is a startup in Indore which is one of the leading startups of Indore founded by Narendra Sen in 2013. The company provides hosting services to other companies. It has provided its services to Saavn, MSG91 and IMO. You can send mail on or And you can also call on toll-free number 1800-102-0088.

Witty Feed 

The witty feed is one of the successful startups Indore that was developed by Shashank Vaishnav, Praveen Singhal and Vinay Singhal in 2014. Currently, the company stands in the first position as India’s largest viral company and stands on the second position in the world for traffic numbers. Initially, the company has started as a Facebook page then, later on, it started as an entertainment blog. In this platform, people can express their stories by blogging. The company has received funding in a pre-series A round in 2017 from the group of marquee investors. Witty Feed’s tough competitors are ScoopWhoop and BuzzFeed India. You can contact to Witty Feed through sending mail on or you can also call on 07314206247.,9_IL.10,16_IM1079.htm


TeleRikckshaw is one of the popular startups in Indore founded by Karanvir Singh in 2013. The main intention of the startup is to provide a platform to the riders to book autorickshaw online. The auto fares are fixed according to the distance travelled by the customer. Initially, it started its work with 50 drivers and till July 2017 it has reached to 5000 drivers and serving 500 customers each day. Apart from Indore, the company is also providing its services in Ujjain, Bhopal, Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Amritsar. The company has also installed GPS panic button in autorickshaws for a safety tool. You can contact to Telerickshaw for booking auto through calling on 9-098-098-098. The main aim of the company is to provide the easier, safer, economical and convenient ride.


BollyWoo is a startup in Indore founded by in February 2016. It is an online retail store that mainly focuses on bollywood fashion and trends. Basically, it sells those clothes which are like the dress that have worn by an Indian actress in the movies. It has bound with movies like Tamasha, Pyar Ka Punchnama 2, Cocktail, etc. Currently, it has 4,500 active subscribers and 1000 android and iOS apps download. According to the company, it generated 8 lac of revenue with 20-25 orders daily. Users can contact to Bollywood through calling on numbers 0731-4731600 or 97708-17185 or you can also text on WhatsApp number 98261-25906. You can also send mail on

Motor babu

Motor babu is a startup in Indore that was founded by Mayank Pratap and Aditi Chaurasia. The aim of establishing the company is to provide car booking services to the customers. People can have great pick up & drop facility through Motor Babu. Customers can call or send a message on WhatsApp to book a bike or car service. You can contact to Motor babu through sending mail on or you can also call on 887-102-0007.

Tuk Tuk 

Tuk Tuk is one of the most successful startups in Indore founded by Anmol Vaidya. The company was established before the development of Jugnoo. It has started giving its services in Indore by providing auto-rickshaws and bike riding services to the customers through the app. Users can easily book a taxi or bike within minutes. It aims to provide you with the trouble-free and conenient ride.

Capital Via 

Capital Via is one of the best startups in Indore that is based on financial marketing research and consulting company. The startup was founded by Rohit Gadia. The main intention of the startup is to provide live trading guidance in equities, forex and commodities based on technical research. The company has raised funding of $200K. You can contact to Capital through a call on customer care number +91 8085 999 333 or you can send mail on

Dinclix Groundworks

Dinclix Groundworks is a startup in Indore that is based on cloud computing and research industry. The company was developed by Vivek K Tiwari in 2014. It has received funding of $2 million in 2015. You can contact to Dinclix Groundworks by calling on number either +91 7415 123 538 or +91 732 475 3677 or you can also mail on


TradingBells is a startup in Indore based on online stock and commodity broking forum. Users can access TradingBells through any of the devices such as desktop, mobile or browser. Through this forum, investors can take funding for purchasing stocks and loan against shares. The company was founded by Amit Gupta in 2016. Swastika Investmart has invested in TradingBells. You can contact with TradingBells through sending mail on or you can call on 7447118980.

Info Beans 

Info Beans is a startup in Indore that is a CMMI level 3 software services company that develop business applications for mobile and website. It was known as a public company in March 2015. The company has also listed its name on National Stock Exchange of India. The startup was the idea of Avinash Sethi. The company has received funding of $3Mn. It is trusted by 500 organizations. It also offers 24/7 customers support. You can contact to Info beans through calling on 0731 7162000.

Above mentioned are some of the best and successful startup in Indore that you must know about.

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