Why is Dubai a great place for business?

Why is Dubai a great place for business?

Globalization has led to establish businesses in every corner of the world. It has facilitated the setting up of businesses easily and with lesser documentation. The governments of all the countries and cities are welcoming the businesses with open arms to leverage their economy. Dubai is one such city which is becoming one of the most chosen cities by the entrepreneurs to establish their businesses. Set in the Middle East, the capital city of United Arab Emirates (UAE), the city has an amazing infrastructure. The city’s advanced facilities allow the new businesses to grow and help the economy. 

Dubai is located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The city is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. It is also considered as the business hub of Western Asia. There are a lot of reasons why Dubai has sheltered many businesses. Most of the businesses established and working in Dubai are successful in terms of money, as well as in other aspects. Dubai also acts as an important global transport hub for water transport. Though water is scarce here, cargo generates a good amount of revenue for the city. 

Dubai has the tallest building of the world – The Burj Khalifa along with the most beautiful hotels and destinations to visit. Seen as the city of skyscrapers and tall buildings with wonderful infrastructure, Dubai has a lot of business opportunities in every domain, every industry. Starting from the basic oil business to hotel businesses, the market is full of many opportunities. The industries also vary from money exchanges to mines. Its tourism sector is vivid and puts a lot of efforts to attract visitors to leverage the economy. People from all over Asia set up in Dubai to work, either as employee, or become successful entrepreneurs. There are some reasons why Dubai is considered as a great place for business.

  • Security: Sometimes it becomes a myth that an Islam country is not safe for the people of other religions, but with Dubai, this is not the same. Dubai has strict rules to be followed by everyone. The royal legacy as ensured the crime rate in the city should be zero. For this, Dubai Police always works hard and the people live safely. On the other hand, the formal or legal cases are also safe. One can establish the businesses easily.
  • Logistics and Infrastructure: Dubai serves as an important global hub for transport and cargo. Having world-class infrastructure, the city never fails to provide any kind of transport to the people. The city is well equipped with facilities to ship the products from one place to another. An entrepreneur can easily avail these facilities to better serve its clients. 
  • Resources: An economy becomes fruitful when comprised of all the resources are helpful and abundant. These resources include human workforce, material resources, and financial assistance. Dubai is rich in material resources, i.e., minerals. Being the most populous city of the UAE, a business can hire the maximum and the most competent employees. And lastly, Dubai Government has made easy rules for loans. Hence, Dubai becomes a very good choice to establish business. 
  • Great Trading Opportunities: Since Dubai is in the Middle East, the connections can be established with the Gulf, African, and Asian countries. The UAE is a vast market which varies in front of different population. For maximum international connections, any entrepreneur would like to establish its business in the city. 
  • Tax-Free Business: What? No tax? Yes, Dubai Government has implied a zero tax policy on businesses and other corporate entities. Along with it, the city has the best infrastructure to provide to the public. Its public amenities are unique and are being adopting by other countries as well.
  • Famous Venues: If you wish to hold a meeting, or an event, Dubai has a wide choice. You name the kind of programme, and you have multiple options to conduct the programme. From the famous hotels to highly facilitated malls, there are so many options to meet someone professional. 
  • Easy Business Establishment: Every entrepreneur wants to establish their business in a hassle free manner. Dubai allows you to set up your business in simple manner. The flexible rules of the city’s government make it attractive to an entrepreneur. The safe and secured governance of the Dubai Government ensures adequate support to the businesses. 
  • Highly Diversified Economy: Dubai is an open economy, i.e., it allows trade with other countries. The benefits of an open economy are utilized in the condition of bad financial position of a business. The businesses can easily take help from other countries and become well-flourished once again.
  • Early Visa: Unlike visa to other countries, getting visa issued to Dubai is pretty easier. And the lease for apartments and business premises is also issued for long terms. This becomes helpful for an entrepreneur to settle in the city and then focus on the work. It saves money on travelling and creates a stable work life. 
  • Quality Living Standards: Dubai has the world-class infrastructure. The city also provides unique and important public amenities. Though it has hot temperature, the city manages to provide proper ventilation and electricity to the residents. In terms of tourism, the city has the best facilities to offer. The living standard of the residents of the city is high in comparison to several other cities and countries. 

These points provide insights of the city which are helpful for the entrepreneurs who are planning to establish their business in Dubai. The capital city of the UAE is safe, and supports all types of transport to smoothen the process of business. The Dubai Government is taking every possible step to welcome the entrepreneurs. The process of establishing business is also very easy in the city. To sum up, it would be appropriate to say that Dubai has everything to offer to the entrepreneurs and help them carry on with their respective businesses easily. 




Bhanu Garg