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Jaipur is one of the well-developed cities in India it is also considered as “Pink city” and “city of forts”. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and is famous for its culture. Apart from this, it is also fortunate with the good environment for startups that is why in recent years it has grown as the startup hub of India. Jaipur includes several successful startups that have grown rapidly. If you are in search of the startups in Jaipur then you at the right place. In this article, we will cover the most successful startups in Jaipur. It has also covered the meaning of startup and the aspects related to startups. Let’s get started.

What does startup mean?

What is a startup? This is the first question raise in the mind as most of the people consider startup and business are relevant but eventually there is a big difference between startup and business. Firstly let us clear about the meaning of startup. The startup is a new company that comes into existence with innovative ideas to produce a unique and distinctive product or services. The company creates the idea of manufacturing product or service after the market research. It generally produces those items or services which are in demand by the customers but are not available yet. The motive of the startup is to earn more revenue in a short period. It wants to get successful and popularity quickly.

These days, startups are in trend mostly educated people and professionals one are getting engaged with the startup. They develop a startup in the field which they prefer. Initially, while operating startup the most essential thing is raising fund as there is a lack of funding so the startup raises fund from other sources like capital ventures, family and friends. It gives its authorities or some part of share in the exchange of fund. The startup is a basic part of “make in India” a scheme running by the Indian government. Startup plays an important role in economic growth and provides a lot of employment opportunities as well. The one who found the startup is known as entrepreneur and startup can be founded by one or more entrepreneurs.

What is the difference between startup and business?

If you have any kind of doubt between the startup and business so this article will clear the confusion. People consider startup and business the same but it is not like that. There is a huge difference between startup and business. The initial stage of both is different and there end goals as well. Startup comes up with the new idea and wants to develop unique product or service which is not present in the market while the business develops those products or services which are already acquiring in the market. Likewise, there are many elements which differ startups from business, some of them are:

  • Risk factor – Although the risk is involved everywhere without risk no work can be done but the level of risk is varied everywhere. Startup includes high-risk level as it is new to the market and produces new product so there will be more chances of failure while business involves less risk as it follows the traditional method of producing goods and services so fewer chances of failure
  • Growth – the main motive of the startup is to get success quickly. It is a growth-oriented firm that doesn’t want to get stable in the market but to get success and generates more profit. Whereas business focuses on to be in the market for a long time.
  • Business model – the startup has unstable and repeatable business model as it keeps on changing its business model until it gets success in the market whereas business follows the traditional business model and doesn’t change with the time.
  • Funding – startup raises fund from other sources like family, friends, other capitalists, ventures, etc. in exchange of its shares whereas business doesn’t give its share to other people it receives fund from sources like bank loan, etc.

Types of startups 

Basically, there are six types of startups which are mentioned below:

  • Lifestyle startup
  • Small business startups
  • Large scale startups
  • Social startups
  • Scalable startups
  • Buyable startups

The motives behind all the startups are different. People can select the startup type according to their requirement and desires.

Best startups in Jaipur 

Jaipur is one of the famous cities in Indi that has gain popularity for being a startup hub in recent years. In this article, we will cover some hot startups in Jaipur that has gain popularity and success in no time. Let’s explore the top 20 startups in Jaipur.

Top 20 startups in Jaipur


eShiksha is one of the popular startups in Jaipur which was developed by Pravin Sharma. The startup is based on Educational and training industry. Basically, it is an educational management website that helps in making management easy and offers great facilities to an educational institute. It includes facilities such as accounting activities, administrative and academic. Through this platform students and their parents can connect with each other. This startup makes it easier for the students to see several reports on the academic front and pay institute fees online. You can contact with eShiksha through calling on +91 7413048222 or +91 9119123131 or you can also send mail on or

Street Jumper

Street Jumper is a successful startup in Jaipur which was developed by Ravi Poddar and Tarin Poddar in 2014. Afterwards, in 2016, Sandip Modi, entrepreneur of Mumbai occupied the startup. The startup is based on Logistics industry. The main intention of the startup is to help people in sending or purchasing anything anywhere across the city. Through this startup, people can easily move local goods in the city. It provides a platform to people where they can connect with the verified jumper who can provide the best delivery service.

Mr & Mrs Pet 

Mr & Mrs Pet is a startup based on the eCommerce industry founded by Ashish Chanwal. Basically, it is an online pet store where they provide each and everything associated with the pets. You can also purchase a pet from the startup and if you have a pet already then you can buy service for it. You can contact to Mr & Mrs Pet through email and call on number +91 7597 972 222.

Khana Gadi 

Khana Gadi is one of the best food delivery startups in Jaipur founded by Amit Deep Kumar in 2015. It provides food delivery service to trains. You can order custom order or it can deliver food from the restaurant. The company’s number is given at Google but you can’t order it directly else you can call on their number to make an order. Currently, Khana Gadi is providing food in more than 90 stations of India. Apart from this it also offers home delivery service in Jaipur. You can contact to Khana Gadi through a call on number 07230000235.


Oxy3 is one of the best startups for gardening in Jaipur. The startup was founded by Dipankar Rabha. The startup is known for offering the best services related to plants and its services. It offers services such as terrace gardening, vertical gardening, etc. Apart from this the platform also provides one of the best services of leaving your plant in the plant bank of Oxy3 if going out of the station. It also provides the facility of transportation to take the plant from your home.


Lexcart is a legal tech startup in Jaipur founded by Arvind Singh in 2016. The startup main aim is to provide legal advice from the best lawyers. Here you can find the best lawyer and hire them around the county. It is one of the appropriate platforms to find the best lawyer. You can contact to lexcart through a call on phone number +91 9782755755.

Desi Diaries 

Desi Diaries is a startup based on media industry founded by Anurag Bajoria. The company consists of several media channels based on city news. The motive of the Desi diaries is to post news related to many cities including Jaipur. They mainly focus on Jaipur news but also have a specific page for other cities as well. Its Instagram page of Jaipur diaries has 150k+ followers.


Indibni is a startup based on gifting industry founded by Nitin Jain and Ankit Jain. It’s three “I” in the company name stands for India, Innovation and Individuality. Its main focus is to deliver gifts and bring gifts as well around the country.


KuberBox is one of the most successful startups in Jaipur which is founded by Sourav Lodha. He has done the professional diamond course before initiating KuberBox. The startup consists of a vast collection of jewellery not only for ladies but for men. Apart from selling jewellery to men and ladies it also offers an opportunity to other people to sell products to their family members and friends or associates and earn money. If you want to contact Kuberbox you can call on number +91 876 444 33 00 or you may also send mail on


Scoonews is a popular startup in Jaipur developed by Ravi Santalani in 2016. Basically, the startup is based on providing education news. It has its website where teachers and education professors can keep a tab of their industry. Customers can read the news and also submit their articles on that website. The platform also consists of some videos related to education for interested people. You can ask queries by calling on number +91 9887566610. ‘

Insta cash 

Insta cash is a startup in Jaipur that was founded by Prateen Goel in 2017. Basically, it is a site where people can sell their used phone. It provides home pick up facility and provide a good amount on the phone. It gives the money based on the phone’s condition and market value. After receiving the phone, the company deletes all the data of the phone and sell it to the dealers ahead and the dealer sells it to the people who want to purchase the second handphone. You can contact to Insta Cash by calling on number 0141-423-2323 and send mail on

Tax 2 Win 

Tax2Win is one of the successful startups in Jaipur which was initiated by Abhishek Soni and Vertika Kedia who were Charted accountants by professionals. The main intention of the startup is to help other startups in growing. The company helps startups in tax-related issues. The best part is that the company provides its CAs to help people in filing ITR. Apart from this the startup also has several financial tools available on their site. You can contact with Tax2Win through send mail on and call on +91 9660996655.


Voylla is a jewellery website based startup in Jaipur which has initially started its operations in Bangalore in 2012 but in 2013 it has shifted its roots in Jaipur. The startup was established by Vishwas Shringi and Jagrati Shringi founded in 2011. The startup is one of the best destinations of fashion jewellery with a powerful online presence and retail presence on more than 250 stores in India. In 2015, it also started selling men’s accessories.

The company has received funding of $15 million from private equity firm and Peepul capital. Also, the company received two rounds of funding in 2012 and 2013 from Technology ventures and Snow Leopard. You can contact to Voylla through email or you can call on +91 7676111022.

Car Dekho 

Car dekho is one of the most popular startups in Jaipur. It was established by Amit Jain in 2008. The startups provide a platform to the customers where they can find the best car for them. It consists of all the details of all car brands also customers can get expert reviews, detailed information and prices and make comparisons among various car brands and models. The company has involved with numerous auto manufacturers, 4000+ car dealers and several financial institutions to make the purchase of vehicles convenient. The startup has raised the funding of $262.5 M till now. Some of its investors are Times Internet, Ratan Tata, HDFC bank, Hillhouse Capital, Google Capital, Sequoia Capital and Tybourne Capital.

You can contact to Car Dekho for further information through email and you can also call on 1800 200 3000.


Freshokatz is a startup in Jaipur founded by Nagendra Yadav and Rajendra Lora in 2016. The startup provides fresh fruits and vegetable directly brought by farms and do sorting and packing according to the customer’s order. The startup focuses on delivering fruits and vegetables only to café, retailers, hotels, restaurant and commercial kitchen.


Brickcart is a successful startup in Jaipur founded by Atal Khandelwal, Sumit Sonkia, Vivek Dhanopia and Brijesh Sharma in 2016. The main intention of the startup is to provide the best construction material from the top brands. It includes construction categories like building material, bath & faucet, wood & plywood, sanitary, walls & flooring, kitchen, plumbing, etc. It also offers services for “bulk deals” and “turnkey solutions’. The startup fulfils all the needs related to construction and home renovation. The basis of the Brickcart is to provide a digital medium for homeowners to create their own dream house.

Green Bharat 

Green Bharat is one of the best startups in Jaipur that focuses on the plantation of trees. The main aim of the startup is to help those people in planting trees who are willing to do plantation but unable to do so due to lack of space and land. The company offer free plants and give some money to the farmers for planting trees until they get fully grown.

Cattle mettle 

Cattle mettle is a startup based in Jaipur founded by Nikhil Bohra. The company is operated by the startup Krimanshi Technologies Private Limited founded in June 2015. The motive behind establishing the startup is to increase the productivity of Indian cattle. The startup produces food for cattle through farm waste, forest waste and mandi waste. The company raised a fund of $261k in 2017 from Startup Oasis.

Urban Kisan 

Urban Kisan is a popular startup in Jaipur that was founded by Ankit Rawat and Keshav Modi in 2015. The company has started it as a full-scale hydroponic farm. The word hydroponic drive from a Latin word which means water. It is an art of growing plants without using soil. The main intention of the startup is to make organic farming more effective. It uses the latest technologies to grow crops 30% faster and requires less water. Basically, the startup is providing services to major hotels, retail shops and multi-cuisine restaurants.


Apnagodam is a startup in Jaipur based on finding Agri based warehousing for the farmers and traders. It is founded by Sanjay Agarwal in 2016. It converts closed factories, old sheds and empty cement godowns into agro warehouse so that farmers and traders who have a lack of space for storing agro products can keep them in the warehouse. All the warehouses are listed on its website so that farmers can easily find the nearest warehouse at cheap rates.

Above mentioned are some of the best and most successful startups in Jaipur which has gain popularity among the people of Jaipur and providing great services to them.

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