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Startups in ChennaiStartups in Chennai

Startups in Chennai

As we all know that PM Modi is running a scheme in India that is known as “Make in India”, because of this many entrepreneurs have developed several types of startups as per their preferences. In India, some many states and cities have developed several successful startups and growing as a startup hub of India. One of the Indian cities is Chennai that is the capital of Tamil Nadu which also stands on the fourth position in India as the number of startups. Chennai has one of the most successful startups because of the preferable environment and ecosystem. If you want to know about the startups in India then you are at the right place. This article consists of some of the best startups in Chennai that you must know about. But before moving ahead you must know about startup and aspects related to startups.

What is the meaning of startup? 

Nowadays, the startup is very popular in India people are focusing on creating a startup. Basically, the startup is a young company that is founded by one or more entrepreneurs to fulfil the needs of the future generation. It produces new and distinctive products. The startup came up with a unique and innovative idea to create a different product or service that is required by modern people. The motive of establishing a startup is to capture the market with an innovative product and beat their competitors. The startup is based on a scalable and repeatable business model. Initially, the startup has lack of funding to carry out its further operations so to make it possible it raises fund from other sources like family, friends or capital ventures. The sources provide them fund in exchange for its part of shares or authorities. Some of the examples of successful startups are McDonald’s that is founded by Ray Kroc, Microsoft that is founded by Bill Gates, etc. Although there is a higher chance of failure as it develops a new product so there might be chances that the product or service is not liked by the customers.

How startup differs from business

Many people don’t even know about what exactly startup as they consider startup and business as same. But this is not true there is a huge difference between startup and business. Business and startup are far different from each other as their motives are different and various factors are different as well. Some of the points are mentioned below to clear the difference.

  • The motive of developing – One of the basic difference of startup and business is the motive of their establishing. The purpose of establishing a startup is to produce a unique and new product or service in the market as per customer demand. On the other hand, the business produces existing products which are already selling by other entrepreneurs or firms.
  • Growth – Startup is a growth-oriented company it wants to get popularity and growth as soon as possible while business is not growth-oriented it wants to remain in the market as long as possible.
  • Profit – Profit is the main factor that is differentiating startup and business. Startup desires to earn more profit and revenue while business desires to stay in the market and sell its products and serves customers for a long time.
  • Risk – Risk is one of the main elements that make the difference between startup and business. The startup has a higher level of risk as it is new to the market and there is more chance of failure. While the business doesn’t involve a higher level of risk
  • Funding – The sources of funding in startup and business are different. Startup raises fund through sources like family, friends or capital ventures, etc. While business raises fund from bank loans and other likewise sources.
  • End goals – Business ended with giving its business to his son or family member or sell the business to other people. While startup doesn’t end its company like this.
  • Business model – The business model of startup and business is different. The startup runs on a repeatable and scalable business model while business works on a stable and scalable business model.

Types of startups 

Startups are of different types, people found startups according to their preferences. The purposes of all the kinds of startups are different. The six types of startups are:

  • Lifestyle startups
  • Buyable startups
  • Scalable startups
  • Social startups
  • Large scale startups
  • Small business startups

Best startups in Chennai 

There are many startups in Chennai as it is also the merging startup hub of India. Many entrepreneurs have used their brains and bring innovative ideas to produce a unique product or service to satisfy the needs of customers. In this article, we will discuss the 20 best startups in Chennai.

Top 20 startups in Chennai are:


Sulekha is one of the successful startups in Chennai founded by Satya Prabhakar in 1996. The main aim of establishing the startup is to provide a platform that helps in connecting consumers and businesses with each other. About 1,300 people are working with Sulekha and it also has 14 offices across the globe in countries such as the UK, UAE, Canada and the United States. You can contact to Sulekha by sending mail on or you can call on 09330497346/ 8617812097. , is the Chennai real based real estate Zero brokerage startup founded by Nizam and Rajendra Prasad graduated from prestigious CEG campus . This startup primarily focusses on the sale segment for builders and plot promoters in Chennai to help them generate quick and valid enquiries through various means and also assist the individual house owners to sell and rent their property till they sell. “

Net meds 

Netmeds is one of the popular startups in Chennai founded by Pradeep Dadha in 2015. It is an online platform which delivers pharmaceutical products to the customer’s place. It contains lots of healthcare products ranges on its websites. If you want to contact to Net Meds then you can call on number 72007-12345.


Flintobox is a startup in Chennai developed by Shreenidhi Srirangam, Arunprasad Durairaj and Vijaybabu Gandhi in 2013. The company is based on the education industry. The main intention of the startup is to make the children get out of the habit of watching television or focus on computer or mobile screens all day. The company delivers a box of activity chosen by parents to their house each month. Customers can choose the package according to their preferences. You can contact to Flintobox by calling on number 044 4010 0400 or you can also send mail on


Zoho is a startup founded by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996 in Chennai. The startup is based on the software development industry. It provides all products business management to fulfil your business requirements such as project management tool, email sending client and financial management tool. It has about 40 million users in the world. The company has offices across the world in cities like China, California, Japan, Singapore, Pleasanton and Tenkasi. You can contact to Zoho through calling on 044-67447070 or 044-71817070. You may also send mail on


Lawbot is a startup in Chennai founded by Manasvini Krishna in 2016. The startup is based on LegalTech industry. It is a platform that examines contacts through machine learning and natural language processing. You can get in touch with Lawbot through calling on +1 833 212-3828 or you can send mail on


Chrysalis is a startup founded by Chitra Ravi in 2001 in Chennai. The company is based on the education industry. It has developed an academic program for the formative years that is 2-12 years of a student’s education – “ThinkRoom”. It has programs for maths, social studies, English and science in school. The startup intends to boost the mental intelligence of a child. You can contact with Chrysalis through sending mail on or you can also call on 044 28170345/ 28174992. The startup has received funding in 2017 from Manterra and Gray Matters Capitals (GMC).


Wandertrails is a startup that is based in Chennai founded by Hari Nair, Narayan Menon, Vishnu Menon, Sruti Chander and Pranav Kumar in 2016. The company is based on the travel & tourism industry. The startup has received funding of $1 million.


Freshworks is a startup founded by Girish Mathrubootham in 2012. The company is a cloud-based business management applications provider. It offers its business management applications to companies. It offers several applications that are:

  • Freshdesk
  • Freshchat
  • freshService
  • Freshcaller
  • Freshsales
  • Freshmarketer
  • Freshconnect
  • Freshteam
  • Freshrelease
  • Freshstatus
  • Freshping

The startup has worked with companies such as Team Viewer, Money Corp, Carat Lane, UNICEF, Zomato, Zoom, Lenskart, Cisco, Honda and Toshiba. You can contact with Freshworks by sending mail on email address or You can also call on phone number +91 44 6667 8040.


Pipecandy is a startup in Chennai developed by Murali Vivekanandan, Shrikanth Jagannathan and Ashwin Ramaswamy in 2016. The company is based on E-commerce analytics industry. The company is tracking more than 5 Lakh latest eCommerce companies and offers insights to investors, marketers and analysts. The company has received funding of $1.1 million. You can contact to Pipecandy through sending mail on or you can also call on +1 415-969-3839.

Big F Day 

Big F Day is one of the popular startups in Chennai founded by Utkarsh Singhania in 2014. The startup is based on event management industry. It offers event services for events like wedding, corporate events. Birthday, etc. Currently, the company is working with more than 500 venues and many professionals in the event industry. You can get in touch with Big F Day though sending mail on

Perfint Healthcare

Perfint Healthcare is a startup in Chennai developed by S Nandakumar in 2005. The company is based on the healthcare industry. It has created diagnostic equipment for oncology space. Its product categories are:

  • MAXIO – it is an image-guided physician controlled stereotactic accessory for Computed Tomography system.
  • NAVIOS – it is a computer-based workflow assistance solution for CT guided percutaneous ablation procedures.
  • ROBIO EX – it is a CT and PET – CT robotic positioning system that helps with the fast and accurate tumour.

The company has several investors such as Norwest Venture Partners, Chiratae Ventures and Accel that have invested $40 million. You can contact to Perfint Healthcare through calling on number 044 24542155.


Avaza is a successful startup in Chennai founded by Ajit Narayanan in 2014. The company is based on the Tech industry. It provides its benefits to children that are suffering from down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism develops language and communication disorders. You can contact to Avaza through sending mail on email address


Servion is a startup founded in 1991 by Kavikkal Balakrishnan and N Raghunandan in Chennai. The company is based on the application software industry. The company provides a platform that delivers solutions to the business to boost customer experience by automating and integrating customer interaction channels. It offers IP platforms such as ServDesignSM, ServIntuitSM, ServCareSM, ServCloudTM and ServInsightsSM. You can contact with Servion through calling on number 044 61084100.

Skill angels

Skill angels is a startup based on the E-learning industry founded by Saravanan Sundaramoorthy in 2013 in Chennai. The startup is working with some of the best development experts, clinical psychologists and education visionaries to change the ordinary way of learning and develop the skills of students to make their future bright. You can contact to Skill angels through sending mail on or you may also call on +

91 9569565454 or 044 66469877.


Waygum is a startup founded by Sundar Krish in 2015 in Chennai. The main startup is to provide unique ways for factories to direct business operations on mobile. Through the Waygum app managers of the company can see what is going on in the company. Also, the employees of the company can report managers on the application. You can send mail on email address to contact with Waygum. is a startup in Chennai founded by Ashwini Asokan in 2015. The company is based on AI-based visual search and product recommendation industry. It has raised funding of $28 million from Falcon Edge Capital, Global Brain and Sequoia Capital. The startup provides a platform to its customers to increase their retail business. It deals with various business categories like fashion, Grocery, home and furniture, electronics and beauty. It consists of several tools that help in boosting customer experiences, deduct costs and drive conversions.


Kobzo is one of the famous startups in Chennai founded by Karthik Ramaiah, Mohan Gayam and Vineet Neeraj in 2012. The startup is based on Information Technology and services. Initially, Kobzo was considered as Lobster and it is an eCommerce website which provides help to small and medium enterprises, home businesses and startups for their official purpose. Currently, the startup is having more than 1 lakh business products in different categories such as manufacturing, automobile, education, hotels, restaurants, office supplies, electronics, hospitals, etc. Customers can contact Kobzo through several ways like you can call on the number or send a message

on Whatsapp 9361133463 or you can send mail on


Adjutas is one of the most successful startups in Chennai that is developed by Ani in 2016. The company is based on the IT services industry. The startup intends to provide the best IT experiences to its customers. Currently, it is providing its services to several companies and is trusted by almost 200 companies. It is the cloud-based service desk and asset management software. It provides services in management areas such as assets, vendors, etc. It also offers 14-day free trial so you can trust this company. You can send mail on to contact Adjutas.

Financial software systems (FSS)

Financial software systems (FSS) is one of the most successful startups in Chennai that was founded by Nagaraj Mylandla in 1991. The company is based on the electronic payment industry. Not only in India FSS has also established its global presence in foreign countries like Africa, Canada, Australia, Europe, USA, Singapore and the Middle East. It provides services through its two business divisions.

  • FSS Technologies – It provides solutions and services such as upgrade and migration services, 24/7 global helpdesk support, product testing and certification, onsite technical support, system integration, product sustenance, project management and implementation, application testing, etc.
  • FSSNeT – It provides all hosted payment processing services like POS, internet, ATMs, etc. Companies like Premji Invest, New enterprise associates and Jacob Ballas Capital have invested $127 million in the startup.

You can get in touch with FSS through calling on +91 44 4741 5600 or +91 44 4741 5601. You can also send mail on

Bank bazaar 

Bank Bazaar is one of the successful startups in Chennai founded by Rati Shetty in 2008. The company is based on the FinTech industry. The aim of establishing the startup is to provide a platform where people can take loans and make payments online. It has made the work easy for the people as they need not go counter to counter in the bank to do bank work. You can contact to Bank Bazaar through calling on number +91 44 66511800 or send a message on Whatsapp number +91 9884808231. You may also send mail on customer care email ID

Above mentioned are the best startups in Chennai which are running successfully and providing great services and products in Chennai and some of them are providing its services in all over India.

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