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Why are people who speak Hindi considered as backwards, this is language of India

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Why are people who speak Hindi considered as backwards, this is language of India

In India, Hindi is not just a language; it’s an emotion that we all feel in our heart. But these days Hindi language only assumed as a symbol of patriotism. Our education system highly supports English language. This is the problem due to which Hindi speaking people consider the pre-colonial era to be the golden days of Hindi. In India Hindi was never given importance before we got independence! Before the Muslim conquest, it was Sanskrit, after that, came Arabic and Persian, which was then followed by Urdu and English.

Hindi is always considered as a secondary language, a language of the common people, and not of the court or the liturgy. This situation is not unique to India. Everyone these days are unwisely confused between being modern and being western. People try to be more modern due to this as they consider Hindi is an old fashion language. We all know very well that English is a global language which is used widely among us & being once a colonial nation, Hindi considered as a backward language and also just a mode of communication. Here are some reasons that can differentiate the difference-

Indian Education System

we live in a country where most of us believes that you could only be called well educated if you are able to understand and speak English which added to such situation that the higher education is only available in English language and not in Hindi and other regional languages. These days Hindi is considered as an optional subject, where nobody takes interest in that because they believe it’s an old fashion language. Parents force their children to speak in English instead of Hindi. Most of them prefer to educate their children in English medium school. Some students mock other student who can’t spoke in English, because it’s considered low class language. We need to change this difference.

Better employment opportunity-

Have you remembered when you got a chance to get appeared in a job interview, where you were selected or rejected just because of English language. Most of the job descriptions have condition of flaunt English spoken language. If you speak a good and flaunt English you have a better chance to select in a job interview than a Hindi medium student with a good technical knowledge, because India is the only country where above 35% of civilian don’t speak their national language.

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Mentality of Society

Language is just a way of communication but sometimes some people assume it’s as a matter of high and low class. They generate lots of differences between two people just because of their language. Learning a language should be any language which is about picking up a ‘skill’ that is required to gain ‘education’. It’s not the ‘whole education’ in itself. 


Best thing about English is that it is the only common language which is recognized in almost every portion of the world. English is given more importance than all our national languages, because in India people understand English and when students go especially for abroad studies or jobs they face for the difficulty for the conversation with other country’s people. Hence English as become a very well-known language. But after all these things people should understand, it’s very important to know your language. Due this kind of mentality in our country people think those who can’t speak English as an illiterate.

The social hypocrisy-

There is a different language spoken in every different state of India. Today, metro cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram look strong-minded not to pass off their mother tongue to the upcoming generations. We can assume, this is the slow death of the Hindi language. The upper middle-class people in these metro cities now use English as their primary language. What this has resulted in, is a new generation that feels insulted talking in Hindi, assuming they know the proper usage of the language in the first place.

Cooperate Culture:

English is common communication language among cooperates which has indirectly made our national language second. Cooperate culture support English language where you need to speak in English all the time.  Most of the talents in India are taken or hired by other countries just because of talent as well as well-spoken English.

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Preferred Regional Language –

Either mostly people in India speak in their regional language or they speak in English, due to which Hindi language losing its presence. The language trends are clear to see. English is rising gently and steadily.

More respect to English speaking people-

We are so judgmental when it comes to others. We have habits to judge people according their language, fashion sense, behavior. It’s people’s fault who believe whatever is western is superior and follow it blindly. If someone speaking in English everyone treats him like an educated person, he gets more attention than a Hindi speaking person.


We all need to change mindset of Indian society for Hindi language because we should treat equals everyone weather, they speak Hindi language or English Language. Because it’s hard to believe but terrible fact that Hindi language measured as backwards and low status language in India. Always remember Hindi is our national language and it is impossible for India to progress without Hindi.

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