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How to Make career in Brand Management 2021 Updated

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How to Make career in Brand Management 2021 Updated

you want to pursue a career in brand management. If you want to know that Brand Management, then in this post I have told in detail about career in brand management. In this post you will get all the information of Brand Management Course. Like what is a career scope in brand management. How much is the Brand Management course fees. From which college should this course be done. Which are the best brand management college in India? We will give complete information about all these in this article. All Information About Career in Brand Management.

Brand Management Career

Every company wants its product sold in the market as much as possible. For this the company adopts all kinds of marketing tips and tricks. So that more and more people know about that company’s product and buy that product. The customer adopts any product for the first time only when that product becomes popular in the market, that is, the identity of that product is made in the market. Customers begin to identify the product by its name and brand. Which increases the sales and demand of that product. This process is called brand management.

To have a career in brand management, you have to understand marketing and consumer buying behavior. For this you can do the Brand Management Course. Which will make your career path easier in this sector. Nowadays, many colleges are offering MSc in Brand Management or MBA in Brand Management courses in Brand Management. MBA in Brand Management can be very good for your career.

Career scope in brand management

At present, there has been much competition in the market. Every company strives to create a distinct identity in the market of its product. For this, the company adopts a variety of marketing strategies. The main character of this process is the brand manager. Today any product is established in the market, so the brand manager has a very important role behind it. So nowadays all the company is appointing the brand manager for branding their product. Thus there is no shortage of jobs in this sector.

Due to increasing cut throat competition in the market, the branding manager is also in high demand because only the brand manager does not recognize their product in the market. So that the product of that company gets good recognition in the market. A good brand manager plays an important role in making the product or service of the company easy to reach in the market. There is a saying that what is seen is sold, so in today’s time this saying fits perfectly. Now marketing or branding of every company has become a compulsion. Without this process it is difficult to establish in the market. Because of this, there has been a huge increase in employment opportunities in the brand management sector.

In the race for the competition, every company wants to present its product in an attractive way, which is why there is a lot of demand for brand manager profesionals. Brand managers use marketing strategies and techniques to present any product to customers in such a way that it creates a good image for the product within the customers and remains intact for a long time.

After completing the brand management course, you can easily find a job in Brand manager or Product Manager FMCG companies. There are plentiful career options in this sector also abroad. There is many times more salary abroad than in India. Currently, Salary is very attractive in this field and there are plenty of job opportunities. In this region, the initial salary is easily available from 20 to 30 thousand. After having experience of 4 to 5 years, salary can range from 50 thousand to millions of rupees. Also Read- How to become a Journalist

Will get job in these areas

Brand promotion and distribution
Market research
Market trend analysis
Brand launch
Brand USP
Consumer demand

Skills for Career in brand management

Creativity and communication skills are very important for a career in brand management. Along with this, it is necessary to have qualities like Marketing Strategy, Consumer behavior, Marketing Research and Analysis within the Brand Manager. A brand manager should also have a good understanding of sales promotion, unique selling promotion, promotion planning.

Course for Career in Brand Management

Certificate, diploma, bachelor and master etc. courses are being offered by many institutes to make a career in brand management. You can do any course according to your wish. Now MBA in Brand Management course is also available in many colleges. Which is a very good course to pursue a career in brand management.

Certificate Course in Brand Management and Advertising

Diploma in Brand Management
Advanced Diploma in Brand Management
Bachelor in Brand Brand Management
Master in Brand Management
PG Diploma in Brand Management and Promotion
MBA in Brand Management
Qualification for Brand Management Course
For admission in MBA course in Brand Management, you have to pass exams like CAT, MAT. For any PG Diploma, Master in Brand Management course, you must be a graduate from any stream. For admission in diploma, certificate, bachelor’s degree, 12th pass is necessary. Admission to a good and reputed private college is available only after the entrance exam. However, direct admission is also available in many colleges. The fees of these courses can range from about 60 thousand per year to 1.5 lakh per year.

The following subjects are covered under brand management. like-

Principal of Brand Management
Market Research and Analysis
Market trend analysis
Consumer demand and behavior
Advertising and Marketing
Brand launching and unique selling promotion
Brand promotion
Distribution, Marketing, Packaging

Best College for Brand Management Course

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Ahmadabad, Indore
Indian Institute of Planning and Management, Delhi
SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
Indian Institute of Science and Management, Ranchi
Symbosis Institute of Management, Pune
Xavier Institute of Management, Bangalore
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kolkata


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