Top 10 highest paying jobs in india 2019

Top 10 highest paying jobs in india 2019
Top 10 highest paying jobs in india
Top 10 highest paying jobs in india

If you are looking for a job with a good salary, why do not you pursue a Course related to jobs in which lakhs of rupees get salaries. Job Site Glassdor has recently released a list of some jobs that earn the highest salaries. According to an English newspaper report, these are  top ten  IT jobs for high  salaries in india.

Highest paying jobs in india

  • Digital marketing

Digital marketing is marketing through internet, computer and electronic media. It can also call online marketing. Social media, mobile, email, search engine optimization (SEO) etc. in digital marketing is used as a tool. The scope of digital marketing is huge. Here you can find jobs in these positions: Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Web Designer, App Developer, Content Writer, Search Engineer Marketer, Inbound Marketing Manager, SEO Jobs, Conversion Rate Optimizer etc. 

The best thing about digital marketing is that it is a emerging business. No one can claim such that he knows everything. You can move forward by looking at your interests and earn big money. It has to keep updating itself regularly.

Over time, demand for professional and expert people is going to increase. You can earn a strong career as well as earn good money by choosing any field of digitized field in view of your likes and dislikes.

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  • Software Architect:

Software Architect is a computer programmer or a computer manager, which creates high level designs, software coding, tools and platforms. Students in India can also make the necessary education for the architecture of the Indian Institute of Sciences. After doing this course, the students get a job in a bigger salary. The software architect gets an average salary of $ 130,891 or 80 lakh rupees. It is very important to have the ability to solve Candidate’s creativity, Customer service skills and problems for success in this field. Higher education also gives additional benefits in the field of computer software. This is an area where salaries are very good. Students who hold good in Physics and Math, they can do better in this field. The specialty is that it is very important for students to be interested in scratches and designs. Sometimes the architect has to do legal work too. It is therefore necessary that there must be some information of the law. An architect should have good communication skills as well as the ability to work on desk and site.

  • Software Development Manager:

The software development manager’s job is to lead the team from the software developer’s range from Medic Research to Finance. Apart from this, he also has to design software designing, web application, web services. You can also do this from Anna University of Technology, Madurai and AMC Engineering College, Bengaluru. If you get this job, you will get an average salary of $ 124747 or $ 77 million.

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  • Solution Architect:

Solution Architect handles many types of projects through software development process. It has a lot of different types of work. You can do courses related to Solution Architects from many institutes of the country and abroad. Students of the Solution Architects go on an average of 121522 dollars a year, with an average of 72 lakh rupees per year.

  • Analytics Managers:

Analytics Managers’ job is to design Implementation Support of Data Analysis Solution. It is a part of statistics in a way that works in collaboration with Information Technology. If you want to get this job then you can make the necessary studies from the Indian School of Business, IIM Lucknow, IIM Calcutta. Analysts manager gets a good salary job. The average salary for this job is $ 11,5725, or about 70 lakh rupees.

  • IT Manager:

The work of IT Manager is to meet operational requirements, to create strategy of research, to create a technology solution cost effective system. For this, you can contact the Institute of Business Management and Technology, Bangalore, Uttarakhand Open University and NITIE Mumbai. This is the fifth highest paid salary job. An average package of 70 lakh rupees is given for this type of job.

  • Product Manager:

The product manager’s job is to get information about a product, select the product, work for the development of the product. For the post of technology industry, an average of $ 11,399 dollars or 68 lakh rupees are given for this post.

  • Data Scientist:

Most companies take the help of Data Scientist to stay ahead in the competition. These scientist analyzes results very closely. Data-storing companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc. have the most needed data scientists. One of the highest salary jobs of the seventh number is Data Scientist. Data Scientist gets an average package of Rs 63 lakhs.

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  • Security engineer:

Security engineer is also called information system analyst. The responsibility of the Security Manager is to see the technical security system of any major company. Its job is to protect data from security to a number of things. To get the job of this kind of profiles, you can study in graduation, computer programming, engineer in Information Technology. The salary for this job is $ 102,749 ie 61 lakh rupees.

  • Quality Manager:

The Quality Manager’s job is to not only look at the product and service quality standards of the company, but its work is to increase quality in every way. Quality manager is considered better in the technology industry. The salary for this job is Rs 60 lakh.

  • Computer hardware engineer:

The job of computer hardware engineers is to make research, design, test, chip circuit board of computer tools. Under this, repairs of computer parts, assembly of computers, preparation of a network is used. People who work for computer hardware engineers get a package up to an average of 60 lakh rupees.

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