Career in any field after 12th Arts – Courses after 12th arts

After getting results of 12th examination, there are many questions related to his career in the mind of the students, that in which course he will now enter, what courses can make his career better. Having passed twelve, there are few limited areas in the arts class, in which students can make their future bright, today we are giving you information on how to pursue career in this field after 12th Arts.

BA (Bachelor of Art)

If you have passed the Barvini Examination Arts class, you will have to decide which area you are suitable for doing the next education smoothly. In BA (Art Bachelor) many optional subjects for which you can graduate from three years, you have to choose three subjects in the first year in BA, in the third year, one of the three subjects has to be dropped, you are now going to graduate What are the topics that you choose, this is a serious matter, because the wrong decision taken here will determine the condition and direction of your career. When selecting topics, special attention needs to be given for combination, as in example –

i) To become a teacher of Hindi, it is mandatory to be Sanskrit with Hindi.

ii) To become a teacher of social subjects, it is mandatory to have any two subjects in political science, geography, economics, history, in the third year.

iii) To make BPD, it is mandatory for the graduate to have physical education subject in three years.

Most students choose subjects of no-combinations, which become a major problem for them by running fire, so the topics should be carefully selected.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

If you want to go to the business area after passing the twelve-year examination, you will have to do BBA, it is a three-year bachelor’s degree, for which some university or college entrance exams are also taken, after successful, through counseling You will get an alliance of college, where you can get admission. Fees are low in government colleges, but private colleges are taking 40 to 60 thousand rupees per semester for this course, after successfully completing this course, you get jobs easily.

BFD (Bachelor of Fashion Designing)

If you want to go to the field of fashion designing, then this course is suitable for teaching in this area, after which you will have to score in this area. Under this course, you have to be creative, so you have to do a new design in any clothes or shoes etc. which will attract people to you. Private colleges charge around 60 thousand rupees per fee, after doing this, working with a senior fashion designer can get experience.

BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

If you want to go to the area of ​​hotel management, you can do hotel management courses after twelve years, after which you can easily get job related to hotel management, in this as easy to pay 8 thousand to 15 thousand rupees You can get it from here.


After this course, you will be called a lawyer. The duration of this course is five years after the intermediate, and after the graduation, the course is three years, after successful completion of this course, you will have to register in Bar Council, after the registration you will be sent to the state government By stipent will be provided at the time of Practice.

BJM (Bachelor of Journalism)

If you want to show the new path to the society by highlighting the good and evil of the society, then the post of a journalist is very suitable for you, for that you should graduate in journalism after which you will get a news paper or a news channel You can start your career, you will receive great respect in this post and any government employee will be able to answer your questions. 

Here, we told you about a career in which area after 12th Arts, if there is any kind of question related to your knowledge related to this information, or any other information related to it, then through the comment box. We can wait for the feedback and suggestions you have made.

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