Who is the best Chief Minister of India July 2023 Updated

Yes, at the moment, his popularity in Delhi is quite visible and exit polls are also expressing his chances of winning. You know Delhi is a capital where the number of educated people is much higher than the whole country if those people If we are making a decision, then we are doing one thoughtfully, so much so that we can trust them

Before knowing this, we have to know Arvind ji then his works

1) He is a social worker for which he has also received ramon magsaysay award which is also known as Asia’s Nobel Prize.

2) They studied from IIT all india rank 563 iit Kharagpur

3) Become an IRS (Indian revenue services) officer by upsc crack

4) Performed social work with Mother Teresa

5) The most honest Chief Minister of India who does not have a single mark

6) In his family his wife IRS OFFICER, daughter IITIAN, son also IITIAN,

7) Never let anyone in the family enter politics

8) In the affidavit of Aam Aadmi Party made by him, it is said that no member of the family can join the party.

9) First Chief Minister in India who has been the most discussed

10) is the first person in India whose party has got 67 MLA seats out of 70 in Delhi

11) The biggest contribution in adding the RTI tool to the Constitution has been that many scams have come out in public.

Don’t know yet that people are trying to spoil their image, Now you know about his works like historical works
 *** India’s financial capital used to be Mumbai but now Delhi is there because of the good work of the government
 *** India’s tourist capital used to be Mumbai but now Delhi is no. One tourists capital of india
 *** (Mohalla Clinic)
 A clinic is built in every locality in which all treatment is free
 It was praised all over the world
 And big celebrities came to see it
 WHO (world health organization) ki president
 APPLE k CEO etc,
 * Winning in this is also government work like (rashncard, voterid, incm, cast, pensn, domecile … pure40 sarkari kam) will be made at home, they too for only 50 ₹

How much time will be saved by this, people will not have to pay bribes to officers and peons
It was praised all over the world.
-200 unit electricity free
In Delhi, despite having to buy electricity from other states, electricity is the cheapest there
Mumbai, banglor, chenai, kolkata .. is less than half the rate of electricity, while electricity is generated in these cities.
* 20000 ltr water free in a month.
Means aprx 700 ltr per day.
* The colony in which the pipeline had not been piled up for 70 years, transported the water through pipelines everywhere.
Those aged 60 to 70 years get a ₹ 2000 pension.
And 70+. Those with pension ₹ 2500
No pension is available in any state of India
If the land of any farmer of Delhi comes under government schemes, then the government will give compensation of 5cror ₹ 55lac ₹ before 2015.
20 thousand rupees will be compensated for crop failure, earlier it was 5 thousand ₹

All the poor children in Delhi (gnrl obc st sc) unko IIT, IIM, NEET, AIIMS, UPSC, SSC.
ki coching ki fees KEJRIWAL Government will give.
No poor parent has any concern about the readiness of the child
All government schools in Delhi have been made many times better than private schools.
Digital boards were installed in all rooms
Swimming pool made
Teachers are being sent abroad for training
In the morning, children from class 1 to 8 have a glass of milk and then mid day meal
Now many children leave private school and gov. Coming to school
The school started a happiness curriculum prgrm which changed a lot in the nature of children, which was praised all over the world.
*** per capita income
2015 per capita income 90 thousand rupees in 70 years
In 2019, per capita income was 3 lakh 75 thousand rupees in just 5 years by Arvind Kejriwal, which is more than 3 times of India’s per capita income.
All treatment in Delhi is free

All inquiry is free
All medicines are free
Family gets 1 crore rupees on martyrdom of any Delhi soldier (army / police)
*** minimum vage
Delhi’s minimum wage was more than double that of other states of India where the government
***For ladies
Fares are free in the buses for women and there will also be martial guards in the buses for their safety, steps have been taken for women empowerment
In the coming time, 11000 hotspot will be set up all over Delhi and all the people of Delhi will get 500MB data free.
*** sports university
Those who play state and national games will give this university degree so that they will be eligible for any exam in India.
***the cab
Reduced RTO FITNESS rates for taxis by more than half as compared to earlier
Mukhyamantri Meter Scheme for tenant of Delhi under which winning are tenants in Delhi too, they are also 200 units electricity free.
The elderly were made pilgrimage
Bhanu Garg: