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Best Adventure Activities in South India List 2023 Updated

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Best Adventure Activities in South India List 2023 Updated

Every tourist can explore thrill, adventure, excitement, and joy in the heart of North as well as South Indian travel destinations. India is a land of fabulous and enchanting tour places that attracts millions of people from across the world to explore the natural beauty, traditions, and customs along with adventure.

If you love Pungi Jumping, trekking, kitesurfing, Scuba Diving, Bouldering and Paragliding,…etc, you can get the most appropriate places while traveling with a North India Tour Packages.  If you have started your journey or seeking for a North or South India tour, with this article you will exactly know about the best places to get adventure and thrill. Let’s Know!

Paragliding in the Himalayas:

If paragliding is one of your most favorite adventurous sports, head to Himachal Pradesh. Mighty and sky-high peaks of Himalayan Ranges are the most appropriate point to take-off for all paragliding sportsmen. Spectaculars landscape along the way is the most fabulous and eye-catching view that enchants all the paragliders to a great extent. There would be a very few places for paragliding that provide the tourists an adventurous feel as in the Majestic Himachal Pradesh along with its mighty Himalayan ranges.

Surfing at Kovalam & Varkala in Kerala:

If you are seeking for the best surfing spot while traveling in South India, you must visit Kerala. This is the vast state of India with the widest range of coastline. However, Surfing is not the sport of India but due to the longest coastline, it is the best and most appropriate surfing spot. Kovalam & Varkala are the two Beaches of Kerala from where the surfing adventurous sport had been originated. After Kerala, Karnataka is the best place for surfing sport in South India.

Trekking Holidays in the Western Ghats:

If you love trekking with your gang of friends, move to the Western Ghats of India. Here, you can explore the most amazing, enchanting and challenging treks. Whether you would like to enjoy the easiest and suitable half day treks for your family or the most challenging routes for thrilling experiences, everything you can find here.  For better trekking experiences, right after the monsoon is the most appropriate time to explore the mighty rolling hills covered with tea and coffee plantations.

Head to Andaman for Scuba Diving:

When it comes to the selection of most appropriate scuba diving spots in South India, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are the first choice of all scuba diving lovers and adventurous sportspersons. Pondicherry is also the most obvious choice if tourists wish to spend some bit of traveling moment on Islands.  Diversities and varieties of marine life also enchant and attract millions of tourists throughout the year. The artificial reef at the seashores of Pondicherry boosts the opportunities to have fun with Scuba diving in dazzling and shining sea water.

Water Sports in Goa:

Goa is the land of dazzling water sports that highly enchant all the tourists traveling here.  Kitesurfing, jet-skilling, parasailing, banana-boat riders,….etc are the most loving and adventurous sports in Goa beaches.  If you love water-based Adventure activities, then welcome to Goa.  Explore here the most prominent Vaayu village boutique guest house. Also, you can enjoy here if you not familiar with the water sports.  Expert adventurous sport’s coaches are here to guide you for surfing, wake-boarding, kitesurfing with all security equipment and lessons. You will surely be chilled out by exploring above listed India’s best and adventurous cities located in North and south India.

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