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Goa should be declared as India’s Bangkok, why?

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Goa should be declared as India’s Bangkok, why?

Many Indians who can’t afford to go to Bangkok for fun , they opt for Goa. Because, it costs them cheaper and no passport required.  What tourists look at Bangkok or other words what they look for there. We all know that following are the things tourist get easily in Bangkok:-

  1. Sex Shops
  2. Massage parlor
  3. Many varieties in massage
  4. Sight scenes
  5. Beach fun
  6. Continental food
  7. Alcohol and dry consumables

Now check out, why many people go to Goa, yes, of course they look for above listings only there.

Then why people still go to Bangkok, when they can find everything in Goa? Yes, many things are not legal in Goa but in Bangkok.

Sex shops– Many options you can find there and no raid. Its official and moreover you will get police protection too. In Goa, sex workers are not legal.

Massage Parlors– over 100 type of body to body massage and fully legal way. But in Goa you may not find things so openly.

However it does not mean that people don’t get options in Goa. Despite of banned things, Goa still serve all fun behind the curtain and in the dark. The Govt. somewhere knows about this and tries to put a hold on such things i.e. open sex shops.

Over 60 % revenue of Pattaya, Thailand alone and Bangkok comes from massage parlor and sex tourism. Tourists pay for it openly and enjoy the service. If along with alcohol Goa govt. starts giving license to Massage parlors and sex shops to operate legally, then it will a certified confirmation that Goa will earn a huge revenue and not only Indian but also foreigners visit will be increased tremendously.  

If you take a walk in Bangkok streets, you will find many agents stand there openly with no fear carrying many sex and massage brochures for you. You simply pick one and check the details with calmness, and amazing thing is none of the cops will catch you up for this.

However, if you go for a walk to Calangute streets, you will again find many sex agents, but the difference will be, they will take you to the corner for details and will hide themselves from cops catch. It does not mean you will not enjoy the nightlife fun. You will definitely enjoy all night life things, but with an alertness from cops.

Conclusion- Its better, the Indian Govt. should pass Goa with legality of open nightlife, as there is no difference as compared to Bangkok’s locality and its night life. Declaring legally , it will become a huge revenue generator, people ultimately search for night life fun , but under cover basis, which sometimes become harmful for many tourists as they get caught by harmful people who recovers money from victims.

Declaring legal, will also help in reducing crime rate in Goa. Bangkok is famous for its less crime rate in to the red light area. Same way, some of Goa’s streets should also be declared as red light zone.

Just pay and enjoy…..

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