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Top 10 Souvenirs that you can buy in the Philippines

Top 10 Souvenirs that you can buy in the Philippines

Defined by the white sand beaches, long coastal shorelines embedded with towering coconut and pine trees, emerald rice terraces, megadiversity of flora and fauna, lush green forests, and mist-covered mountains, the Philippines is well and truly an iconic destination for anyone who is seeking variety in the lap of nature.

It is a certainty that you will leave back with a lot of memories that you can cherish forever post your Philippines tour. But won’t you want something physical that you can look/feel at post your dream vacation? Won’t you want one part of the Philippines to stay with you forever? And that is why souvenir shopping is a prominent part of every itinerary! 

The Philippines has a wide variety of souvenirs that you can shop throughout the country and not just in one destination. 

Here is the list of top souvenirs that you can buy in the Philippines to further enhance your already sweet memories. 

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  1. Dried Mangoes

Undisputably, dried mangoes are the top-rated and most sought after souvenir you can find in the Philippines. The tangy ripe mangoes, enriched with vitamins, is something that you can enjoy as a snack in any part of the day. And ensure you load your bags with a lot of this because you are definitely going to miss this once you leave the Philippines, and no amount of dried mangoes will last longer as the taste will ensure you keep wanting more of it! 

  1. Coffee Beans

Coffee lovers, you have one strong reason to visit the Philippines, and it is due to the high quality and authentic coffee beans you can find here. The country has a lot of coffee growing regions that range from varieties like Arabica, Robusta, Barako, Excelsa, etc. Try all the varieties, see which suits you the best, and load them all together that will last till your next Philippines tour! 

  1. Philippine Pearls

What best souvenir can a nation consisting of islands like pearls give than pearls themselves? The bountiful marine regions not only have an amazing diversity of flora and fauna, but also precious jewels that unearth from these regions. The finest of finest South Sea Pearls can be found here, especially in Metro Manila, where you can get these amazing pearls at a steal, considering how good your bargaining skills are! 

  1. Philippine Delicacies 

Philippine delicacies are something worth dying for, and the mouth-watering delicacies only make it harder for you to stay away from them. The top-rated delicacies include Buko pie, pastillas de leche, polvoron, otap, and many more. There is more and more that the Philippines has to offer, and there is no way your sweet tooth can’t be satisfied! 

  1. Graphic t-shirts

Embrace yourself to spice up your fashion statement and stack up your wardrobe with a wide range of graphic t-shirts you can find in the Philippine markets. You can find t-shirts ranging from DC to Marvel, and also find t-shirts with graphics of specific island destinations with basking in the sunshine, beach destinations, and many more. This will ensure you leave the Philippines truly with a piece of what the island country has to offer! 

  1. Pouches, Bags, and Accessories

Local handicrafts and accessories are truly the highlights of Philippine markets. The colorful bags, pouches, accessories, and many more – will you ever have the urge to resist such a variety of stunning collections? These attractive souvenirs not only will let you keep a piece of authentic Philippine souvenir, but will also ensure your Instagram game and fashion statement is leveled up with these accessories! 

  1. Philippine chocolate

Philippine chocolates are considered to be one of the most sought after in the world, and you don’t need to be a chocolate lover to crave for Philippine chocolates. Be it dark chocolates, or milk chocolates, or authentic homemade chocolates, the Philippines has a lot of variety to satiate the tastebuds of every person. The local chocolatiers have ensured this island destination is fast becoming a dream destination for high-quality cacao lovers. 

  1. Strawberry Jam

A relatively lesser-known souvenir, strawberry jam is one of the best souvenirs you can find in the Philippines. The Good Shepherd Convent in Baguio produces world-class strawberry jam whose recipe is a closely guarded secret for ages together. The jam is made of local strawberries, plucked fresh out of the farm, especially in colder months like November and December. 

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Souvenirs are well and truly an integral part of every vacation, and trust experts of travel companies like Pickyourtrail, Makemytrip to customize an amazing Philippines tour to your own requirements through their Philippines tour packages. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags to load your mind with memories and luggage with souvenirs!



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