All of us have heard the word “digital marketing”. Right? It’s quite a hot potato among the businessmen and startup groups. But what does it actually mean? Well, in simple language, digital marketing refers to the way we could showcase or advertise our product or any other service by the use of electronic media. Alright, so the next question that is constantly pinching my mind and giving me the heebie-jeebies is that how can this “digital marketing” be done? Well, by God’s sake we are sitting pretty and have an access to the internet and hence we can do the digital marketing through social media, search engines, websites, e-mails and the most widely used- mobile apps which are just a click away from us!

I know by no stretch of your imagination are you trying to buy this idea of “why only digital marketing?” well then, I am here to bulldoze you into doing this. But before I let the cat out of the bag, let me ask you one simple question:  what is the cost of using WhatsApp or any social media website? Oh god! Such an overwhelming response! Yes of course, all of us know that the cost is nill. Similarly, digital marketing is by far, the cheapest source of marketing your product.  Just like we track the WhatsApp and social media status of people, similarly digital marketing is a platform which allows us to track our customer’s requirements and feedbacks about our products.  I know you are bouncing off the walls now and have become an eager beaver as you wish to find those websites and sources where you could find the latest digital marketing news, tricks and everything which is essential for you to know about digital marketing.

So, people, just sit back and enjoy your train ride which will stop at different ‘digital marketing website’ stations. Get down on the station which suits you the best!


Curb that incorrigible appetizing stomach on hearing the word ‘samosa’. Well just like a samosa can satiate an appetizing stomach, similarly this website can easily gratify you with its abundant knowledge of ‘digital marketing’. Anxious to know what all this website has in its kitty? Well, starting right from the in-depth case studies, to the interviews of the Gods of the digital world who hold all corridors of power and an array of tactics which could help you grow by leaps and bounds in the digital marketing field, this website is a one-stop destination for all digital marketing buyers! The information isn’t enough? Well take few more samosas then! Check out the link if this website!


  1. AFAQS:

 “Knowledge is having the right answer,

Intelligence is asking the right question”

 So probably this website is a potent combination of both- the adequate knowledge as well as the intelligence. Wondering how? Well, we come across a plentitude of websites which fall between two stools and hence don’t give us a clear picture of our doubts. But this website totally adheres to its name! It answers all your queries about ‘digital marketing’ promptly. And not just this, it has a lot more in store for you! Right from the tidbits of the industries to the most prominent strategies to rule the digital marketing world and hold the reins, this website is an iron hand in a velvet glove. Want to know more about this website? Then what are you waiting for? Check this link out!



Yes, campaigns always help you to amplify your motives. And this website, does just that. Acting as a powerhouse of all the resources, news and latest happenings associated with the digital marketing world, this website is a ‘pot brimming with ideas’. So get a taste of these ideas by checking out its website!



“Opportunity does not knock,

It presents itself when you beat the door!”

Rightly said above, this website helps you beat the door, so that the opportunity wakes up and comes to you with its open arms, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. With its heart-throbbing collection of goal-oriented strategies to help get people the best outcome from their digital marketing techniques, this website is an apple pie for all digital marketing enthusiasts!

Working on the concept,

“Limits are an illusion for speed of execution”

This website calls the shots in the digital world. Curious to know more about the website?    Quickly log on to this website then!


  1. SIMPLIFY 360

Ever drawn 360 degrees on a paper? Oh yes! Everyone has, right? So we observe that we start from a point and come back to the same point, covering a vicious circle. Simplify 360 does the same! It covers the entire 360 degrees of the ‘digital marketing’ arena. Equipped with great insights about how to make efficient use of digital marketing to expand your business by leaps and bounds, this is one website on which you can bank on. Ready to start a coordinated campaign of sabotage armed with the skills of this website? Quickly log on to this website then!



 “Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity”

For sure, we have a multitude of social media websites today which make communication a walk in the park. Ever pondered about the fact that what is the most essential ingredient that constitutes ‘communication’? Alright, don’t make a shot in the dark now. Communication is just like squashing water without ‘exchange’ of information. And Exchange4Media just fills in the gaps of communication. With the news of what is on the rage these days, to eminent techniques and news about the digital marketing world, this website caters to the entire digital marketing industry. Have a look at it!



It’s rightly said that,

“Having influence is not about elevating yourself,

Rather, it’s about lifting others up”

And this website just goes hand in hand with this idea.  Its avowed intent is to connect prominent brands with bloggers so that both the parties can discuss at length their feedbacks and develop strategies to conquer the digital marketing world. Need any trending influencer marketing news? Just log on to this website then!



Vidya or education is thought to be as:

“Education is the most beautiful weapon,

Which can be used to change the world”

I know it sometimes becomes too mundane to just browse through the content of the websites. Sometimes what we need is real action! Well, I’m going to drop a bombshell now! Ever expected that there could be websites offering training and courses in digital marketing? Well, this is not at all a figment of your imagination! This website offers courses in digital marketing for different digital platforms. Totally different strokes for different folks! Well this website has another side to it too. It also offers in-depth case studies about the marketing strategies of various industries.  You think I’m giving you just a harebrained idea? Well then, check out this website yourself!



Just like our body holds no reins without the vitamins, similarly, digital marketing is nothing without SEO. Wondering what SEO is? Search engine optimization. SEO acts as the roots of digital marketing. Just like,

“A tree with strong roots can laugh at storms and has no fear of the wind”

Likewise, if you know the right SEO techniques, then nobody can stop you from conquering the ‘digital marketing’ world. So this website helps you gulp down the medicine of ‘digital marketing’ by having a glass of water or perhaps SEO. So watch out!



How many of us only mind our own business without having a sneaky peek here and there? We all love to take insights from somewhere or the other. You really can’t deny this fact. So why not take a sneaky peek at this website which is a technical hub for all those who love nibbling on digital facts. Packed with all the ‘digital marketing’ insights in its content hemisphere, this website works exactly as its name! Check it out.


So, finally we have reached the end of our train journey. Well I hope you must have got down on the suitable stations. Well, I can see that the train is empty now! This surely is an indicative of the fact that all of you found your correct station (website). So garner digital marketing techniques and sharpen your skills!